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					   Employment Of
Persons with Disability
                 Shanti Raghavan
        Founder, Managing Trustee
                                      Employment Services Facts
320+ persons with disability in the last year and half
 •   Primarily in Bangalore (around 85%)
 •   Also in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata.

 • At prestigious companies
       • IBM                         • Mphasis
        • ITC group                  • TATA Group
        • Shell                      • Aditya Birla Group
        • Progeon                    • TESCO
        • Hinduja Group              • Café Coffee Day & more
 •   Sectors: IT, ITES, Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Garments

• Salary Ranging from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 30,000
• More than 60% earning Rs. 4,000+
                              Employment Services Facts
Visually Impaired
       •Production Support
       •Service Coordinator

       •Telemarketing Executive
       •Help desk executive
       •Medical Transcriptionist

       •HR Executive
       •Finance executive
       •Telephone operator
                         Employment Services Facts
Hearing Impaired
               •BPO executive
               •Graphic designer
               •Data Entry Operator

               •HR executive
               •Training Coordinator

                             Employment Services Facts
Physically Disabled
  •Software Tester
  •Production Support
  •Service Coordinator

  •BPO executive
  •Telemarketing executive
  •Help desk executive

  •HR executive
  •Training coordinator
                            Why persons with disability?
    Alternate Source of Suitable Candidates

Candidate Pool       Alternate   Future   Alternate Candidates
                    Candidates                 (Disabled)
                              Why persons with disability?
Diverse Workforce
                                      Results in
                                      • Diverse Thoughts
                                      • Creative Thinking
                                      • Innovation

Creates an Inclusive Organization

                                       Results in
                                       • Better Team Work
                                       • Better Results

Inspiration for Co-workers

Embodiment of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
                                                HOW? – THE FORMULA
Potential Job

                                                                 Job Opportunity
   Feasible Workplace           Barrier-Free Environment           for Disabled



      Provide Solution
                           Sourcing       Candidate Readiness   Demand Creation
    Enable Barrier Free

    Retention, follow up

                                                                           Secret sauce:
                                                                         Open and Inclusive
                                        Employment                       culture @Company
                                            Customer Service Attendant
Potential Job for hearing impaired?

  Job: Talk to customers & provide
  service (fill petrol..)                              Petrol
                                                   How much: 500 Rs
  Is it - Communicate to customers and
  provide service?                                     Credit Card
• More suitable candidates to choose from       Communication Board
• Placements in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad
• STARTING - Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and growing……
                                             Tech Help desk Executive
   Potential Job for visually impaired?

                                                  Hands-free headset

Screen reader software for blind

                      Blah Blah

      Talking Computer                           Phone:            Computer
                                                Customer             Voice

        Workplace Solution – How will work be done “differently”
          Potential Job for visually impaired?     Tech Help desk Executive


                                                      Labeled graphics

Technology to read
printed matter

                                                                         Accessible by Screen
                                                                         reader (talking

                              Soft copy – use
                              talking computer
                              to read

Accessible Training Material                       Accessible work (web tracker)

                     Less Barriers During Training and Working
                                               Case Study - Mphasis
     •Software Tester : physically disabled, visually impaired*
     •Finance executive : visually impaired
     •Training executive : visually impaired**

     •BPO executive(s) : physically disabled, hearing impaired, low vision
     •Domestic non voice executive : physically disabled
     •Domestic voice executive      : physically disabled

In Pipeline
     •HR executive
     •Fresher Programmers
     •Scaling to other cities (Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat…)
     •Introduction of innovative workplace solutions (esply for blind)
     •Outsourced services – helper, housekeeper, lift operator
                                                                CSR? Economic Principle?

                        More jobs identified – open                     -Bigger pool of suitable candidates
                        to more disabilities                            -Inclusive products
                                                                        -Multiple benefits (illiterate/old)
             Focused hiring for

CSR Policy

                                                                                     Economic Principle
Open to
                         Workplace                                Collaboration – spreading to
                         modifications                            multiple locations

                                                  Numbers increasing steadily –
                                                  >= 1% workforce?

      Thank You