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The full circle


									The Full Circle Service
              By Rik, Kyle, David and Thomas,
        Young people from the M.A.L.A.P and
  Listening to Children Groups at Investing In
                   Who we are
   We are young people from the Multi Agency Looked
    After Partnership (M.A.L.A.P) and the Listening to
    Children Reference Groups. We try to find out the views
    and opinions of children and young people in Durham
    and pass them on to the people who can make changes.

   We work alongside Investing In Children. Investing In
    Children is a human rights organisation. They promote
    the rights of children and young people. Investing In
    Children introduces children and young people to new
    experiences and gives them the opportunity to have
    their voices heard. Most importantly, they encourage
    and help support services to implement the changes that
    are being asked for.
                  Why we’re here?
   Durham’ s Children and Young People Service asked us to be
    part of the planning and development of a new mental health
    service. They told us this would be for looked after children and
    young people and care leavers and for those who are involved
    with Children in Need Teams. (Children and young people who
    live with foster carers, in a children’s home or who have a social

   We did this by asking children and young people for their views
    and opinions. We asked about a need for a new service, different
    to the ones they can currently access. We then worked with the
    team to make sure these views were heard.
  Why the need for a new service?
WE were given lots of reasons why there should
  be a new service, some of these were:
 Some children and young people had been
  waiting too long for appointments
 They were not getting the help they needed.
 Sometimes they didn’t know who to talk too or
  where to go when they felt lonely, concerned or
 Why are the views of young people
important in the development of the
            new service?
   The views and opinions of children and
    young people are important in the
    development of the service because they
    know what they would like from the
    service. It was important that it wasn’t all
    adult led. Children and young people are
    experts in their own lives.
    How we found out the views and
      opinions of young people?

   We felt Agenda Days were the best way to
    collect the views and opinions of young
    people in a safe adult free environment.
    We invited lots of children and young
    people to come along to talk to us. We
    acted as facilitators. This allowed for free
    discussion without adult influence.
What did we find out from children
       and young people?
We found out children and young people would like:

   Information on the service.
   A service that is central and easy to find
   Staff who are friendly, reliable and Knowledgeable.
   Young people said they would not want to meet in
    school because this would make them feel anxious.
   The most important thing we found out was young
    people would like a service that could be accessible 24
    hours a day. Help and support when they need it.
    What we did with information we
   We used all the views and opinions of the
    children and young people we spoke to and
    compiled a report.
   In the report we made a lot of recommendations
    about what a new service should be like.
   Once the report was finished we emailed a copy
    to the team. They came back to our Reference
    Group to talk about how our work will influence
    the service.
   We fed back to other children and young people
    in an article in our “Listen to Us for a Change”
           What will happen next?
   Some of the things children and young people have asked
    for and the new ways of working, have become part of
    the new Full Circle Service
   Young people will be part of the stakeholder group so
    they will be involved in decisions about the service.
   Young people will be involved in the monitoring of the
   Other issues like a 24 hour service have been highlighted
    to all mental health services. Hopefully this will be talked
    about further. In the mean time, information is being
    made available to children and young people about other
    services that are there 24 hours a day.
   We would now like to tell more about how
    we do the research and how we run
    Agenda Days

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