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									Corporate Combatives
The Advanced Corporate Combatives Training (ACCT) self defense and fitness system is the perfect solution for individuals or groups seeking effective and professional training in:
        Self Defense and Fitness Corporate Leadership and Team-building Risk Reduction Strategy-building through Principles of Combat Hand-to-hand Combat Weapon Disarms & Defense Multiple Encounters: Positioning & Deployment Team Awareness

Benefits include:
              Parallel applications between the battlefield and the corporate world Strategic and Tactical Skills for the Professional Workplace Self Empowerment & Assertiveness Training Self Inspiration Improved Posture Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication Skills Strength & Flexibility Enhanced Sensitivity Awareness and Mental Clarity Adaptability Instinct-based Response Optimized Energy Delivery: Internal Reference for Speed/Power Maintenance Root Mechanics for all Combat Motions Critical Incident Acuity Choice/Responsibility and Consequence

What Are Your Needs?
Since its inception 10 years ago in San Diego, California, ACCT has sought to provide the most effective approach to corporate combative training. This comprehensive tactic-and-strategy-based program was specifically designed to protect men and women in military and law enforcement fields. This science of combat translates in the private sector for those individuals interested in the best in personal protection training. It also parallels the mindsets and actions necessary to win in the corporate battlefield. It is the combative edge that managers, executives and team leaders need to achieve success!

We provide Self Defense Training for:
       Company executives and managers Corporate teams and departments Women’s Self Defense Private Sessions After School Programs for Children Continuing Education College Courses Military and Law Enforcement Officials

    

Body Guards & Security Personnel Pilots & Flight Attendants Teachers Nurses Anyone who wishes to learn Personal Protection/Self Defense

ACCT Training Courses:
         Self Defense & Personal Protection Seminar (1.5 – 2 hours) Corporate Combatives Fitness Course (1 hour/day) “Principles of War” in Business Applications (4 hours/day, 2 days) Weekend Workshops - Accelerated Program (4 hours/day) Advanced Workshops - Skill Progression (6 hours/day) ACCT CQC Tactical Training (2 classes/week @ 2 + hours/class) Executive Protection and Bodyguard Certification Semester Courses Mind/Body Harmonization (1-2 hours/week)

Please contact us to coordinate an event at your location; we provide specialized training for all walks of life! We can design a curriculum specifically for your personal or professional needs. Because of the program’s built-in universals, ACCT can accommodate for any basic, intermediate and advanced self defense and personal protection training in any environment. For more information about our programs, please contact: or call +86 1391 071 2576

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