Proper Field Maintenance

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					Proper Field Maintenance
 Russiaville Youth Little League
                 Training Objectives
• Goal is to have training available for all RYBL volunteers and
  coaches on proper field maintenance and preparation.
• Common training for all managers and coaches.
• Clear up common misconceptions on proper field
  maintenance techniques.
• Eliminate activities which lead to infield lips and uneven
  playing surfaces.
                       Removing water
• The goal of our field maintenance project is to eliminate the ponding of
  water on the playing surface.
• New Mule mix playing surface was created to absorb surface moisture.
• RYBL will no longer use clay based drying agents on either field (field dry)
   – Only pre-bagged Mule mix should be used to address trouble spots.
• Never push water into the grass. This creates lips by pushing the playing
  material into the grass.
• RYBL will experiment with alternate methods to remove ponding water
  (pads, absorbent roller)
                   Dragging the field
• A nail drag should be used on the field before the first game
  of each week (followed with mat drag) 1/8 inch depth.
• A mat drag should be used before each game.
   – Never drag faster than you can walk
   – Stay one foot away from the grass line to prevent lips from
• Rake Mule mix out of grass onto skinned surface
   – Leaf rake
   – Leaf blower
   – Water hose

                                                             1 ft

                                                Mat Drag
method used by
                     Drag Patterns
• Base lines should be hand raked in-line with the base. Do not
  rake side-to-side, which creates a rut or uneven channel in the
  base line.                                  Base Line

                                         Rake in line with bases
    Pitching Mound Maintenance
• Moisture is your friend – always keep the
  mound covered while not in use.
  – A dry mound is not a good mound
  – Repair landing spots as needed with mound clay
     •   Move aside loose playing surface (Mule Mix)
     •   Insert clay and flatten
     •   Tamp and water if necessary
     •   Replace mule mix
  – Tarp mount after last game
Field Diagram