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									The Battle of Trafalgar

Historic Battles
               The Battle of Trafalgar

      The Battle of Trafalgar was fought on the
   21st of October 1805 off Cape Trafalgar on the
    Spanish coast, between the combined fleets
       of Spain and France and the Royal Navy.
    It was the last great sea action of the period
   and its significance to the outcome of the war
        in Europe is still debated by historians.

 The British fleet was led by Admiral Horatio Nelson
and the combined French and Spanish fleets were led
                by Admiral Villeneuve

         We will try to use the battle theory
           to win the Battle of Trafalgar
Battle of Trafalgar

   British fleet of 40 ships do battle with the
combined Spanish and French fleets of 46 ships
             in the Battle of Trafalgar
                  in the year 1805.

   Your job is to win the battle of Trafalgar
If Nelson simply attacked as a single unit and took on the enemy in a
         ship to ship battle then the battle theory tells us that

                   40             battle          46

                   Survivors s = int[462 – 402]1/2 = 22

                    A combined French and Spanish
                         victory with 22 ships

      Nelson needed to employ a tactic and what he did was to
        split the enemy force into two parts and at the same
       time split his own fleet and fight two separate battles.
 The survivors of these battles would then fight it out in a final battle
One possibility would be to try to split the enemy force into 2 equal parts
and at the same time break your own force into say 6 ships and 34 ships.

                       6         battle      23

   40                                                           46

                       34        battle      23

      This will lead to two separate battles and the outcomes are
            Top battle:-     survivors g = int[232 – 62]1/2 = 22
           Bottom battle:- survivors h = int[342 – 232]1/2 = 25
     The final battle takes place between the two sets of survivors
            Final battle:- survivors s = int[252 – 222]1/2 = 11
                     A victory for Nelson at Trafalgar

    Examine some of the other possibilities shown on the next slides
1.         p           battle      23

     40   For different values of p.        46

          40-p         battle      23

           p           battle      28

     40        For different values of p.   46

          40-p         battle      18
           p        battle     23+x

     40   For different values of p and x   46

          40-p      battle     23-x

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