The Battle of Stirling Bridge by sdfwerte

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									The Battle of Stirling Bridge
11th   September 1297
            • Edward’s forces
              marched from
              Berwick to Stirling
              to meet Wallace
            • Wallace marched
              his army north to
              the river Forth at
              Stirling to meet
              the English

England           Scotland
50,000 soldiers   16,000 soldiers
Experienced       Inexperienced
Well trained      Poorly trained
Cavalry           Infantry
Heavily armed     Lightly armed
• The Scots fought on foot and formed great
  circles of spearmen called schiltrons
• The spears were twelve foot long and they
  also fought with daggers, swords and shields
• The English were ordered to cross the bridge
• Wallace allowed some of the English across
  before attacking
• Wallace waited until the bridge was full and
• The English were driven back and collided
  with their own men
    • Read P40 and P41
    • Describe what
      happened at
      Stirling Bridge (4)
    The result of the Battle
• English losses were huge
• English Army fled
• Hugh de Cressingham was killed
• Andrew Murray died later
• In 1298 Wallace was knighted and appointed
  Guardian of the Realm of Scotland and
  Commander of its army
• Wallace made sure that a Scottish Bishop was put
  in place in St. Andrew’s (Lamberton)
• Wallace wrote to foreign traders to invite them
  to trade again with Scotland
The merchants of hamburg and
 lubeck in Germany wrote:
 ‘may have a safe access to all parts of
  the kingdom of scotland with their
  merchandise because the kingdom of
  scotland, thanks to god, is recovered
  from the power of the English.’
William Wallace was knighted
happened to
the body of
      • You will be given 5
        minutes to revise
        the battle of
        Stirling Bridge and
        Wallace’s life
• Find out what
  happened at Falkirk
  and complete the
• http://www.ltscotla

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