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					         Task 1: The Proposal
   A document which explains the structure, design
    and intended audience for a website.

   Your proposal should contain the following:

    1.   The purpose of the website.
    2.   The target audience for the website.
    3.   A site plan for the website.
    4.   An indication of house style
    5.   Plans for each page, showing elements on the page
         and any hyperlinks.
    1) The Purpose of a Website
Purpose:        What a website is trying to do.

   Below is a short list of reasons why a website may be
        To inform
        To generate sales
        To increase sales
        To publicise
        To share information between people
Target Audience!!!

      What it is?

 How do you identify it?

   Why is it needed?
Target audience is a very important
 concept, as it is the group of people
 at whom a product is aimed.

 For a general product, such as a type
 of food eaten by a wide range of
 people, there would be a very large
 target audience.
Target  audiences are usually defined
 by the group that a product is aimed
 at. There are many ways to describe a
 target audience, here are some:

a local newsletter will appeal to a
small group of people who, for
example, live in a certain area

some products are aimed
 at people of a certain age.
 Teenage magazines are a
 good example of this

products may be aimed at either
females or males or both


This can be a very influential factor
on who buys a product. This is not
only a question of the cost of a
product but also what the product
says about the wealth and income of
the person
Cost £875,000
      educational background

 a person’s level of education can
influence how and what they buy. This
is not always as clear cut as, say, the
geographical factor, but can still be
Remember   when you are creating
 your house style you must consider
 your target audience.
You should also consider the overall
 purpose of the site and a particular
   what should stand   out?
  What’s important?
To  get a good mark for this work
 you should be able to explain and
 justify your choices.