STAFF PREPAREDNESS Introduction to 4Ps programme

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					    Staff preparedness

      Introduction to
      4Ps programme
Patient and Public Involvement in
      London HIV Services
         25 January 2006
Big changes                        Big Steps
• gender to migration politics
• acute/hospice to chronic service
• change in social characteristics
  - staff and patients.

Impacts on culture, advocacy, partnerships.

Transitions necessitate rethink.
              Living Well

   Patients                 Community


How well are staff prepared for partnership?
Programmes start where staff are at

Some are

• anxious about change

• comfortable with PPI as they have know it

• want to expand the boundaries.
Programme provides
• reflective time
• challenge
• support
• new champions
• ‘do it now’ actions
• help to sustain change.
                        ‘EXPERT STAFF’
Patient Friendly Recognition

  • aid to sustaining changes
  • involves users in sustaining involvemen
  • future
      academic accreditation for user
      assessors and staff.
            Contact details