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									Recent Work with
Sun Life

           Ying Zhong

• Background & Career Goals

• Internship

• My way back to Asia
My Background
Master of Mathematics in Actuarial Science Sep,
 2008 – Oct, 2009
• Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science,
  University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada

Bachelor of Statistics (with concentration in
 Actuarial Science) Sep, 2004 – Jun, 2008
• School of Statistics, Renmin University of China,
  Beijing, P.R. China
Actuarial Background

Actuarial Exams of SOA/CAS:
• Course P, FM, M and C
• Completion of VEE courses
• Writing FAP Currently
Computer Skills:
• Advanced knowledge in Visual Basic,
  Excel VBA
Career Goal

• Long term: become an actuary in (life)
  insurance industry and contribute to the
  Asia (especially China) Insurance Market

• Short term: find an entry level actuarial job
  or intern
Recent Work with Sun Life

• CGAAP 5-year business plan for Sun Life
  Ever Bright (a joint venture (JV) between
  SLF and the Everbright Group)

• Software Audit for representative products
  of Birla Sun Life Insurance Company (a JV
  between SLF and the Birla Group)
Way back to Asia

Various Trainings in:
- Overview of Asia (China & India)
  Insurance Market
- Product features, pricing and valuation
  methods, business plan projection and EV
- Prevailing actuarial software Axis
Way back to Asia

• Potential in Asia Insurance Market

• More challenging work environment

• Advantage in working in Asia

Thank you!

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