Neighborhood Bike Works Position title Lead Bicycle Mechanic Reports to North Philly Shop Manager Executive by bih18524


									Neighborhood Bike Works

       Position title:               Lead Bicycle Mechanic

       Reports to:                   North Philly Shop Manager
                                     Executive Director when necessary

People reporting to this position:   Bike mechanic
                                     Youth mechanic
                                     Volunteer helpers

Compensation:                        Based on experience
                                     Productivity bonus will be considered
                                     Partial payment of health plan available after three

Working conditions                  Mechanic will work at NBW’s North Philly shop at
1424-26 Susquehanna Avenue. There will occasionally be requirements to work off site
at NBW’s other locations for meetings or at special events.

Overview of Job: Lead Bicycle Mechanic

Neighborhood Bike Works is a youth development agency with the mission to increase
opportunities for youth through bicycling. Its new shop in North Philadelphia, soon to be
named in honor of the late Philadelphia philanthropist and bicycling advocate, Stanley
Tuttleman, is part of Bike Temple, a project of Temple University’s Office of
Sustainability. Three main activities will take place at the shop:
   • Neighborhood Bike Works Youth classes: usually in the after school hours, from
       4:00-6:00PM, with weekend hours likely.
   • The Bike Salon, co-op time for adults to use some of the shop facilities to repair
       their bikes. Used bikes will also be sold during Bike Salon times, typically in the
       evenings from 6:30-9:00PM. Currently the Bike Salon is only open on
       Wednesdays. This activity is designed to serve community members and Temple
       students and is staffed by volunteer facilitators. The Bike Salon will help raise
       money for the youth program.
   • A full service bike shop open at other times. This bike shop is what we are hiring
       for at this time. The shop will help generate funds for the youth program and also
       be a place for selected youth from the after school program to work in the

Hours: Shop will be open 10:00AM-2:00PM most weekdays. Mechanic will need to
have shop up and running before this time and work to tidy up after shop closes.
           o may come earlier, set up other “non-NBW/Bike Salon” times for repairs
           o Five days a week
           o Possibility of receiving jobs, selling merchandise during Drop-ins?
Start date    March 22nd
Set up shop
    • set up space in back room. Various bike shop tools and equipment will be rolled
       in and out depending on what the shop is used for. The lead mechanic will design
       this system to some extent.
           o help with general shop upkeep, possibly maintenance as well
           o keep it tidy
           o keep it user friendly
    • work as bicycle mechanic
           o wide range of bikes (types and qualities)
           o Fix up bikes to sell
           o Perform walk in and scheduled repairs
           o Delegate repairs to assistants when appropriate
    • keep accurate records of sales, and repairs, including using cash register
    • interact with customers
           o in person and on the phone
           o let them know what needs to be fixed
           o give accurate price estimates
           o be able to explain NBW programs listed above and others
           o Receive and inventory bikes and parts as donations. Issue donation
    • sell used bikes
           o Renovated by volunteers in Work Out program
           o Renovated by Youth Mechanics
           o Renovated by self
    • sell accessories, other merchandise
           o posses sufficient knowledge and a helpful attitude
           o install lights, computers, racks, etc. or delegate tasks
    • co-exist with youth program of NBW and Bike Church
           o Communicate constantly with shop manager
           o Use space with awareness of the needs of other programs in building
           o explain NBW’s programs to youth and others who drop in.
           o relay accurate messages to NBW employees
    • manage junior mechanics
           o Orient and train
           o give them jobs appropriate to their skill level
           o check their work
           o teach them technical tasks and general job skills
Qualifications and personal qualities:
  • Paid bike shop experience
  • excellent mechanic
  • people skills- able to interact effectively with anyone who might come into the
       shop; people of all ages, abilities, cultural groups, economic status or sexual
  • range of people who may come to shop, including North Philly community
       members, Temple Students and local youth
  • youth work experience
           o able to motivate youth
           o able to set high standards of work
  • responsible, on time
  • planning to keep this job through the summer, preferably for more than a year
           o vacation time in winter, not during peak season
  • common sense handy-skills ( sink leaks, fix it, if the toilet is clogged, plunge)
  • organized- dependable and quick return of customers’ bikes
           o return calls, check emails
  • willing to cooperate with NBW procedures
  • able to set clear boundaries for shop use
           o People will come in who should be there at other times and the mechanic
               must be able to say no to them politely and firmly
           o may have keys to come in on odd hours, but must understand that shop
               cannot become a hang out for hip cycling scenesters to the detriment of its
               role as a community resource.
  • Basic computer skills
           o Able to send professional-looking e-mail
           o Microsoft Office
  • Set an example as a safe and legal bicycle rider when working for NBW
  • Promote healthy lifestyles consistent with NBW’s mission. If you are a smoker,
       children attending NBW program must not be able to tell.

Please e-mail resume and a cover letter that states why you are well suited to this job to, CC: Please put
your name in the file name. Please be prepared to furnish three professional references
and undergo a background check. NBW is an equal opportunity employer. The agency
will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, ability,
sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

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