DENISE LOUIE EDUCATION CENTER
                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:        Health/Disabilities Coordinator
Reports To:       Birth to Three Director
Salary Range:     Grade 8 ($16.09 - $19.74 to start)
Hours/week:       40 hours per week plus benefits

General Description of Duties:
The Health/Disabilities Coordinator ensures the prevention and early intervention of health and developmental concerns
by ensuring the required health and developmental screenings are conducted, analyzed and followed up on. The
Health/Disabilities Coordinator ensures health concerns are addressed by home visitor, nurse or other appropriate staff
with the support by nurse consultant. The Health/Disabilities Coordinator organizes periodic trainings for parents and
staff on health or disabilities topics, coordinates child related health screenings and participates in health/disabilities
family reviews. He/she facilitates the referral of children to birth-three programs and compliance regarding disabilities’
enrollment requirements. Ensures child and families health and disability needs addressed in a culturally sensitive,
linguistically appropriate responsive and timely manner.

Specific Job Qualifications for this position
1. BA or above in Health related field, Psychology, Counseling, Education, Special Education
2. Prior experience in a setting providing health, disabilities or social services to diverse communities.
3. Computer proficiency.
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills
5. Knowledgeable of community resources available to low income and limited English speaking families.
6. Valid Washington State driver’s license and daily access to a personal, legally licensed vehicle with proof of current
   automobile insurance or reliable source of transportation.
7. Bilingual in English and language(s) as determined as needed by DLEC preferred

Job Duties:
1. Recruitment, identification and planning for children with special needs:
    • Assist with outreach to community health and birth to three providers for recruitment of Early Head Start
    • Review applications and identify children with health, developmental and/or nutrition concerns who need
        immediate follow-up.
    • Conduct follow-up and monitoring follow-up status for children with health or developmental concerns.
    • Coordinating health or disabilities family review with appropriate staff, nurse, nutritionist or special services
        provider and parent prior to child’s first day of attendance in center based program or home visiting
        socializations. Ensuring a Classroom Accommodation Plan is developed that supports the child’s special health
        care needs.

2. Ensure a process and schedule to complete necessary screenings within the appropriate time constraints, including:
   • Provide or arrange for screening training and information. Develop a schedule and assemble all necessary
       forms, information etc. Be responsible for maintenance of screening equipment and ensure equipment
   • Ensure that re-screening for children that may have missed screenings is completed in a timely manner.
   • Assure that screening data is correct, complete and entered into the data system in a timely manner. Generate
       and analyze screening data for health and developmental concerns
   • Coordinate with Family Service Specialist and home visiting staff to send screening information home to parents
       with translated explanations for their review and follow-up.
   • Ensure screening data is available for regular meetings between nurse and home visitors and family service
                              DENISE LOUIE EDUCATION CENTER
                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

3. Facilitating and supporting the process by which children with identified and/or suspected special needs/mental
   health concerns can be assessed and receive services by:
   • Establishing and implementing a process to identify and refer children with special needs/mental health
   • Establishing a working relationship with Birth-Three programs and their process for assessment and services.
   • Ensuring that all forms and documents needed in the referral process are complete and submitted in a timely
   • Providing Family Service Specialists, Teachers and Home Visitors with training, information and support to help
        families with the IFSP process and IFSP implementation.

4. Monitor student data system to ensure the following:
   • All health tracking of EPSDT, dental, immunization, height and weight, developmental screenings.
   • Screenings review and follow-up is documented
   • Referral for finding Health Care Providers and follow up care is documented
   • Evaluations of referral agencies and services received is documented
   • At a minimum, provide monthly reports on health status of children and families including analysis and
        recommendations for follow-up or training.
   • Generate regular and end of year Program Information Reports (PIR).

5. Be a resource to staff in coordination of health and disabilities resources and referrals for children/families with
   health, nutrition or developmental concerns, Classroom Accommodation Plans and minor emergencies and
   outbreaks of communicable diseases.

6. Participate and assist with recruiting members (including parents) for the city wide Health Services Advisory

7. Ensure first aid kits, disaster kits are complete and stocked at the beginning of the school year and monthly
   thereafter. Ensure each site has a disaster plan.

8. Assist with development, implementation and revision of health safety and nutrition policies, procedures and work

9. Other duties as assigned

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