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					           Job Description for the post of Curriculum Area Leader (English)

    Hours of Work: 8am – 4pm (Monday – Friday)

    Salary: ULT Pay Policy applies. Salary negotiable within this depending on experience.

    Line Manager: Assistant Principal

    Main Purpose of Job
    To ensure that Manchester Academy students succeed in the acquisition and development of English
    language skills and gain appropriate qualifications in the subject/s in the curriculum area
    To ensure that staff teaching in the curriculum area are well supported in achieving this

    Standards of Achievement

•     To lead and manage a team of staff in the teaching of English (and other subjects in the curriculum
      area, including Drama, ALAN tests and Media Studies) across the 11-18 range and to ensure the
      good progress of all students within your area.
•     To lead and manage an EAL team and to ensure good progress for learners in the induction
      teaching group
•     Writing, monitoring and revising schemes of work.
•     Delegating the design of schemes of work to appropriate staff and carrying our QA on this
•     Keeping up to date with subject development.
•     Ensuring all related policies are consistently and effectively applied by the subject team.
•     Carrying out QA on practice within the curriculum area including Assessment, Recording and
      reporting, teaching standards and learning progress
•     Modelling outstanding to good practice in quality of Teaching and Learning.
•     Providing leadership in terms of classroom management and behaviour for learning in the classroom
      and beyond.
•     Demonstrating sound self evaluation practices.
•     Being accountable for student performance in all public examinations related to your subjects.
•     Contribute to curriculum development.
•     Work collaboratively and cooperatively with other Curriculum Area Manager’s, Year Directors and
      the Senior Leadership Team in promoting high expectations and standards.
•     Generally and specifically promoting development and improvement in literacy, supporting the AP
      in leading whole school literacy policy

    Routine Administration:

•     To manage a cost centre.
•     To produce a subject specific business plan.
•     To ensure regular team meetings with appropriate agendas and minutes.
•     To provide regular reports as required.
•     To participate in Performance Management of team members.
•     To liaise with the Data and Examinations Team and the SENCO.

•     To promote the subject(s) within and beyond the Academy,
•     To represent the Academy at events as appropriate.
•     To support and promote the Academy ethos.

    All posts and post holders also comply with the ULT Professional Standards for Leaders and Managers.

    This job description will be updated on a regular basis in consultation with the postholder.

    The above information is to help staff understand and appreciate the work content of their post and the role they
    are to play in the organisation. However, it should be noted that whilst every effort has been made to outline all
    the duties and responsibilities of the post, a document such as this does not permit every item to be specified in
    detail. Broad headings may therefore have been used, in which case all the usual associated duties are included
    in the job description.
Person Specification

      No                             Description                  Rating          Evidence

  Knowledge and Understanding

      1.       A degree or equivalent in the subject to be        Essential   Application
      2.       A confident and competent user of ICT.             Essential   Application
      3.       Ability to use an interactive whiteboard as a      Desirable    Interview
               teaching tool.
      4.       Experience of teaching a diverse student body.     Desirable    Interview
      5.       Knowledge of BTEC Qualifications.                  Essential   Application /
      6.       Experience of delivering BTEC Qualifications.      Desirable   Application /
      7.       An understanding of relevant legislation           Desirable   Application /
               concerning Safeguarding                                         Interview
      8.       A commitment to take part in all relevant in-      Essential   Application /
               service training and continual professional                     Interview

  Teaching and Assessment

      7.       An understanding of Assessment for Learning.       Desirable   Application /
      8.       Ability to assess student work accurately and      Essential   Application /
               precisely using criteria.                                       Interview
      9.       Ability to motivate, engage and enthuse            Essential   Application /
               learners.                                                       Interview
      10.      Ability to plan work and assess which results in   Essential   Application /
               learners making sound and steady progress.                      Interview

  Student Learning and Progress

      11.      An understanding of the importance of data in      Essential   Application /
               relation to student progress.                                   Interview
      12.      To keep accurate, precise and relevant records     Essential   Application /
               of student achievement.                                         Interview

  Wider Professional Effectiveness

      13.      To comply with Academy routines and                Essential   Application /
               protocols as written and intended.                              Interview
      14.      To communicate effectively and willingly with      Essential   Application /
               all Academy stakeholders.                                       Interview
      15.      To demonstrate awareness of the need to            Essential   Application /
               promote and protect the Academy’s profile                       Interview
               and reputation.

  Professional Characteristics

      16.      To demonstrate commitment to the professional      Essential     Interview
               development of self and that of the Academy.