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  25 OFF
 the purchase of any one of the
 following pieces of STIHL equipment*:
 FS 90/100/110/130            HT 101/131           KM 90/110/130
 FC 90/95/110                 MS 270/280           BR 380/420/550/600
 HL 90/100                    MS 441               HS 81/86
*Valid only with participation in the 2008 SCAQMD Blower Exchange.
 Offer valid only on the date of a 2008 SCAQMD
 Blower Exchange at the site of the exchange.
          Help the SCAQMD Clear the Air
                                                 ...and reduce your fuel costs at the same time!
                                                                                    TrADe in your “DirTy”
                                                                                 bACkpACk blower for A new
                                                                                 low-polluTing, low-noiSe
                                                                                 STiHl br 500
                                                                                 wHen you TrADe in your olD blower...
                                                                                           pAy $
                                                                                          only              200            taxes.
                                                                                                  suggested     $
                                                                                                 retail price    46995
                                                                                    You Must Pre-Register!
                                                                                    To Make a Reservation,
                                                                                       Call (888) 425-6247
                                                                        For ProFeSSionAl GArDenerS AnD lAnDSCAPerS only
                                                           Cleaning the Air That We Breathe
                                                                                                                See Details inside.

                                                                                                           only $200!
                                                                                                           br 500 backpack blower
                                                                                         Diamond Bar, CA 91765-4178
                                                                                         21865 Copley Drive
                                                                                         Air Quality Management
                                                                                         South Coast
                                                pAy only                               How To register
                                                $200!                                  Registration Begins July 15, 2008 at 8:00 a.m.
                                                  Plus applicable taxes.               Trade in your current backpack blower (must be fully operational) and
                                                                                       replace it with a new STiHl Br 500 backpack blower for the SCAQMD-
                                                      wiTH                             subsidized price of only $200. Supplies are limited. you must pre-register
                                                    operAble                           for one of the ten exchange events listed below. reservations will be taken
                                                                                       on a first-come, first-served basis. each gardening/landscaping business
                                                    TrADe-in                           can exchange up to 10 working blowers.
                                                 (see details at right)
                                                                                       When you call to register, we will ask for your name, address, phone
                                                    $  469          95
                                                   suggested retail price
                                                                                       number, the exchange location/date of your choice, and the number of
                                                                                       working blowers you intend to exchange. you will be given a confirmation
                                                                                       number and a half-hour time slot to arrive at the event. your reservation
                                                                                       will only be good for the day and location of the event you choose. Cash,
                                                                                       personal checks, and major credit cards will be accepted at the events.

 br 500 backpack blower                                                                To qualify for the blower exchange, you must:
 This low-noise 65 dB(A)* blower features increased power,                               • Be a professional gardener/landscaper
 lower emissions, and greater fuel efficiency!                                           • Live and work within the SCAQMD’s 4-county jurisdiction. This
                                                                                           includes most of los Angeles County (excluding the Antelope Valley),
 SpeCIFICaTIOnS:                                                                           all of orange County, most of riverside County, and non-desert San
 Noise Level:     65 dB(A)*                Air Volume:                                     Bernardino County.
 Displacement:    64.8 cc (3.95 cu. in.)         with tube:   810 m3/h (477 cfm)
 Engine Power:    2.2 kW (3.0 bhp)           without tube:    1380 m3/h (812 cfm)
 Weight:          10.1 kg (22.3 lbs.)      Air Velocity:   81 m/sec.(181 mph)
 Fuel Capacity:   1400 cc (47.3 oz.)       *As measured per ANSI-B175.2                scaQMd does not warrant or endorse any product. any warranties on the stiHl Br 500
                                                                                       leaf blower are limited to those provided by the manufacturer. the stiHl Br 500 is a
   You Must Pre-Register! To Make a                                                    gasoline-powered leaf blower, and may be subject to local restrictions. it is the user’s
Reservation, Call Toll Free (888) 425-6247                                             responsibility to comply with all local ordinances.

  exCHAnge evenT loCATionS/DATeS
  July 29th – glendale garden Sply / united rentals – 203 w. olive Ave. – burbank   August 21st – Chino Mower & engine Service – 13546 A Central Ave. – Chino
  August 13th – Simon’s power equipment – 12117 vanowen St – north Hollywood        August 22nd – Mason’s Saw & lawnmower – 1724 Container Circle – riverside
  August 14th – b & M lawn & garden – 17672 yorba linda blvd – yorba linda          August 26th – Mowers plus, inc. – 79141 Country Club Dr. – bermuda Dunes
  August 15th – lomita Mower & Saw – 2064 lomita blvd. – lomita                     August 27th – l.A. City Dist. 9/l.A. lawnmower @ fred roberts park – 4700 Honduras St. – los Angeles
  August 20th – Alan’s lawnmower & garden – 4621 w. first St. – Santa Ana           August 28th – Temple City lawnmower – 9654 lower A2459 rd. – Temple City

  Cómo inscribirse
  La inscripción comienza el 15° de julio                                                     Pague sólo $200 con intercambio de una
  del 2008 a las 8:00 a.m.                                                                    sopladora operable. $469.95 precio sugerido
  Canjee su sopladora tipo mochila (el cual deberá funcionar perfectamente)                   scaQMd no garantiza ni aprueba ningún producto.todas las garantías de los sopladoras
  y reemplácelo con un sopladora de hojas STiHl Br 500 nuevo, por el                          stiHl Br 500 quedan limitadas a las que ofrece el fabricante. el stiHl Br 500 es un sopladora
  precio subsidiado por SCAQMD de tan sólo US$200. las existencias son                        de hojas con motor de gasolina, y puede estar sujeto a ciertas restricciones locales. es
                                                                                              responsabilidad del usuario cumplir con todas las regulaciones locales.
  limitadas. Deberá inscribirse previamente para uno de los dos eventos de
  canjeo indicados a continuación. las reservaciones se aceptarán en orden
  de llegada. Cada negocio de jardinería podrá canjear hasta 10 sopladoras
  que funcionales.
                                                                                              Sopladora tipo mochila br 500
                                                                                              Este sopladora de ruido reducido [65 dB(A)]* destaca el motor
  Cuando llame para inscribirse, le pediremos su nombre, dirección, número                    STiHl 4-MIX® para mayor potencia, emisiones reducidas y
  de telefónico, la ubicación/fecha de canje que ha seleccionado y el número                  menor consumo de combustible.
  de sopladoras que desea canjear. Se le dará un número de confirmación y el
  horario en el que deberá presentarse al evento. Su reservación será válida
                                                                                              Nivel de ruido:       65 dB(A)*                  Volumen de aire:
  únicamente para el día y lugar del evento que ha seleccionado. Se aceptara                  Cilindrada:           64,8 cm3 (3,95 pulg3)          con tubos:   810 m3/h (477 pies3/min)
  dinero en efectivo, cheques personales, tarjetas de credito y ordenes pre-                  Potencia del motor:   2,2 kW (3,0 bhp)               sin tubos:   1380 m3/h (812 pies3/min)
  anticipadas tambien seran aceptadas en el evento.                                           Peso:                 10,1 kg (22,3 lb)          Velocidad de aire: 81 m/s (181 millas/h)
                                                                                              Capacidad de combustible:                        *Medido según la norma ANSI-B175.2
  Para calificar del intercambio de sopladoras tiene que ser:                                                         1400 cm (47,3 oz.)

    • Sea un jardinero profesional
    • Viva y trabaje dentro de la jurisdiccion de los cuatro condados de
      SCAQMD. el cual incluye la mayor parte del condado los Angeles
                                                                                                        ¡Es necesario inscribirse
      (excluyendo Antelope Valley), todo el condado de orange, la mayor                                previamente! Para hacer su
      parte del condado de riverside, y la parte no desertica del condado                                  reservación, llame
      de San Bernardino.
                                                                                                            gratuitamente al
  Cleaning the Air That We Breathe                                                                           (888) 425-6247

     $25 off 2008 SCAQMD Coupon
     dealer redeMptiON iNFOrMatiON
     DEALER #                                       DEALER NAME
                                                                                                                                                         $25 discount is given to
     EQUIPMENT MODEL #                                                                                                                                   customer at time of purchase.
                                                                                                                                                         NOTE TO DEALER: To receive
     NEW EQUIPMENT SERIAL #                                                                                                                              credit for this coupon, complete
                                                                                                                                                         the above information, attach
     BR 500 SERIAL #                                                                                                                                     copy of the sales receipt (must
                                                                                                                                                         show discount and purchase
     • Did you register this product on eService?                                                                    YES               NO                price of the STIHL BR 500), and
                                                                                                                                                         mail to Pacific STIHL by 10/31/08
     • Did you offer this customer protective accessories?                                                           YES               NO                for processing of credit.

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