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                 Westinghouse        Retirees Association
Orlando FL                                                                                                      June, 2009

Words From the Prez                       Pete DeRosa           and an AARP representative meet with us and engage in
                                                                very informative discussion. A solid handful of members
                                                                have taken advantage of these sessions. Most recently, our
     We are at the halfway point in the year and, as such,
                                                                latest event, the SWRA Picnic on 6/20, was a good
it’s appropriate to see where we are relative to what we
                                                                example of our approach. Organized by Dave Berrong and
had set out to accomplish; that is: establish a broader level
                                                                Ish Aneja, it was attended by over 40 people, including
of participation, interest and relevance of the SWRA,
                                                                spouses, guests and even grandchildren. It was a
establish communication with other W retiree’s
                                                                thoroughly enjoyable day. With a catered barbeque meal, a
Associations, improve the interface with Siemens by
                                                                cool shaded pavilion, and the company of many friends, all
establishing a common value added proposition, and
                                                                that attended had a wonderful time. See for yourself on the
improve visibility and opportunities for community
                                                                website photo gallery. Better yet, join in on the fellowship
                                                                at the next event.
     Startup of the www.SiemensWestinghouseRetirees.org
                                                                     One could say we have accomplished much, but we
website and the www.Facebook.com group “Siemens &
                                                                know our organization is capable of much more. See you at
Westinghouse Retirees” has enabled us to link with several
                                                                the next meeting.
other retiree websites, provided more access for those
members unable to make our meetings, as well as provide
a searching tool for retirees outside the area. Visit these     Treasurer’s Report                Joe Pankowiecki
sites if you haven’t done so yet. The sites also provide a
listing of the upcoming events and a gallery of photos          The Association would like to take this opportunity to
taken at recent SWRA events.                                    welcome the following new members:
     To encourage community service and to facilitate
involvement, our website also provides a list of members        Frank Kinsley rekitna@aol.com
involved in community service organizations. You may            Frank retired from Boca Raton, FL and also worked in
contact those members should you be interest in finding         Iselin, NJ.
out more about those particular organizations or just want
some information.                                               Les Southall
     Much has been accomplished within our relationship         Les worked at Lester and was a manager in Orlando.
with Siemens. Through the organizing efforts of George
Baker and Roger Greenwood, and in coordination with             The Association membership currently stands at 246 with
Siemens HR, a series of lunchtime mentoring sessions            a checking account balance of $5142.85.
have been conducted with Siemens employees nearing
retirement. Volunteers within our ranks have stepped            Currently 73% of the members are in good standing.
forward and have done a great job in helping our former         In accordance with the Association By-Laws, members
fellow workers. Topics of discussion have included              who have not paid by June 30 will be suspended. If you
financial planning, social and family adjustments, physical     are unsure whether you have paid dues for 2009, give
and mental wellbeing, and health insurance planning. In         me a call or send me an e-mail ASAP.
conducting these sessions, many future retirees have been
introduced to the SWRA, while Siemens has a new                 Please make check for $10 payable to the Siemens
appreciation for our relationship.                              Westinghouse Retirees Association and send to:
     Perhaps our toughest objective has been in improving
the level of personal participation among our members.          Joe Pankowiecki
Our approach is simple. Make the event available, do a          1081 Nodding Pines Way
good job in organizing it and have an enjoyable time            Casselberry, FL 32707-5915
whether we get 10 people or 100 people. Our monthly
Financial Subgroup meetings, organized by George Baker,         Please notify Joe Pankowiecki of any change to your e-
have proven to be consistently informative. This year we        mail or mailing address so that we can maintain an
have had financial planners, a medical insurance broker         accurate membership directory.
Member’s Letter                       Woody Kramer               Obituaries                             Paul Viscovich
                                                                 Tom Caine, former manager of the Charlotte PGS, passed
      Like most retirees my wife and I travel for pleasure, to   away on 4/28. Condolences can be sent to his wife,
visit the children or just to nose around some place             Barbara (3014 Wamath Dr., Charlotte, NC 28210)
different. In order to make our trips more interesting and to    Paul Morrison, who worked in Generator Service at East
break up the monotony of driving, we have taken up the           Pittsburgh, passed away in mid-May.
hobby of Letter Boxing. It is our understanding that Letter
Boxing originated in England and has spread throughout           Lee Blazer, wife of Don Blazer, passed away last month.
the U.S. and many other countries.                               Condolences can be sent to Don (11494 SW 139th St.,
                                                                 Dunnellon, FL 34432)
     To begin a Letter Boxing adventure one starts at the
computer and goes to www.letterbox.org. Here you                 Joan Fowler, who worked in Pittsburgh and Orlando,
identify the state and city where you want to search for a       passed away in May. Condolences can be sent to her
Letter Box. The site lists all the Letter Boxes that are         husband, Keith (1076 Cheyenne Trail, Winter Springs, FL
hidden in that area. Open the ones that interest you and         32708)
read where the box is located. If you want to hunt for that
box, print out the directions. When you get to that city,        Sunshine Committee                    Paul Viscovich
town or other location you follow the detailed directions to
the hidden Letter Box. The Letter Box is usually in a water      This is a note from Ray Sabatino...
tight Tupperware container. Inside you’ll find a bag that
will have a small note book, a stamp and ink pad, and a          A few months ago, I told you about our son, Robert, who
writing tool. You leave a message in the notebook and add        was undergoing radiation and chemo therapy for neck
a stamp that you carry with you. Then use their stamp to         cancer. Last week (mid-May) he had a full body petscan.
stamp your book to keep a record of where you’ve visited.        According to the pathology report the petscan did not find
We find many people have signed the book ahead of us,            any cancer in his neck, or any place else in his body. This
and it’s interesting to see where they live and their            seems incredible and unbelievable because his cancer was
comments.                                                        stage 4 which is as bad as it gets. Another petscan will be
                                                                 done in late June to confirm this result.
     We have found several in the Orlando area, New York,        We prayed a whole lot, and we thank you for your prayers.
Pennsylvania all up the east coast, and last summer we
were in Nebraska and found Letter Boxes in that state. One
of the most interesting Letter Boxes we found took us on a       Editor’s ote…
Mennonite farm in Virginia. We were leery about
trespassing on the property, so we asked permission. It          Some     good    news…introducing    my      newest
turned out that we were the first ones at this site. The         granddaughter…Katie Mae…born May 11, 8lbs 7 ozs.
farmer knew his friend hid the box but not where. He
joined us in the search. He found it for us in their spring
house and soon his whole family was watching the entire
event. It turned out we spent about an hour chatting with
them. We were hoping to get invited for a good Mennonite
meal but no such luck.

    Letter Boxes are hidden by individuals, school classes,
organizations, etc. So if you want to break up a tedious
drive on your vacation or visitation travels you may want
to add Letter Boxing to you agenda.
Retiree’s Picnic…
Last Saturday we held our first annual Retiree’s Picnic in a pavilion at Trotwood Park in Tuskawilla. Here are some
pictures of the happy (and well fed) retirees and their families.

Heiner, John, Leroy and Tom waiting for the food              Roger and Heiner knocking back some iced tea

Wallace after he dropped BBQ sauce on his shirt                Retirees acting like kids in the fountain

The next membership meeting is 9:30, Tuesday, July 14th, in Quad 2 cafeteria. Mark your calendars now!!!
The speaker will be Gail Horner, representative for the Seminole chapter of Habitat For Humanity. They will be starting a
new house this summer. Find out How, When and Where the construction starts and let’s build something.

Also, mark your calendars for our October meeting when the speaker will be District 24 Congressional Representative
Suzzane Cosmas. Her primary topic will be energy. Come one come all and let's see how much energy the economy has
by October.

It’s your right to be stupid…but some people abuse the privilege..
Directors For 2009
President                   Pete DeRosa         petederosa@cfl.rr.com      407-359-1731
Vice-President              Tom Radkevich       radkevicht@bellsouth.net   407-366-6515
Treasurer                   Joe Pankowiecki      jpankowiecki@cfl.rr.com   407-695-7123
Secretary                   Sharon McIlhenney    mcilhenj@bellsouth.net    904-461-3397
Social Secretary            Ish Aneja           ianeja@cfl.rr.com          407-339-8732
 ewsletter Editor           Tom Finnimore       tom1991@cfl.rr.com         407-366-4371
Assistant Editor            Marlene Schwab      schwabmj@mindspring.com
At-Large                    George Baker         Gbaker6335@cfl.rr.com     407-365-3747
At-Large                    Dave Berrong         dberrong@cfl.rr.com       407-365-2323
At-Large                    Jim Polacheck        jpolacheck@cfl.rr.com     407-834-8951
At-Large                    Paul McCauley        mccpauley@aol.com         407-678-8609
Sunshine Committee          Paul W. Viscovich   maeandpaul04@aol.com       407-774-1731
Sunshine Committee          Sam Reynolds Jr     acrsdr@earthlink.net       407-365-7679

SIEMENS Westinghouse Retirees Association
1023 Corbin Court
Oviedo, FL 32765

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