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									   HDI Triad Chapter
   Serving The Support Industry in Western North Carolina                                                 August, 2005

                         Triad Chapter of HDI is Back!
Welcome Back
                         Welcome Back to all                What’s happening at               Mark Your Calendar!
Meet your new Officers   Members and Prospective            the local level? We have          August 11th is our next
                         Members. We are back in            a new Board and you can           Members’ Meeting. We have
Upcoming Meetings        action and here you will find      “meet” them in the next           an exciting meeting planned.
                         information about the exciting     article.                          See the Next Meeting Article
                         things happening at both the                                         on page 2 for more
                         national and local levels.                                           information.

                         Meet your Triad HDI Officers
                         Elaine Porter, Chapter           sure Unifi is Sarbanes Oxley      Systems Support Technician.
                         President/Webmaster has          compliant from an IT              Anna has been in that
                         been employed at RF Micro        perspective. When Lynn isn’t      position for 4½ years. When
                         Devices in Greensboro, NC as     working she enjoys puzzles        not at work, Anna enjoys
                         a Help Desk Analyst for the      and playing Craps. Although       Auctions, eBay, and Poker.
                         past 7½ years. When not at       she doesn’t generally like        She must be good at
                         work, she enjoys painting,       scary movies, her favorite        Auctions/eBay because she
                         gardening, Greek cooking,        movie is Poltergeist.             bought a toy train for $7.00
                         beachcombing, photography,                                         and sold it for over
                                                          Leonard Mitchell, VP of           $1,700.00! Anna’s favorite
                         watching Gilmore Girls with
                                                          Finance, is employed at           movie is “Office Space”.
                         her daughter & movies with
                                                          Wake Forest University
                         her son. Her favorite movies
                                                          Baptist Medical Center in
                         are Dinotopia, Sound of                                            Donna Sow, VP of
                                                          Winston-Salem, NC, as a
                         Music, Singing in the Rain,                                        Communications is employed
                                                          Network Systems Analyst. He
                         Antz, and Road to                                                  at Ciba Specialty Chemicals in
                                                          has been in that position for
                         Redemption. Did you know                                           High Point, NC as the Service
                                                          1½ years. Leonard stays
 “Goodness is the        that Elaine has worked for                                         Desk Remote Support Team
                                                          active by playing flag football
                         N.A.S.A. and Electronic Data                                       Lead (aka-Help Desk Team
                                                          and running. He also enjoys
                         Systems?                                                           Leader). She began as an
 only investment                                          reading and anything related
                                                          to Star Wars. Therefore, it       Analyst for 3 years & was then
                         Lynn Peele, VP of                                                  promoted to the Team Lead
                         Programs, is employed at         makes sense that his favorite
 that never fails.”                                       movie is “Star Wars: Revenge      position. When not at work,
                         Unifi, Inc. located in                                             she enjoys reading; hanging
                         Greensboro, NC. Lynn is          of the Sith”. Leonard is the
                                                          University record holder in       out with friends & her sons
                         presently the IT Security and                                      (2½ & 11); watching her son
 -Henry David Thoreau    Compliance Manager. She          the 1500m run!
                                                                                            play hockey; and music. Her
                         moved into her new position                                        favorite singer/songwriter is
                                                          Anna Messina, VP of
                         when the Support Services                                          Billy Joel. She once had the
                                                          Membership, is employed at
                         department she managed was                                         opportunity to party on New
                                                          Amarr Garage Doors located
                         eliminated. Her major focus                                        Year's Eve with Andie
                                                          in Winston Salem, NC, as a
Contents                 now is security and making                                         McDowell.

Welcome Back!       1

Meet the Officers   1    Upcoming Meetings
Member Spotlight    2    Mark Your Calendars & plan to join us as we bring you some exciting new programs!
                         Future member meetings will be held on: September 8th; November 10th; January 12th; March
Future Meetings     2    9th; and May 11th.

   Member Spotlight
  Welcome to a new feature of our newsletter. In each newsletter, we will spotlight one of YOU, our members. Here we
  feature Tanja Staton. Tanja is employed as the Regional Help Desk Manager, IS Services, at Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
  which is located in Greensboro, NC. She has been with Syngenta for 24 years. One of her “side jobs” at Syngenta is leading
  the IS Department's United Way Campaign this year and she has written a song. Her 12-year old son, Tony Jr., wrote the
  music for her song and will be accompanying her as she performs live at the departmental meeting.

  Tanja’s birthday is on September 5th and when she isn’t writing music, she enjoys gardening and home interior decorating.
  Her favorite musical artist is Dottie Peoples and her favorite book is “A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines.

  The benefits of being an HDI Member is a resource to locate information regarding trends that other companies are
  experiencing per Tanja. She also looks to HDI to be able to provide information about best practices in the help desk industry.

   Next Meeting – August 11th
  Join us on August 11th at 6:00 pm for our next               Cost: $11.00 to cover dinner. (Checks payable to Triad HDI.)
                                                               We will meet at The Royal House located at 703 East Mountain
  Topic: The Internet - Do you have all the answers?           Street in Kernersville, NC.
  Speaker: Stewart McGlaughlin
                                                               RSVP by Friday August 5th to Lynn Peele ( or
  The Internet has become an absolute necessity for most       336-316-5635)
  homes and businesses. Chances are your customers
  contact your help desk with questions about viruses,         Directions:
  firewalls, searching and many other Internet related         Take Business 40 (East from Winston Salem or West from
  questions. Bring all your support personnel on August        Greensboro) to Exit 15 "US 66, Kernersville". At top of ramp turn
  11th for an informative overview of the Internet. They       left at the traffic light (North) on US-66 (pass BP Service Station
  will obtain information to assist them when answering the    on right). Turn right at first cross street, "East Mountain Street"
  tough questions. In addition, they will have an              (at corner of Parks Chevrolet and just before the railroad tracks).
  opportunity to ask questions of their own.                   Proceed slowly as you pass Parks Chevrolet Commercial Truck
                                                               Sales lot on your left. The Royal House (brown brick building) is
                                                               next door to truck lot.

  Did you know?
  The “2004 Practices Survey” is now available from HDI. It is the definitive resource for trending information for the help
  desk manager. The survey identifies historical comparison and trending that includes the proliferation of the global support
  organization, the blending of internal and external support, and the explosive growth of knowledge management and self
  support tools.

  Triad HDI
  c/o Donna Sow
  Ciba Specialty Chemicals
  4090 Premier Drive
  High Point, NC 27265

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