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                                         Government of India 
                             Ministry of Women and Child Development 
                                           General Section 
                                                                            Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi. 
                                                                              Dated:  the 14.10, 2009. 
         As per list attached 
Subject:‐        Hiring of taxis/vehicles for official use of this Ministry,‐Calling for sealed 
          Reference is invited to this office Tender notice of even number dated 23.9.2009 which 
sealed quotations were invited for providing taxis/vehicles ( both AC and Non AC)  on hire basis 
for official use of this Ministry by 3.00 PM of 08.10.2009. 
         The Competent authority has extended the last date of the said Tender up to 3.00 PM of 
29.10.2009. The sealed quotations shall be opened on the same date is 29.10.2009 at 4.00PM 
in room No 641 ‘A’ Wing Shastri Bhawan. 
          All other terms and condition of the tender notice dated 23.09.2009 shall remain same. 
The  firms  who  have  already  submitted  their  quotations  in  response  to  Tender  Notice  dated 
23.09.2009 need not apply afresh. 
                                                                                         Yours faithfully, 
                                                                                       (A. P Shrivastava) 
                                                          Under Secretary to the Government of India 

                                   F.No. 10-2/2009-Genl.
                                    Government of India
                         Ministry of Women & Child Development

                                                                Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.
                                                                         Dated : 23 .9.2009.


       As per list attached

Subject:       Hiring of taxis/vehicles for official use of this Ministry - Calling for
               sealed quotations – Regarding.


       The Ministry of Women & Child Development intends to hire taxis/vehicles (both
AC and Non AC) for official use to meet its day to day requirements in Delhi/NCR
Region. The vehicles may be engaged depending upon the demand. You are requested
to send sealed quotations, as per terms and conditions (Annexure I) to the undersigned in
Room No. 310, ‘A’ Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi (Telephone No. 23382743) till
3.00 P.M up to 8.10.2009. Quotations received after fixed date and time will not be
accepted. The sealed quotations should be subscribed ‘quotations for taxis/vehicles”.
The sealed quotations will be opened on the same day i.e. 8.10.2009 at 4.00 P.M in Room
No. 641, ‘A’ Wing, 6th Floor, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi in the presence of the
representatives of the firms, who may like to be present. The Ministry reserves the right
to accept or reject any of the quotations in full or in part without assigning any reasons.

2.     The Terms and Conditions and Proformas for giving the quotation are enclosed as
Annexure II and III ..

                                                                            Yours faithfully,

                                                                         (A.P. Shrivastava)
                                                       Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

Copy to : TD(NIC) may please upload above information on the website of the Ministry.
                                                                          Annexure – I

                              Terms and Conditions

i.     The vehicles to be deployed should be in a good condition and should not be
       more than 2 years old. The Drivers should be holding valid driving license
       and other documents. He/She should be well aware of the routes within Delhi
       and NCR Region. The y should wear uniform and should be punctual and well
ii.    All the charges towards repairs/servicing, salary of Driver, fuel expenses
       (such as petrol/diesel), any other incidental expenses on operation and
       maintenance, etc. on the vehicle will be borne by the firm.
iii.   The vehicle will be insured by the firm. In case of any accident, all the claims
       arising out of it will be met by the firm. The Ministry of Women & Child
       Development will not be liable in any manner whatsoever.
iv.    The vehicle with the Driver will be placed at the disposal of the Ministry of
       Women & Child Development as and when required. The Ministry will be
       free to use it in any manner for carrying officials/officers and materials as per
       its requirement and the firm will not have any objection to it.
v.     The vehicle will be used by the Ministry for a minimum period of 8 hours on
       each    working     day       and   4/8   hours   as   per    requirement     on
       Saturday/Sunday/holidays and may be retained beyond 8 hours, if required. In
       case the vehicle provided to the Ministry breaks down, the firm will
       immediately provide another car. In case it is not replaced, no payment for
       the vehicle hired which breaks down will be made for the day of break down.
vi.    Income Tax and other taxes, as applicable from time to time, will be deducted
       from the bills of the firm.
vii.   An Earnest Money of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only) should be
       submitted by the firm by way of D/D or Pay Order drawn in favour of PAO,
       Ministry of Women & Child Development along with the tender document,
       which will be treated as a security deposit. The security deposit will be
        released to the firm after completion of the contact. The quotation without
        Earnest Money will be rejected outright from the consideration zone.
viii.   The Ministry has the right to forfeit the security deposit in full or in part in the
        event of failure on the part of the contracting firm to fulfill the terms and
        conditions of the contract.
ix.     The owner/firm should be in a position to supply vehicles at short notice as
        and when required. The owner/firm should be in a position to provide standby
        vehicles in case of any break down. The vehicle charges from the point of
        break down to destination point are to be borne by the firm to complete the
        trip, in case immediate replacement of the vehicle is not provided.
x.      The successful firm must submit a list of vehicles registered in the name of the
        firm/owner/partner with photocopies of their registration papers, insurance
        papers, permits, etc. of the vehicle proposed to be given to this Ministry.
xi.     The vehicles are required to be sent for the purpose of Parliamentary work,
        hence all the relevant papers, such as RC and Model of the vehicle may be
        provided to this Ministry to enable the Ministry to get their parking label
        issued. The vehicle or the Driver will not be changed as far as possible. In
        case of change of Driver, prior permission will be required to be taken from
        this Ministry.
xii.    The rates quoted should be valid for a period of 12 months or such extended
        period as may be mutually agreed upon.
xiii.   The firm will keep the vehicles in neat and perfect working condition. They
        will not sublet the vehicle to any other person or agency during the period of
        hire by this Ministry.
xiv.    In case the firm is unable to provide the vehicles on any other day, a penalty
        of Rs. 1000.00 per day per vehicle will be imposed on the firm.
xv.     In case of first two failures to comply with the terms and conditions of the
        contract, written notice s will be issued to the firm pointing out the defect for
        rectification. In case of repetition or non rectification of the defect or third
        failure, the Ministry will be free to cancel the contract as well as forfeit the
        Earnest Money.
xvi.     The firm must indicate the number of vehicles/make/year of manufacturing, as
         available with them for giving on rate contract basis. They are also free to
         quote for any one or more types of vehicles.
xvii.    The Government of India will have the exclusive right to cancel the agreement
         at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever and without any
         compensation to the firm.
xviii.   Jurisdiction for legal disputes, if any, arising during the period of the
         agreement, will be settled in Delhi.
                                                                     Annexure – II

                        (Should be given on firm’s letter head)

   1.     Name of the firm

   2.     Address of the firm

   3.     Telephone/mobile Number

   4.     PAN number issued by Income Tax Department

   5.     State/Central Sales Tax number (TIN)

   6.     Date from which attending to such work in

          Departments/Ministries and other Offices

          under Central/StateGovt./PSUs

  7.     No of vehicles/Make/ Years of Manufacturing

   8.    The attached terms and conditions of the contract

          as per Annexure I for one year is acceptable

          to me/us

                                                                  Seal/rubber stamp

Date :

                                                                                Annexure – III
                                 (Should be given in firm’s letter head)
            The Under Secretary (Genl.),
            Ministry of Women & Child Development,
            Room No. 310, ‘A’ Wing, 3rd Floor,
            Shastri Bhawan,
            New Delhi.

Subject:            Hiring of vehicles for the official use of Ministry of Women & Child
                    Development – Calling for sealed quotations.


         With reference to your letter No. 10-2/2009-General dated 23.09.2009 o the above
subject, we quote our rates towards supply of cars/taxis on hire basis as under:

Local Charges
Particular Ambassado        Indica/Wagon      Esteem/Indigo/Swi    Innova/Accent/Swi   SX-
s          r                R                 ft                   ft DZire            4//Hond
                                                                                       a City
               AC     Non   AC       Non      AC                   AC                  AC
                      AC             AC
8 hours,
80 kms.
Half day,
40 kms.
per hours
Outstanding Charges
Particular Ambassado       Indica/Wagno     Esteem/Indigo/Swif     Innova/Accent/Swif    SX-
s          r               r                t                      t DZire               /Hond
                                                                                         a City
            AC      Non    AC       Non     AC                     AC                    AC
                    AC              AC
8 hours,
80 kms.
Half day,
40 kms.
per hours

2. I/We accept and abide by the terms and conditions stipulated in your above letter.

                                                                               Seal/rubber stamp
Date :

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