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									6 The Northeastern Voice March 27, 2009

                                                                                                                                                                “Given the
                                                                                                                                                                and the
                                                                                                                                                                competency of
                                                                                                                                                                people overseas,
                                                                                                                                                                there’s a need

                                                                                                                                               LAUREN MCFALLS
                                                                                                                                                                for knowledge to
                                                                                                                                                                flow both ways.”
         Denise Dunlap-Hinkler is a new tenure track assistant professor of international business and strategy. She has studied how
         companies develop new projects and where they gain knowledge that results in breakthrough innovation.

         Inner strength brings new ideas
         Business professor finds innovation driven                                                                            profile
         by internal knowledge, not acquistions                                                                                        NAME Denise Dunlap-Hinkler

         BY RACHEL SOCKUT                                               “It can be difficult to pin down what’s consid-                TITLE Assistant professor of international business
               reakthrough innovations like the Internet, peni-

         B     cillin, and even sliced bread, change the world
               forever. This is why innovation remains a top
         priority for businesses in every industry. It is a way
                                                                     ered breakthrough and innovative,” said Dunlap-
                                                                     Hinkler. “The FDA uses a consistent set of defini-
                                                                     tions in the evaluation of new products, which al-
                                                                     lows me to examine this phenomenon across
                                                                                                                                       and strategy

                                                                                                                                       EDUCATION Ph.D., Business and Strategy, Temple
         to make an indelible mark on history. But how do            companies.”                                                       M.S., Management, Southwest Minnesota State
         companies innovate?                                            In addition, the industry’s use of patent protec-              University;
            “Most companies state that in order to enhance           tion for intellectual property provided a way to                  B.S., International Business and Spanish,
         their innovativeness, they need to leverage the                                                                               Pennsylvania State University
                                                                     measure the knowledge sharing used to develop
                                    knowledge acquired from          each innovation by company.                                       COURSES TAUGHT International Business and
                                    external partners, but my           Dunlap-Hinkler examined the companies’ busi-
      on track                      research says the oppo-
                                    site,” said assistant pro-
                                                                     ness development strategies and identified two
                                                                     main methods used for growth. Companies either
                                                                                                                                       Global Social Responsibility

                                                                                                                                       SCHOLARSHIP FOCUS Profiling virtual employees,
                                    fessor Denise Dunlap-            accumulated new knowledge through outside                         cross-national knowledge transfer, and strategic
         Hinkler. “The competitive advantage is actually             partnerships and acquisitions or built on existing                behavior of small firms in consolidated industries
         gained by internal knowledge transfer – the shar-           knowledge through internal sharing, or both.
         ing of knowledge within the global boundaries of               She compared the use of these strategies by an-
         the firm.”                                                  alyzing patent information for each company and               “Given the global marketplace and the compe-
            Dunlap-Hinkler is a tenure-track professor in            discovered that the companies using more inter-             tency of people overseas, there’s a need for knowl-
         the International Business department of the Col-           nal knowledge transfer were also developing                 edge to flow both ways,” she said. “These findings
         lege of Business Administration. Her initial re-            more breakthrough products.                                 should make managers pause and ask, ‘Are we
         search focused on how pharmaceutical firms de-                 “When a company shares knowledge across                  truly taking advantage of our rich global knowl-
         velop new products and where they gain the                  borders and at least half of it comes from internal         edge network?’ and help them to maximize the
         knowledge that results in breakthrough innova-              sources, it’s even more likely to be a break-               use of their overseas capabilities.”
         tion.                                                       through,” said Dunlap-Hinkler. “I found the same              She is currently developing an approach to ex-
            She chose the pharmaceutical industry inten-             results for both foreign and U.S.-based firms.”             amine the unique ways that knowledge transfer
         tionally because in order to bring a new product               She also observed that the majority of compa-            occurs in emerging economies around the world,
         to market in the United States, all pharmaceutical          nies still treat their international operations as          particularly in countries where business network-
         companies must gain approval from the Food and              “outposts” with knowledge flowing one-way –                 ing is heavily influenced, and potentially limited,
         Drug Administration (FDA).                                  from out in the field back to headquarters.                 by cultural factors.
                                                                                                                                             March 27, 2009 The Northeastern Voice 7

                        NOTABLE                                              ily professor and professor of law, policy and so-      and, in some cases, to high school dropouts,”
                                                                             ciety, appeared on Fox 25 on March 16 to give           he said. “Better educated young people have a
                        Joseph Aoun, university pres-                        their “immoral tour” of Boston, touring the sites       push down effect that really pushes out a lot of
  notable quotable      ident, was a guest on the Jeff
                        Santos Show on WWZN 1510
                                                                             of murders, fires, and illicit activities.              young people who haven’t gone to college.”

                        on March 25 to talk about the                        Mary Loeffelholz, professor of English and vice         Walter Robinson, distinguished professor of
                        Stony Brook Initiative and                           provost for academic affairs,                           journalism, was quoted in a March 16 Metro
                        Northeastern’s urban engage-                         wrote a book review called “A Jury                      West Daily News article on Massachusetts’s dis-
                        ment.                                                of Her Peers: American Women                            mal access to public records. “I think we’re hor-
                                                                             Writers From Anne Bradstreet                            rible,” Robinson said. “We still operate as if we’re
                                        Stephen Burgard, director of the     to Annie Proulx,” which ap-                             in the 17th century.”
                                        School of Journalism, and Dan        peared in the Boston Globe on Loeffelhotz
                                        Kennedy, assistant professor of      March 14.                                               Maria Stein, director of career services, was
                                        journalism, appeared on NECN                                                                 interviewed in a March 25 Metro article on
                                        on March 10 to talk about a re-      Alan Zaremba, associate professor of commu-             college students being nervous about their
                         Burgard        port listing major newspapers        nication studies, appeared on National Public           career options after graduation. She said that
                                        thought to be at risk of closing.    Radio’s “Bill Littlefield’s Only A Game” on March       the Northeastern’s co-op program helps stu-

                                                                             7 to talk about his book, “Madness of March:            dents establish connections with employers.
                        Mira Cantor, professor of art and                    Bonding and Betting with the Boys in Las Vegas.
                        design, was the subject of a                         “                                                       Andrew Sum, professor of economics, was quot-
                        March 19 Jamaica Plain Gazette                       QUOTABLE                                                ed in a March 20 Boston Globe article on the
                        article about her exhibit, UNI-                                                                              Center for Labor Market Studies report that com-
                        FORM, currently on display at                        Lynn Babington, professor of nursing, was quot-         petition for jobs in Massachusetts has more than
                        the Moakley Courthouse.           Cantor
                                                                             ed in a March 23 Lowell Sun article on the rise         doubled over the past year. “The odds of finding
                                                                             of doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degrees.                            a job have deteriorated so badly it
                        James Alan Fox, Lipman family professor and          “The DNP gives them the extra leadership skills                         will lengthen the bouts of un-
                        professor of law, policy and society, appeared on    to take what’s known in science and move it re-                         employment,” he said. Sum was
                        an Australian Broadcast Corporation radio show       ally quickly into clinical care,” she said. “But                        also quoted in a March 23 Rut-
                        on March 12 to talk about a mass murder in           we’re not preparing nurses to take over the field                       land Herald article on younger
                        Germany. The same day, an article he wrote on        of medicine.”                                            Sum            and older workers battling for the
                        the motives behind many mass murderers was                                                                                   same jobs. “Younger people are
                        published on                                William M. Fowler, distinguished professor of           taking an extreme pounding,” he said. “It’s wor-
                                                                             history, was quoted in a March 18 Boston Globe          risome because they’re not developing the ex-
                        Gary Goshgarian, professor of English, wrote         article on Dorchester’s Evacuation Day festivities      perience and the soft skills that they’ll need and
                        an article for the April edition of The Writer                       at the national monument at             the nation’s economy will need.”
                        magazine under his pen name, Gary Braver, on                         Dorchester Heights. “Unlike the
                                         “Ten Basic Ingredients for a Suc-                   men who stood here, most of us
                                         cessful Thriller.” The paperback                                                            Darien Wood, associate professor of physics,
                                                                                             will not be called upon to defend       was quoted in a March 22 Science Daily article
                                         edition of his seventh novel,                       our nation against bullets or bay-
                                         “Skin Deep,” will be released on     fowler                                                 on research by the U.S. Department of Energy’s
                                                                                             onets or roadside bombs, but yet
                                         April 1. The German edition of                                                              Fermilab that constrains Higgs mass. “Fermi-
                                                                                             we are summoned to service
                                         the novel was published last                                                                lab’s Tevatron collider typically produces about
                         Goshgarian                                          nonetheless,” Fowler said. “We are citizens. To
                                         month, and the Dutch edition                                                                ten million collisions per sec-
                                                                             be a citizen means to work and to strive for our-
                        will hit shelves this summer.                        selves and our community and mostly to hope.”           ond,” he said. “The Standard
                                                                                                                                     Model predicts how many times
                        Louis Kruger, associate professor of counseling      Joseph McLaughlin, senior research associate at         a year we should expect to see
                        and applied psychology, was interviewed on           the Center for Labor Market Studies, was quot-          the Higgs boson in our detec-
                        WBUR on March 9 about his new documentary            ed in a March 19 News Journal article on the            tor, and how often we should Wood
                        on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assess-           growing ranks of unemployed younger work-               see particle signals that can
                        ment System and other high stakes testing.           ers. “Here in Boston, there are a lot of college        mimic a Higgs. By refining our analysis tech-
                                                                             grads working in retail stores and restaurants          niques and by collecting more and more data,
                        Jack Levin, Brudnick distinguished professor         and they’re taking a lot of those opportunities         the true Higgs signal, if it exists, will sooner or
                        of sociology, and James Alan Fox, Lipman fam-        that could go to young high school graduates            later emerge.”

Job outlook rosier for                                                                      Big ideas at research expo
                                                                                                                                             I was doing the same type of work,” she
Northeastern graduates                                                                      Research, continued from Page 1

                                                                                            covered a wide-range of disciplines, from
                                                                                                                                             said, adding that she loved pulling on her
                                                                                                                                             boots and wading into the harbor. She was
                                                                                                                                             searching for evidence to link the capaci-
                                                                                            the sciences and engineering to the arts
Job outlook, continued from Page 1           where Northeastern has really given its                                                         ty of green algae to absorb pollutants like
                                                                                            and social sciences.
                                             students a leg up.”                                                                             PCB.
                                                                                               Provost Stephen Director and Ken Blank,
opportunities continues to be a big draw        Stein and Johnson say that their office     vice provost for research, each expressed ex-       Here is a list of students with first-place
for companies, reported Stein and John-      is seeing the greatest decline in job post-    citement about the quality of work dis-          winning posters in undergraduate and grad-
son, a trend that is also supported by the   ings for positions in the financial services   played by so many strong researchers.            uate competitions spanning seven categories:
NACE 2009 survey.                            industry. Their team is trying instead to         “I’d like to congratulate the researchers,”      Graduate student Laura Pfeifer and un-
   According to the report, nearly 95 per-   target openings in insurance compa-            said Director, “The work is truly phenom-        dergraduate Yamani Jana, both in comput-
cent of employer respondents indicated       nies—following a predicted 5 percent na-       enal. We can take great pride in the work        er and information sciences; graduate stu-
that work experience plays a strong role     tionwide increase of jobs in that industry,    that is occurring at Northeastern.”              dent Selvapraba Selvarasah and under-
in hiring decisions, with 75 percent say-    according a report by the Collegiate Em-          Blank described the expo as an invalu-        graduate Martina List, both in engineering
ing they look to hire candidates with rel-   ployment Research Institute at Michigan        able opportunity for undergraduates to par-      and technology; graduate student Jamie
evant work experience.                       State University.                              ticipate in high-level research in an open,      Becker and undergraduate John Brabant,
   Interestingly, these numbers were            On the whole, seniors seem undaunt-         collegial environment.                           both in health sciences and technology; grad-
nearly identical to the 2008 outlook re-     ed by the tough job market they face, per-        “This is a day to celebrate what we’ve        uate student Aleta Budd and undergradu-
port when the economy was much bet-          haps buoyed by the experience under            done and where we’re headed,” he said.           ate Ying Xu, both in humanities and arts;
ter, indicating that experience matters no   their belts, and by Northeastern’s No. 1       “It’s an important opportunity for the fac-      graduate student Anthony Westphal and un-
matter what the job forecast looks like.     ranking in the Princeton Review for job        ulty and the students to learn what types of     dergraduate Tom Cinq-Mars, both in inter-
   Employers who regularly recruit at        placement, said Johnson.                       research are being performed throughout          disciplinary topics, centers and institutes;
Northeastern echo the sentiment that ex-        However, he’s warning the Class of          the university.”                                 graduate student Thayaparan Paramanathan
perience counts: “(Northeastern gradu-       2009 to expect a longer job search. In the        Biology student Anna Meador, a lead in-
                                                                                                                                             and undergraduate Kostas Papamarkakis,
ates) are well-prepared from the start,”     meantime, he has this advice: “There are       vestigator in research of pollution control
                                                                                                                                             both in the physical and life sciences; and
said Janelle Godfrey, senior technical re-   two pillars to the job search—checking         through algae, said she worked side-by-
                                                                                                                                             graduate student Kristen Hudak and un-
cruiter for Microsoft College. “Many grad-   the postings online and networking. In         side with master’s students on a project to
                                                                                            decontaminate the New Bedford Harbor.            dergraduate Vanessa Castro, both in social
uates can find entering the workforce an     this economy, networking is going to be
                                                                                               “I felt like I was a grad student because     sciences, business and law.
overwhelming adjustment, but that is         more important than ever.”

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