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Snow Camping Checklist
Select items that match your trip plans and the expected weather conditions.

The 10+ Essentials
   Extra clothing layer(s)                           First-aid kit
   Map of area (in waterproof case)                  Sunglasses (with retaining strap)
   Drinking water                                    Pocket knife
   Compass                                           Sunscreen
   Food                                              Matches (in waterproof container) and
   Headlamp or flashlight (with extra batteries/     firestarter

   Regular underwear                                 Quick-drying pants
   Warm pants (fleece or wool)                       Fleece jacket/wool sweater
   Wicking long underwear (top/bottoms)              Long-sleeved shirts
   Fleece or wool vest

   Outer shell jacket (or insulated parka)           Warm hat (fleece or wool)
   Gloves/mittens (fleece or wool)                   Neck gaiter
   Outer shell pants (or insulated pants)            Waterproof gloves/overmitts
   Glove liners                                      Face mask/balaclava

   Hiking/mountaineering socks                       Extra laces
   Insulated camp booties                            Hiking boots/shoes that match the terrain and
   Wicking liner socks                               conditions

Camping Gear
   Backpack                                          Sleeping pad
   Avalanche transceiver                             Drinking cup (insulated)
   Day/summit pack                                   Sit pad or sleeping pad chair kit
   Altimeter                                         Thermos
   Pack cover                                        Extra nylon stuff sacks (for organizing gear)
   Food (adequate supply for your trip)              Biodegradable soap
   Tent, tarp or bivy sack                           Extra plastic bags (for water-tight storage)
   Stove                                             Pot scrubber
   Rainfly                                           Ice Axe
   Fuel (for cooking and melting snow)               Plastic garbage bags
   Tent stakes                                       Crampons
   Funnel                                            Resealable plastic bags
   Snow stakes                                       Snow shovel
   Matches/lighter                                   Water filter/purifier
   Ground cloth                                      Snow saw
   Cook set, dishes                                  Water-purification tablets
   Tent broom                                        Snowshoes
   Cooking/eating utensils                           Water bottle(s)
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  Sleeping bag (in waterproof stuff sack)   Skis, poles, boots
  Pot grabber                               Collapsible water container

   Compression sack                         Skins, wax
   Large pot for melting snow               Lantern

Personal Items
   Toilet paper                             Small bath towel
   Other personal toiletry items            Insect repellent
   Toothbrush and toothpaste                Brush/comb
   Lip balm (with sun protection)           Trowel

   Binoculars                               Money
   Repair/sewing kit                        Travel games
   Field guides                             Trip Plan (left with a responsible friend)
   100-foot accessory cord                  Watch/alarm clock
   Camera and film                          Photo ID
   Axe/saw                                  Weather radio
   Notebook and pencil

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