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Action for Children

This agency has trained and approved home day care providers and can help you choose child
care options. Action for Children also maintains a list of pre-schools and day care centers
throughout Franklin County, plus a guideline booklet for your use in making your decision.
Some pre-schools and day care centers have waiting lists. You should begin the enrollment
process as soon as possible, often in February for September pre-school entry.

 For more information, please contact

Action for Children
78 Jefferson Ave
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 224-0222
 Action For Children

 Baby sitters

People who stay with children when the parent is absent are known as babysitters. When both
parents leave the house for even a short time, children must have a babysitter. For reliable
babysitters, you may want to ask other mothers in your neighborhood.

 Day Care Centers

Day care centers provide care for children whose parents have to be away all day. A hot lunch
and two snacks are usually included. Various programs and activities are provided. Ask for a
description of the center's program (some centers also have a half-day option.)

   -   Child care centers in the OSU area

 Preschools and Nursery Schools

In these schools (for children ages three and four), the main goal is not academic learning, but
reading readiness, socialization and a broad range of other learning experiences. See below for
more information.

 Latchkey programs


These programs are located at different public schools and child care centers around the city.
They provide before and /or after school care for school aged children for a fee. This helps
parents who have to be away from home earlier and/or later than school hours. It is
recommended that interested parents register their children during April in order to reserve a
place for their child for September.


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