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									                                            KERATAN AKHBAR ONLINE

Tajuk                             :    Declassify the landslide report, residents tell gov't
Tarikh                            :    1 Dis 2009
Sumber                            :    Malaysia Kini
Ruangan                           :    News

Dec 1, 09

The federal government's refusal to disclose the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide investigation report is
causing much agony to residents who lost their
homes in the tragedy a year ago.

A visibly upset resident Dr Mohd Rafick Abdul
Rahman made an emotional plea to the
government to declassify the report and said it
would help change their lives drastically.

"We have to see this from two different angles.
One is for the people affected directly, and two,
the potential risks to the people still living there,"
he said at a press conference in Parliament.

The aftermath of the tragedy had affected the
residents to a point where they had to worry
about their families' safety every time they leave
their houses.

"When we wake up in the morning and go to work, we worry about their safety, especially whenever it
rains...I don't understand why politics is causing havoc to our lives," said Rafick.

According to him, there are not many options left for the residents to choose from even if they were forced
to abandon their homes.

"I'm talking as a person who has no other options. If we can abandon our houses, we would have done it.
But we have no choice because we have bank loans to serve.

"So our option is to know the risks. The government must release two reports, (one on the landslide) and
the other the Ampang-Hulu Klang landslide hazard report," he said.

Rafick also urged the government to "not play politics at the expense of ordinary people".

"Let us make our own decision and study the reports. Besides, the Works Minister (Shaziman Abu Mansor)
could just use his power under Section 2 (c) of the Official Secrets Act to declassify the report," he said.

No harm in releasing report

Unit Komunikasi Korporat NRE 2009
Another resident, residents committee president Syahrul Teh said that there is no harm in releasing the
report, as it would actually benefit the residents on what they should do.

"We just want to know what happened. We don't want a repeat of such incidents...releasing the report
would show us what needs to be done," he said.

                                                     Meanwhile, Impiana Selatan Condominium committee
                                                     president Syed Azman Al-Bukhary assured that they
                                                     don't have a sinister agenda behind the call for the
                                                     report to be declassified.

                                                     "All we want is for the safety of the residents. If these
                                                     reports help, we should release it. Whoever is the
                                                     cause of the landslide should be investigated and if
                                                     found liable, should be charged," he said.

                                                     "Besides, somebody has to own up. I wonder, what is
                                                     the government doing? Just release the report and let
                                                     the people see for themselves," he said.

Syed Azman said that the Bukit Antarabangsa residents are organising remembrance do to commemorate
the first year anniversary of the landslide on Dec 6.

The landslide had claimed five lives, destroyed 14 houses and injured many others.

Also at the press conference were Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR-Ampang) and Charles Santiago (DAP-

Unit Komunikasi Korporat NRE 2009

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