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Good Sense
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                                                                                                      FALL 2005
                                                                                            Volume 10, Issue 4

Human Resources

Risk Management:
                           Showcase                                                        By Shannon Petruzzi
Great Grades on
Insurance Audits              I am sure you will all be pleased to    come to know and love. She is always
                           hear that Bonnie Murphy from the Home      so kind and helpful, which is especial-
Generating                 Properties Help Desk has been nominated    ly vital when it is month-end. Picture
Traffic with
Effective                  as Pledgekeeper for this quarter.          this: the phone is ringing, you have
Marketing                     Bonnie has been working for Home        eleven move-ins, you need to upload
                           Properties for twelve and one-half         e-rent files, residents are swarming
Kudos from                 years. She started in Huntington Park      your office like you are giving away
8                          where she was Property Manager from        free prime rib, and your month-end
Great Wardrobe
                           1993-1998. She transferred to Northgate    file comes through “small.”
Choices for                Manor in 1998, where she remained as           Sound familiar? Or is it just me? At

                           Property Manager until 2000. Since 2000,   that very moment the only voice you
                           she has been blessing the Help Desk with   want to hear is none other than
New Friend
                           her presence.                              Bonnie Murphy. “Hi Shannon, Tell
                              Bonnie is a voice that all of us have   me what happened, we will get it
The Design Group:
Fall Planting of
                                                                      taken care of for you, and how is
Spring Bulbs                                                          your daughter?” All you can hear is a
                                                                      choir singing in the background,
Old Friend                                                            “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” Bonnie to
                                                                      the rescue once again.
Regional                                                                  I had the privilege of telling her
16-31                                                                 that she was receiving this honor and
                                                                      she was so excited and surprised.
Annual Report
Wins Awards                                                           When she calmed down and was able
32                                                                    to speak, I asked her to tell me what
                                                                      she likes most about working for
                                                                      Home Properties. She said, “Definitely
                                                                      all of my co-workers, and by co-
                                        Bonnie Murphy                 workers I mean Help Desk employees

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                Pledgekeeper continued from page 1

                and property personnel, because they        Bonnie,” Denise said, “is that no matter how
                are my coworkers too! I have always         busy she is, she is always asking about other
                been trained to think of them as            people. When she is on the phone I can hear
                customers, but let’s face it; we are all    her asking about everyone’s children,
                working towards the same goal, so I         grandchildren, husbands, animals, etc. She
                like to think that I am working             is never impatient or short with anyone, no
                alongside them as well.”                    matter how silly the question or how many
                   Bonnie loves working for the Help        call tickets are waiting.”
                Desk. “At the Help Desk we are all like         I asked Denise what a typical day was like
                a family. We care about each other          working with Bonnie. “I sit right next to her,
                and are there for one another. Home         so besides the singing, I get to hear her and
                Properties is such a wonderful              learn from her on the phone. I am new to
                company. They have always been              the AMSI position and Bonnie is so helpful
                there for me whenever I needed any-         to me. She is such a great teacher and enjoys
                thing and I am so lucky to have such        what she does so much that it makes every
                wonderful people around me all day.”        day fun and easy to get through. She makes
                   When I asked Bonnie to give me           everyday so worthwhile and she is definitely
                one word to describe herself she            one of the hardest workers I know.”
                replied, “Crazy!” This brings me to a           I also spoke about Bonnie with Marci
                story that her coworker, Denise Batts,      Hart, Home Properties’ Support Services
                told me in complete confidence.             Director. Marci has worked with Bonnie for
                Allegedly, Bonnie Murphy has an             five years. I asked Marci to tell me about
                American Idol audition at her desk          some of Bonnie’s strong qualities. She
                every day. Denise says “She sings so        happily stated, “She is extremely dedicated
                loudly and with such passion that we        and so patient. Bonnie is always trying to
                all crack up laughing. The funniest         portray the right image and represent Home
                part about it is she doesn’t sing on        Properties well. She is always striving to do
                key, but don’t tell her I told you that.”   a better job.”
                    “The other thing that I love about          “One of the things I think is so helpful,”
                                                            Marci said “is that she has such practical
                                                            experience from being a Property Manager.
                                                            It is a great tool to have. Actually, Bonnie
             Bonnie has many                                has many tools in her tool belt. She is such
                                                            a great asset to this company. If we could
             tools in her tool belt.                        clone Bonnie, we would have a perfect
             She is such a great                                For those of you who have been able to
                                                            work with or speak to Bonnie, you probably
    asset to this company. If we                            agree with all of the wonderful things said
                                                            about her. If you haven’t had the pleasure
    could clone Bonnie, we would                            yet, next time you call the Help Desk, ask to
                                                            hear her sing something from the group
    have a perfect world”                                   Styx.
                                                                Congratulations, Bonnie, we are so happy
                                                            to have you on our team!

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Makes Good Sense                                                                               By Michael Hart

Dryer vent cleaning is a simple way to:         4. Attach leaf blower and let it rip
                                                5. You may have to remove any louver or
   Increase the efficiency of the dryer
                                                    bird guard that is on the outside of the
   Extend the life of the dryer                     building.
   Save on utilities                            6. Heavy buildup may require a second
   Reduce a fire hazard
                                                7. Reassemble and re-tape any joints that
   Make residents happy                             need it (Aluminum Duct Tape)

    This can be accomplished a couple of
                                                   Modifying your blower slightly seems
different ways: by hiring an HVAC contractor,
                                                to work best: remove the long tube for
an Indoor Air Quality contractor, or by doing
                                                blowing leaves and replace it with a
it ourselves.
                                                piece of metal 4 inch duct to fit directly
    Having a contractor complete the task
                                                into the dryer duct.
will cost roughly $5 per foot of dryer duct
                                                   If you have any questions on where
pipe. When you multiply that by how many
                                                to obtain the materials, please
dryers we own, the cost is substantial.
                                                contact Michael Hart at
    The other option is to complete the
cleaning ourselves using a few basic tools
that our Maytag Commercial Installers use
and recommend.

  An electric Leaf Blower
  (280 CFM Minimum)
  A dryer vent cleaning brush
  (4 inch brush with 10 foot flexible shaft)

1. Move dryer enough to gain access
2. Disconnect vent pipe at the dryer
3. Run the brush in as far as possible,

    Human Resources

          s year end is fast approaching, it’s   OPTIONAL LIFE AND
    A     time to start thinking about benefit
    open enrollment opportunities that
                                                 SHORT TERM DISABILITY
    include flexible spending plans, health         Do I want to start coverage for myself?
    and dental insurances, optional short           Do I want to start or end coverage for
    term disability and life insurances.            my spouse or children?
       Information packets will be sent out in      Who are my beneficiaries? Do I want
    November, 2005 for enrollments effective        to change them?
    January 1, 2006, but it is not too early
    to do some research and make some            FLEXIBLE SPENDING
    decisions for the upcoming year.             PLANS
       Please take some time to review the          Do I want to take advantage of tax
    benefits available and decide if you want       savings on day care or out of pocket
    to enroll in any plans other than those         medical expenses?
    in which you currently participate. You         Can I estimate my medical or day care
    may also review your existing benefits/         expenditures for the year? Remember,
    coverage and make any necessary                 any unused money at the end of 2006
    changes.                                        cannot be returned to you so it’s better
                                                    to estimate conservatively.
    ASK YOURSELF ARE:                               Now is also a good time to make sure
                                                 we have your correct address on file in
    HEALTH AND DENTAL                            order to receive W-2 forms, medical and
    INSURANCE                                    dental cards, etc. on a timely basis. Please
       Do I want to start coverage for myself?   check the address that is printed on your
       Do I want to add or remove anyone         paycheck. Simply notify your Payroll
       from my existing policy?                  Specialist if it needs to be changed.
                                                    You can obtain benefit information on
                                                 the Home Properties Intranet at
                                        and go to
                                                 Departments, Human Resources, then
                                                 Benefits. Also, feel free to call the
                                                 following people for assistance.
                                                 Mary Jean Iannone - Benefits Manager
                                                 (585) 262-9366
                                                 Marcia Hale - Benefits Specialist
                                                 (585) 262-9312
                                                 Kristine Curto - Benefits Specialist
                                                 (585) 295-4283


Great Grades on
Insurance Audits
By Bob Blackburn

   Great News!! We’ve passed all of our            We have updated our Safety Bulletins for
insurance audits with flying colors this       the most current issues that we have faced
year. Our insurance companies are              this year. Please locate the information at
amazed at what we have been able to            Departments/Risk Management/Safety
accomplish in light of recent trends in the    Bulletins.
regions of the country where we are
located. We’re very proud to say that our          The Safety Advisory section has been
combined rates are 30% better than our         updated recently with special news related
competition in these regions. We attribute     to frequent and catastrophe subjects. The
the success to our knowledgeable and           information may be found at Departments/
helpful associates, strong underwriting,       Risk Management/Safety Advisories.
and outstanding claim management.
                                                  As always, the Safety Library has the
   In this issue, we would like to highlight
                                               most current incident reporting forms and
the resources that are available to every-
                                               checklists for your help in communicating
one through our Intranet site. Many
                                               occurrences at your community. Please
thanks to Jen Sass and Chrissie
                                               locate the information at Departments/
Sanfilippo for their help and support in
                                               Risk Management/Safety Library.
making these resources available. Please
feel free to visit us at Departments/Risk         Please feel free to call us any time with
Management for a full menu of resources.       any issues that you are facing and watch
Some of the recent highlights include:         for additional resources in the coming
                                               months including new videos, bulletins
    Our Safety and Training videos are now
                                               and advisories. Best wishes to all for a
available on demand by simply clicking
                                               very enjoyable and safe fall season.
on the link to the video that you would
like to view. The entire series, including
                                               Robert Blackburn:     (585) 262-9347
Proper Lifting Techniques; Preventing
                                               Scott Hanko:          (585) 262-9331
Slips, Trips and Falls; Flood and Moisture
                                               Matt Levitt:          (585) 262-9326
Control; Fire Safety and Prevention and
                                               Miriam Hale:          (585) 262-9392
Small Tools and Housekeeping is located
at Departments/Risk Management/Risk
Management Video Series.

                               Generating Traffic With
    By Rosemarie Cook-Manley
                               Effective Marketing
                               WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW                             Pricing is possibly the single most
                               ABOUT TRAFFIC...                               important piece of information that
                                                                              prospects will focus on when viewing
                                 The focus of most of our marketing and
                                                                              your Internet listing. We must make
                               advertising is, quite simply, to encourage
                                                                              sure our pricing is always accurate.
                               people to come and visit our community.
                                                                              The following listing services make it
                               Generating traffic is one of the most
                                                                              easy for us - they are connected into
                               important activities in our leasing offices,
                                                                              VaultWare and price changes are fed
                               and our success has a huge impact on our
                                                                              to them automatically (along with
                               availability and occupancy levels.
                                                                              some other information about our
                               INTERNET TRAFFIC
                                  Did you know that, across all Home
                               Properties communities, more than 25%
                               of our qualified traffic comes from the 
                               Internet? That’s up from just 15% in 2002.        All other Internet listing services
                               So every Internet listing is critical and      require manual pricing updates,
                               every detail in those listings must be         including:
                               accurate. Ask yourself these questions:
                                 Do I know exactly what Internet sites           (formerly
                               our community appears on today?
                                 Who is reviewing these listings for our
                                                                                 Any local or smaller Internet
                               community, to ensure they are up-to-date?
                                                                                 listing services that your
                                            How frequently are we                community uses (such as
                                            reviewing the listings?    
                                                                                 So, please make sure that you have
                                                                              a process in place and that someone
                                                                              has responsibility for making these

TRACKING OUR                                  tracking information for us and it’s
MARKETING SOURCES                             one less question you need to ask the
                                              prospect, so you can go right into
    While generating traffic is important,
                                              focusing on their needs and finding
we also need to remember how important
                                              out what specifically attracted them
it is to know where that traffic came from
                                              to your community.
and how they found us. There are so many
sources out there and we need accurate
data to understand how successful each
of them is in bringing us qualified traffic                   A “Marketing Source Book”
and leases.
    The first step in this process is for                     is a useful tool in every
each person in the leasing office to know
exactly what sources the community is          leasing office. It should contain
using at any time. This will prevent some
common errors with miscoding or
                                               copies of all of the current ads that
confusing two sources.                         the community is running, color
    A “Marketing Source Book” is a useful
tool in every leasing office. It should        printouts of any Internet listings,
contain copies of all of the current ads
that the community is running, color           copies of any brochures or flyers
printouts of any Internet listings, copies
of any brochures or flyers that have been      that have been distributed through
distributed through outreach activities,
etc. By updating this notebook on a
                                               outreach activities, etc.”
weekly basis, the entire leasing team will
know exactly what sources are currently
being used and what information is
                                              THE MARKETING TEAM
contained within those sources, to help
personalize the conversation with a             Please contact your Regional
prospect.                                     Marketing Manager with any questions
    This “Marketing Source Book” can          about how to market your property
also be useful with visitors who can’t        better and get the most out of your
remember which Internet listing they saw      marketing sources.
you on. Show them the color printouts of      Baltimore - Peggy Hale
the different listings that you have and      Detroit - Tina Partridge
visual cues may help them to remember—        Rochester/Syracuse - Patty Schlee
and therefore, prevent you from having to     Buffalo - Nadine Simon
code it as “Internet unknown.”                D.C. - Jeff Solliday
    In addition, for many of our Internet     Philadelphia - Marco Desiderio
Listing Services, when you answer the         All Others - Rosemarie Cook-Manley
phone, you may hear a short greeting that
                                                In addition, don’t forget that we
indicates “This is a lead from Rentnet” or
                                              now have a graphic designer in
“This is a lead from,” etc.
                                              Rochester, Andrea Liberti, who can
Make an immediate note of that source on
                                              help with ads, flyers, brochures, etc.
the Guest Card—it provides very accurate

    Kudos from Residents
    HUDSON VALLEY                                                            BALTIMORE
    SPARTA GREEN                                                             MORNINGSIDE
    Email sent to the Customer                                               HEIGHTS
    Contact Center                                                           Email sent to Brad Marson,
                                           It sure makes                     Regional Vice President, via the
    To Whom It May Concern:                                                  Customer Contact Center
                                           my life easier
       I want to commend Alex the
    Maintenance Technician and               to know my                      Dear Mr. Marson:
    the local Home Properties’                                                  I would like to take the time
    office in the replacement of
                                            problems get                     to thank the entire Morningside
    our tired old air conditioner.                                           Heights Maintenance Staff for
                                           taken care of.
    The service was fast and                                                 their speedy response and
    professional. All people              It makes living                    diligent dedication in repairing
    involved were gracious and                                               the drainage problem at Old
    courteous. We appreciated
                                          here “a home,”                     Coach Lane.
    your friendly response to our        not just a place                       My mother, Mrs. H., who
    concerns.                                                                walks with the assistance of
                           Sincerely,           to stay.”                    a walker, now has a safe
                           Robert C.                                         incline that repels water from
                                                                             gathering at the bottom step.
                                        UPSTATE                              When my mother moved into
                                        NEW YORK                             her new apartment, the mud
                                        WESTMINSTER                          that tracked throughout her
                                        PLACE                                home by the run-off water left
                                        Note sent to Kelly Lawton,           her new carpet damaged. On
                                        Property Manager                     Monday, April 11th, her carpet
                                                                             was cleaned and restored to its
                                        Kelly,                               former pristine state.
                                           Thank you so much for                I would like to send my
                                        your prompt attention to my          sincere heartfelt thanks to
                                        microwave problem. It sure           Ms. Jackson for her continued
                                        makes my life easier to know         professionalism and the level
                                        my problems get taken care           of sincerity and sensitivity
                                        of. It makes living here “a          she showed while helping me
                                        home,” not just a place to           conquer this very stressful
                                        stay. I really enjoy it here.        situation. Ms. Jackson assisted
                                                                  Joyce F.   me when I moved into
                                                           Thanks again.     Morningside Heights last year

Kudos from Residents
and I sought her out when I                                           credit to your organization and
was seeking suitable housing                                          we wanted his performance to
accommodations for my                                                 be recognized.
mother. She recognized the                                                          Fred and Susan A.
urgency of the situation and
                                         Frank always
went above and beyond the
                                        tries to go the               WASHINGTON
call of duty to help find my                                          FALKLAND CHASE
                                                                      Email sent to Dawn Wunderle,
mother an apartment close to           extra mile with
me. She has been a Godsend.                                           Property Manager
   Once again, KUDOS to                 everything he                 Dawn,
Morningside Heights!!! Thanks                                            First of all, thank you very
again for everything                     does to make                 much, the apartment is
                        Sincerely,                                    wonderful. Second of all, we are
                    Stephanie H.
                                          sure we are
                                                                      starting the process of adopting
                                         pleased with                 our greyhound. The group we
                                                                      are adopting from, though,
HOME PROPERTIES                            the job and                wants to verify that we are able
OF DEVON                                                              to have dogs at our community.
Letter sent to Louise Doyle,
                                        comfortable.”                 The lease mentions “if you
Property Manager                                                      have a pet,” but does not state
                                     are pleased with the job and                       flat out that dogs
Good afternoon Louise,               comfortable. Finally, Frank is                    are welcome. I
   We are writing to inform          always very polite,                             was wondering if
you about one of your                cheerful, and                            you could just type a
Maintenance employees, Frank         friendly when                           short letter saying that
Vernaccio. Since we have             he does his                             we can have pets, i.e.
become residents here, every         job. He is a                           dogs at our apartment. If
time Frank has been involved                                               you are able to, fax it to me
in maintenance in and around                                              at 301-xxx -xxxx, or I can
our apartment, I have                                                     stop by the office. When we
found his work to be                                                    finally do get our greyhound,
thorough, complete,                                                    when do we notify the leasing
and done correctly                                                    office and pay for the deposits?
the first time.                                                       Thank you for all your help.
Furthermore, Frank                                                                             Brandon M.
always tries to go the extra
mile with everything he                                                            Dear Brandon,
does to make sure we                                                                 I am so pleased

     Kudos from Residents
     to hear that you and Dennis                                          in the bounce house. It was a
     are happily settling into your                                       stroke of brilliance to have one
     new apartment home! I know                                           bounce house for the smaller
     moving can be a little hectic,                                       children and one for the older.
     but decorating a new home is                                         We all had a great time eating
     so exciting!                                                         ice cream and my son has the
        It is also wonderful to hear                                      picture the caricaturist drew of
     you are planning on adopting a                                       him up in his room.
     pet. As you know, Falkland                                              The Crab Dinner was also a
     allows up to two (2) pets per                                        delight. The food was delicious,
     apartment and your new                                               the DJ brought a nice ambiance,
     Greyhound will surely be a                                           and it gave us a way to interact
     welcome addition. When you                                           with our neighbors in an enjoy-
     are ready, just stop by the                                          able setting. Both these activities
     office and complete a Pet                                            surpass anything that has been
     Addendum and Pet                                                     done in the three years we have
     Registration Form. You will                                          lived here.
     need two photographs of the                                             Second, I would like to
     dog, as well as his license                                          commend one of your mainte-
     number to complete the                                               nance personnel, Ben. Last
     paperwork. Monthly pet rent       BALTIMORE                          Friday night we found a mouse
     is $25.00 per dog and the         BONNIE RIDGE                       in our apartment. Ben was
                                       Letter sent to Timothy Lawson,
     refundable security deposit is                                       quick to call us back and make
                                       Property Manager
     $250.00 due on the day your                                          sure that everything was in
     new addition arrives.             Dear Mr. Lawson:                   order, as well as offer to come
        Please let me know if the         I’m sure that as Property       and catch the mouse. Ben is a
     agency you are working with       Manager you generally hear         polite, thoughtful person who
     requires more formal docu-        what is wrong. But today, I        goes the extra mile to get things
     mentation and I would be          would like to tell you two rea-    done and always leaves the
     happy to prepare a letter for     sons that I am glad I live here.   apartment in better condition
     you.                                 First, I think that Toni        than when he arrived.
        Thank you again for            has done an exceptional job           I hope that you will take the
     choosing to call Falkland         planning the activities this       time to let Toni and Ben know
     your new home!                    summer. The Resident               that they are appreciated and
                                       Appreciation Day petting zoo       how lucky you are to have them
                          Sincerely,   was fun for my whole family.       on your staff.
                    Dawn Wunderle      My children loved seeing the                                Sincerely,
                  Property Manager     animals and getting to jump                                 Kristen E.

Great wardrobe
choices for winter
      ow is the time to start planning your winter wardrobe, and it couldn’t be easier--
N     just go to the Home Properties apparel website. With items for Professional Wear,
Business Casual, Maternity, Just For Fun, and more, there is sure to be something
available for everyone.
   Remember that Home Properties encourages employees, their families, and friends to
wear Home Properties Apparel. As we’ve always done in the past, all prices shown on the
web site reflect a 40% discount off the vendor’s price and there is no shipping or sales
tax. Home Properties pays for the discount, shipping and sales tax as a way to say thank
you for promoting Home Properties.
    The apparel section on the web site is user-friendly, safe and secure, and accepts
MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Orders will be processed and shipped
within two weeks, so visit today. You can access the web site in three ways—via
the Home Properties Intranet, directly at, or by
clicking the Home Properties Apparel link at the bottom of our home page at Below are just a few samples of what you will find to
brighten up your wardrobe!

                        New Friend:
     By Tristen Smith
                            Nick Gianillo
                             lthough his face might not        As a Help Desk Specialist, Nick is in
                        A    be familiar to you, anyone
                        who runs across a problem
                                                            constant contact with the communities,
                                                            Regional Offices and other employees in the
                        with their computer equipment       Central Office in Rochester. His specialty:
                        will more than likely become        helping to troubleshoot and fix any general
                        familiar with his voice. Nick       computer problems. In addition to his
                        Giannillo is one of the three       principle responsibilities, Nick has been the
                                                                                acting User Administrator
                                                                                for the Lease Generator,
                                                                                MetaSage and RealBRIDGE,
                                                                                as well.
                                                                                   Like so many other
                                                                                Home Properties’ employees,
                                                                                Nick’s original career path
                                                                                was headed in an entirely
                                                                                different direction from
                                                                                where he is now. His initial
                                                                                plan was to become a
                                                                                Physical Therapist; how-
                                                                                ever after two years in
                                                                                school and a short intern-
                                                                                ship, he decided that it
                                                                                wasn’t quite his cup of tea.
                                                                                Because he had always
                                                                                been “into computers,” he
                                                                                decided that he wanted to
                                                                                travel down that road
                                                                                instead. Before joining
                        technology experts on the           the team at Home Properties, Nick gained
                        Help Desk team and he is this       computer knowledge through courses,
                        quarter’s New Friend. Nick          combined with hands-on learning. He began
                        joined Home Properties on           by taking a fifteen week course to obtain his
                        December 27, 2004, after            Cisco certification. In October of 2001, he
                        answering an internet ad for the    started with a small computer service
                        position of Help Desk Specialist.   company on his native Long Island where
                                                            he drove to different sites to do basic repairs
                                                            on their networks. He started by doing
                                                            maintenance on laser printers and then

eventually worked up to PCs in      problem, “I try to educate people as much as
a Help Desk type position.          possible.” He is excited about his upcoming
   In September of 2004, Nick       opportunity to learn programming for the
and his fiancee, Allison, decided   Lease Generator. “I try to better myself in any
to make a move to Western New       way that I can and not get myself set on one
York. Allison, both a Long          particular field. Programming is something
Islander and alum of SUNY           that I never thought I’d do. It’s going to be
Brockport, an upstate college,      pretty interesting.”
had always wanted to move out         Nick describes himself as a laid back, easy
of the Long Island area. “We
both knew that we wanted to
move from Long Island. After I
proposed to Allison, we both
decided to move upstate.”
                                                      I love working with
Once here, Nick took a six week
contract at NexPress to assist in                     computers. It’s
the roll-out of new computers
installations. About a week            something new every day
before that contract was up,
he was offered the job at
Home Properties. Talk about
                                       and the challenges are just
good timing!
   Nick says that working              what I need to keep going
here has been “a great, positive
experience.” He thinks that            throughout the day.”
the greatest thing about the
company is his colleagues. He
remarks, “The people are super
nice to work with. The users are
all willing to learn and listen     going guy who can get along with just about
and are always happy to hear        anybody. He and Allison plan to marry on
from us.” On his position with      October 22nd. He enjoys spending time with
the company, Nick adds, “I love     his bride-to-be and their two dogs, a long-
working with computers. It’s        haired Chihuahua, Gianna, and their newest
something new every day and         addition, a Pomeranian puppy named Phoebe.
the challenges are just what I      He can also be found studying for his A+ and
need to keep going throughout       Net+ certifications. Like the man said, he
the day.”                           wants to learn as much as possible!
   Nick says his goal is to learn      We are lucky to have Nick’s knowledge and
as much as possible, then take      support. Welcome Home, Nick!
his knowledge and pass it along
to “anyone who is willing to
listen.” He also tries to be
proactive and not just fix the

                             Fall Planting
             By Paul Booth   of Spring Bulbs
                                   ll of the traditional flowers of spring   erratic weather of early spring. Late snow
                             A     get their start as bulbs planted in
                             the fall. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and
                                                                             storms and cold snaps have been known
                                                                             to cause the demise of many tulips by

                             the like must all be planted in the fall in     freezing and destroying the flower bud,
                             order to achieve the mandatory dormant          but daffodils can easily endure such
                             period of three to four months in a cold        conditions, thus making them the safest
                             dark environment. Then, as spring thaws         and most economical bet for spring color.
                             and warmth gradually returns to the                As for color variation, daffodils are
                             ground, the bulbs will naturally suspend        generally yellow, but eye-catching mixtures
                             their dormancy and begin actively               that employ white, orange, miniature, and
                             growing; drawing moisture up through            bearded combinations can provide plenty
                             the root system developed during their          of curb appeal. Ironically these bulk
                             four month rest.                                “mixtures” are generally the least expensive
                                While tulips win hands down in terms         as growers don’t have to go through the
                             of showiest colors, their fickle nature         identification and separation processes.
                             usually allows them only two or three           Buying bulk bag mixtures of one hundred
                             seasons of performance. Few make it any         or more is the way to go.
                             longer then the third season. For this             When it comes to planting, nothing
                             reason we usually recommend that most           could be easier. Spring bulbs should be
                             Home Properties communities plant               located at the bases of all the signage on
                             “naturalizing” daffodils.                       site. Simply dig a trench one foot wide by
                                Daffodils are remarkably hardy and           four feet long and twelve inches deep.
                             are much better adapted to handling the         Dump, yes “dump,” the entire contents of
                                                                             a one hundred count bag into the trench.
                                                                             Do not worry about bulbs facing up down
                                                                             or sideways. They will find their way
                                                                             regardless. Cover with soil and forget
                                                                             about them until April when you’ll have a
                                                                             spectacular show. The key to success is to
                                                                             plants a lot of bulbs together rather than a
                                                                             couple of bulbs here and there. The great
                                                                             thing about daffodils (also referred to as
                                                                             “Narcissus”) is that they naturalize and will
                                                                             provide the same show year after year.
                                                                                As always, if you have any questions, feel
                                                                             free to contact us here in the Design

Old Friend:
         Joe Miller                                                                             By Karen Witter
   I had a lot of fun learning about this         Joe is proud of the work the Buffalo
issue’s Old Friend! Something about the        staff has done over the past twenty years.
Ms. Buffalo Boat Cruise, the Beach Boys        He has fond memories of the days of “Home
and surfing? A story for another day...        Leasing” and is pleased that there are
   Our Old Friend, Joe Miller, joined          communities that have been in our
Home Properties in 1985, after respond-        portfolio since then. Joe says he appreciates
ing to a newspaper employment ad for a         the opportunity he has received from his
grounds worker. Regional Vice President        co-workers at Home Properties and looks
Tim Florczak, who hired Joe, told me he        forward to the new challenges that lay
figured that someone who could clean           ahead in the apartment industry.
the ball marks off the walls of the               When Joe isn’t working, he loves to
Williamstown racket ball court with a
green scrubby would make a really good
   A good call. Some twenty years later,
Joe is the Regional Property Manager for
all of our Buffalo communities and for
The Meadows and Woodgate Place in
Rochester, as well. Joe credits Tim
Florczak and Norman and Nelson
Leenhouts for his success. “They were
my mentors and were inspirational in my
   “I like what I do,” says Joe. “I like the
interaction with my coworkers.” Cindy
Czeladzinski, Property Manager at
Raintree Island, has worked with Joe
since 1986. Cindy says that Joe is easy
going and he understands her. “Joe
makes me feel valued and respected.”
Emerson Square Property Manager Rose
Stewart has worked with Joe for the past       spend time with his family. Joe and his wife,
ten years. For seven of those years, they      Jeanne, have been married for eighteen
worked side by side. Rose says that Joe is     years and have a daughter Samantha, who
a great guy who is fair and empowers her       is seven years old. Joe enjoys golfing and jet
to make decisions. “He doesn’t micro-          skiing on Lake Erie and the Niagara River.
manage me. He is very good at backing          Speaking of water time you
me up and he provides me with the              see Joe, ask him about his experience body
opportunity to manage my property.”            surfing...
      regional highlights
Baltimore                            renewals were very high
                                     and numerous letters
BALTIMORE                            were received compli-
REGIONWIDE                           menting the efforts that
                                     community staffs make
   Several resident
                                     to help residents feel at
appreciation events took
place over the past
several weeks including
“Back to School” pool                CANTERBURY
parties, movie nights,
community awareness                     On Saturday, August
weeks, open houses,                  27th, the Grand Opening
Teacher Appreciation Day,            for Canterbury Apart-
and even a traveling                 ments new Community
petting zoo. Each of these           Center was held. With the
events focused on thank-             theme of “A World of
                                                                           Canterbury Property Manager Nancy Kovac accepts a Good Neighbor
ing residents for their              Thanks,” over two                             Award from Lt. Lloyd Beard for resident Vladimir K.
contribution to our                  hundred residents joined
communities and fea-                 us to celebrate. Residents            caterer, Intimate                   opportunity to serve their
tured numerous styles of             enjoyed an omelet                     Perfection, and the                 neighbors. The children
activities, food and fun.            breakfast, pasta lunch,               musicians, Perfect                  of the community were
   Immediate benefits of             and a wine and beer                   Fusion, are residents of            entertained with face
these events were felt               garden, while listening               our community and were              painting and balloon
throughout the region, as            to a jazz quartet. The                delighted to have the               animal creations. Fitness
                                                                                                               Resource provided a
   Regional Property Manager Keisha Warwick, Canterbury Resident Rosemary M. and Regional Vice President       trained fitness expert for
 Brad Marson participate in the official Grand Opening of the new Community Center at Canterbury Apartments.   equipment demonstra-
                                                                                                               tions and to answer
                                                                                                               resident questions.
                                                                                                                  Speeches by Regional
                                                                                                               Vice President Brad
                                                                                                               Marson and Regional
                                                                                                               Property Manager Keisha
                                                                                                               Warrick preceded the
                                                                                                               ribbon cutting, which
                                                                                                               featured a Canterbury
                                                                                                               resident of twenty-two
                                                                                                               years, Rosemary M.
                                                                                                               Long after the food was
                                                                                                               gone, residents stayed to
                                                                                                               relax and thank the staff
                                                                                                               for an enjoyable Grand
                                                                                                               Opening event.
                                                                                                                  Lt. Lloyd Beard from
                                                                                                               the Middle River Fire
                                                                                                               Station presented a
                                               regional highlights                                                                     17

“Good Neighbor” award                     and her husband Lou                    2005, Gardencrest             hundred people attended
to one of our residents,                  gave birth to their first              celebrates the close of an    the Mardi Gras themed
Vladimir K. for his heroic                child in August, a son                 enormously successful         pool party and the
acts and quick thinking                   named Nathan.                          season of apartment           celebration brought fun
that saved lives during a                                                        leasing. Only ten miles       for all! We dressed up in
recent fire.                              MILL TOWNE                             from Boston, the city         colorful beads and festive
                                          VILLAGE                                that shamelessly boasts       masks, had a great D.J.
FOX HALL                                     Mill Towne Village                  itself home of both the       playing music all night,
   Fox Hall Apartments                    welcomes Property                      Superbowl and the World       and held a limbo contest.
Property Manager                          Manager Tammy Jones                    Series champions, Garden-     We also enjoyed burgers
Amanda Tinker, her                        back to Home Properties.               crest Apartments of           and hot dogs cooked on
husband, Rob, and                         Tammy brings with her                  Waltham has retained a        the grill by our Regional
daughter, Kirsten,                        five years of experience,              0% vacancy rate virtually     Property Manager
welcomed their new                        four of which were with                all summer long.              Maureen McGuirk and
family addition—a son                     Home Properties.                          For this tremendous        Regional Construction
named Benjamin born                                                              success, we must thank        Manager Jon Casper,
                                                                                 our all-star Maintenance      along with summer salads
in February.
                                          Boston                                 team who received first       and refreshing ice cream.
ANNAPOLIS ROADS                                                                  place (96% on quality of      The weather could not
                                          GARDENCREST                            apartment turn and 93%        have been more beautiful
  Annapolis Roads                         APARTMENTS
                                                                                 on timeliness of turn) on     that day, the perfect setting
Apartments Leasing                          As we come to the                    their Apartment Make-         for a most enjoyable
Consultant Catie Orsine                   end of the summer of                   Ready Inspections. Our        evening with friends,
                                                                                 guys have a whole lot of      family and co-workers!
   Holding a limbo stick for a resident at Gardencrest are Abigail Goldenberg,   pride and they show it in        And, back to the
        Leasing Consultant, left and Fran Hall, Property Manager, right.
                                                                                 all they do.                  subject of praise, we
                                                                                    We also want to            would like to give lots of
                                                                                 recognize the relentless-     positive recognition to
                                                                                 ness with which our           Frankie Phelan, one of
                                                                                 Leasing staff has continu-    our valued Maintenance
                                                                                 ously pursued that 0%         Technicians. He consis-
                                                                                 vacancy rate; their           tently gives 110% to
                                                                                 motivation is exceptional.    everyone at all times,
                                                                                 Clearly we are proud of       always with a smile on
                                                                                 both our sales and            his face. Frankie makes it
                                                                                 service staff!                his personal mission to
                                                                                    We also thank our          ensure that everyone is
                                                                                 loyal residents for staying   having a good day, both
                                                                                 with us and for inviting      residents and colleagues
                                                                                 their friends and family      alike. And, if he thought
                                                                                 to join in as new commu-      you needed cheering up,
                                                                                 nity members. In the last     he’d be sure to do the job
                                                                                 week of July, we held the     himself! Not only do we
                                                                                 most successful resident      thank him for this, but
                                                                                 event at Gardencrest by       also for going the extra
                                                                                 far. More than four           mile (or thirty-five) to
      regional highlights
help out our sister                                                                             continues to be short-
property, The Village at                                                                        handed... Joe has shown
Marshfield. We thank                                                                            real leadership since he
you, Frankie, for all your                                                                      started with Home
hard work and constant,                                                                         Properties on April 21,
extraordinary morale! We                                                                        2005. Starting as a
are so glad to have you!                                                                        Service Technician, he
                                                                                                was promoted on July 29,
                                                                                                2005 to Service Manager.
   We had our first                                                                             STONE ENDS
Annual Cookout this year                                                                           Our Third Annual BBQ
and the residents really                                                                        was the best one we’ve
enjoyed it. Service                                                                             had so far. We had at
Manager Joseph Marcos                                                                           least one hundred fifty
and Property Manager                                                                            residents attend. It was a
Phyllis Mann were                                                                               very hot day and Service
stationed at the grill,         Doing the Limbo at The Village at Marshfield’s Annual Picnic.   Manager Bob Lynch
cooking up hot dogs                                                                             slaved over the grill all
and hamburgers for the       Consultant/Bookkeeper,              making the community           day without complaining.
residents.                   who helped pick up trash            look good for our              Our mailman Ming and
   We would also like to     around the property for             residents.                     his wife Sylvia added to
recognize two employees      three hours when the                   Second, kudos to            the fare by cooking beef
on our team for going        Service Department was              Joseph Marcos for taking       teriyaki, crab rangoons,
above and beyond their       short-handed. It’s great            charge in getting things       and chicken strips. The
duties. First, hats off to   to know that our team               done, as well, while our       food was great and the DJ
Harriet Egan, Leasing        members take pride in               Service Department             we used was fabulous!

                                      More fun and games at The Village at Marshfield.
                                         regional highlights                                                            19

  Residents enjoyed themselves at Stone Ends Third Annual Barbecue...

Everyone had a great                  great asset. Her closing
time and our residents                ratio has increased by
are still talking about it.           more than 60%. She is
   Lasonya Reynolds has               becoming involved in
been working at Stone                 other functions of the
Ends since February 15,               office and as she has
2004. She started as                  been given more
our part-time Leasing                 responsibility, she has
Consultant and was                    risen to the challenge.
promoted to full-time in              She always has a smile
July of this year. She is a           on her face and we are
                                                                        Service Manager Bob Lynch manned the grill...
                    and everyone had a great time!
      regional highlights
glad to have her on                 and Bernie Quinn. She                    Please join us in            volleyball were popular
board!                              acts as the Central Office             wishing both Liza and          with the athletes of the
                                    point person for all                   Jen well in their new          group, euchre and
Central                             properties, RPMs and                   positions.                     horseshoes were favored

Office                              RVPs relative to Property
                                    Management policies and                ACCOUNTING PICNIC
                                                                                                          by some, and still others
                                                                                                          just enjoyed catching
   Liza Sherwood has                procedures, weekly email,                 The Accounting              some rays. Party games
accepted the position of            regional highlights, RVP               Department held their          and raffles were also on
Employment Specialist in            meeting details and                    Annual Picnic on August        the agenda.
the Human Resources                 other projects. Jen has                19, 2005 at Ellison Park.         Big raffle winners were
Department. In her new              been with Home                         Now maybe you think            Kara Finlayson, who won
role, Liza works with Ann           Properties since 1989.                 that accountants aren’t        $100, and Kelly Luvulo,
Marie Brennan and                   Jen’s knowledge of the                 exactly party animals, but     who won $50. At one
Lindsey Walker in the               different departments                  this group proves that         point, squirt guns were
recruiting and employ-              within the company                     theory wrong!                  distributed and mild
ment relations functions.           made her an ideal choice                  After a fabulous lunch      mannered accountants
   Jen Sass assumes                 for this position. We’re               provided by Uncle              suddenly turned into
Liza’s responsibilities as          confident her experience               Fuddly’s Catering, the         “Rambos.”
Property Management                 will serve us well and                 picnic was in full swing.         Ken Hall, our new
Operations Coordinator,             we’re very pleased to have             There were activities for      Controller, handed out
working with Scott Doyle            her as part of our team.               everyone. Football and         several anniversary
                                                                                                          recognitions and
      The Accounting Department Picnic Gang: front row, kneeling, Left to right: Meg Coon, Pat Fedus,     presented everyone with
      Elba Fausette, and Matt Rogers. Back row, standing left to right: Dave Lepkowski, Colleen Weaver,
                               Paul Macguire, Michael Wright, Kevin Stefan.
                                                                                                          a spiffy new Home
                                                                                                          Properties t-shirt. The
                                                                                                          remainder of the
                                                                                                          afternoon was spent
                                                                                                          enjoying the beautiful
                                                                                                          day and trying to finish
                                                                                                          all the leftovers!

                                                                                                          STEPHENSON HOUSE
                                                                                                             All of Regional Property
                                                                                                          Manager Raina Turner’s
                                                                                                          communities recently
                                                                                                          participated in a “Goal
                                                                                                          Board Contest.” The
                                                                                                          Stephenson House staff
                                                                                                          created a Goal Board with
                                                                                                          scales that were adjusted
                                                                                                          to occupancy percentages
                                                                                                          by adding or removing
                                                                                                          paper cut-outs in the
                                       regional highlights                                                                          21

                                                                         Maintenance Technician               “parents” are loving it.
                                                                         Kelly Alexander grilled              Dogs can run and chase
                                                                         the main course and                  balls in a twenty by
                                                                         refreshing beverages and             eighty foot fenced area
                                                                         desserts were served by              or just mosey around in
                                                                         Property Manager Brandy              a smaller fenced area. An
                                                                         Taylor and Leasing                   adjacent thirty by thirty
                                                                         Consultant Shauntae                  foot grassy area will be
                                                                         Horton. The hit of the               perfect as an additional
                                                                         party was Service Manager            BBQ grill area for
                                                                         Raymond Warren who, as               residents in the nearby
                                                                         DJ for the day, played our           buildings.
                                                                         favorite tunes. We had a                We have installed
                  Stephenson House’s Goal Board.                         great turnout and it was             polished railings to
                                                                         nice to see neighbors get-           replace horrible cement
shape of money bags,                  At the time the photo              ting together having fun.            walls. (See photos below).
currency symbols, and              above was taken in the                                                     During our landscaping
ampersands, etc. Of                second week of August,                                                     renovations, we removed
course, Stephenson House           our occupancy was 91%.
                                                                         Hudson                               ugly overgrown bushes
Apartments won!                    As of August 25, 2005, our            Valley                               only to reveal equally
   The Goal Board Contest          occupancy was 96.1%.                                                       ugly cement walls. Mike
was a great idea that helped                                                                                  Semon recommended
                                                                          SUNSET GARDENS
keep us on our toes and                                                                                       the railing style and
                                   CHERRY HILL CLUB
produced measurable                                                         We had a great summer             they look terrific. Our
results. The Goal Board is           Our First Annual                    this year. The “Doggie               neighbors outside of
something we can use year          Resident Appreciation Day             Playground” is finished              Sunset have commented
round to show our staff            Pool Party was held on                and our friendly canine              on how much nicer it is
occupancy “at a glance.”           August 5, 2005.                       residents and their                  to look at now with

             A nice improvement was made at Sunset Gardens when unattractive cement walls were replaced with polished railings.
      regional highlights
                                                                             LAKESHORE VILLAS
                                                                                On Saturday, June
                                                                             18th, Lakeshore Villa
                                                                             Apartments celebrated
                                                                             our Sixth Annual Bass
                                                                             Tournament. The tourna-
                                                                             ment started at 6:00 a.m.
                                                                             and ended at 3: 00 p.m.
                                                                             The fish were cooperating
                                                                             with us that day; they
                                                                             were jumping out of the
                                                                             lake onto our fish hooks.
                                                                             All fishermen, women,
                                                                             young and old, had the
      Lakeshore Villas Annual Bass Tournament is always a big hit!           thrill of a fish on their     Resident Melanie with a few
                                                                             hook. This is not just           “trophies” of her own.
the finished landscap-                next summer.                           another fish story; look at
ing—no more brush and                     The best, by far, was              these pictures to prove it!   received an official
weeds!                                our official Wednesday Ice                The Lakeshore Villa’s      Lakeshore Villa Sixth
   We have finished                   Cream Day. Residents                   team worked together          Annual Bass Tournament
replacing all our original            could stop by for an ice               setting up and decorating     tee shirt. We also provid-
boilers with new ones                 cream treat; during the                for the occasion. We          ed babysitters for Home
and by fall, all the                  cooler months ahead                    barbecued hot dogs,           Properties’ employees—
individual HVAC units in              we’ll have cookies and                 hamburgers, and chicken.      just ask Jack!
our Phase II will have                treats! It’s great seeing              Homemade salads were             Unfortunately we can-
been replaced. Residents              residents stopping by and              prepared, and, of course,     not share with you all of
will enjoy a more energy              it’s easy to say we had a              watermelon. All that          the good times, good
efficient cooling system              great summer!                          attended the tournament       food, excitement of the
                                                                                                           catch, and the pool and
          Lakeshore Villas resident, Brian, with the trophies he won...and the one that didn’t get away!   “bouncy house” enjoyed
                                                                                                           by all because the
                                                                                                           number of pictures taken
                                                                                                           by staff, residents, and
                                                                                                           Regional Property
                                                                                                           Manager Jack Linefsky
                                                                                                           would cover the front
                                                                                                           and back of Home
                                                                                                           Connections! We will do
                                                                                                           the next best thing,
                                                                                                           however, by extending
                                                                                                           you an invitation to
                                                                                                           Lakeshore Villa
                                                                                                           Apartments Seventh
                                                                                                           Annual Bass tournament
                                                                                                           to be held the second
                                  regional highlights                                                                 23

Saturday in June, 2006,       Wheelden, Mike Caron,              Not much in the line of        our old fire escapes with
but please do not R.S.V.P.    Bill Daicy, Gino Difazio,          events—however, there          new larger balconies. We
until June 1, 2006!           Paul Thivierge, Ron Gillis,        are a few things of interest   have a total of twenty-four
                              Gary Farrell, Art Lefebvre         that we are happy about.       that will be replaced over
                              and Bob Brown.                        We have had some            the next two years. We
Maine                            As if getting forty-eight       personnel changes that we      have approval to do half of
                              new apartments up and              wish to note. Maureen          them this year and will
                              running isn’t enough,              McQuirk has been named         finish the rest next year.
   As summer winds down       these same folks are keep-         our new Regional Property      These new balconies will
here in the beautiful state   ing Redbank Village on             Manager; Catherine Baier,      be much safer for our resi-
of Maine, we have GREAT       track as well! We continue         our weekend Leasing            dents and will prove to be
news to report on brand       to upgrade apartments as           Consultant, is leaving us      a greater asset to the com-
new Liberty Commons. As       needed and to date have            for a busy school schedule     munity than the old ones.
of August 24th we were        done 319 of our 500!               this fall, and Amanda
100% LEASED!!! Of                Construction has begun          Wilcox is taking her place
course, this never could      on our next phase of               as the weekend warrior. All    New Jersey
have been accomplished        Liberty as well, so we look        these changes are very         and Long
without all the hard work     to be quite busy for many          exciting and we wish the
of our many dedicated         months to come. Let’s              best to all of our staff.      Island
employees!!                   hope winter is good to us!            We are also excited
   A huge thank you to all                                       about a new project that       PLEASANT VIEW
of the following:             MILL COMPANY                       Jon Casper, our Regional
   Jim Dow, Bill Fowler,      GARDENS                            Construction Manager, has      PROGRESS!!!
Sue Blais, Della York,          Things are great here at         helped to get off the            With the entire build-
Patty Hopkins, Cathy          Mill Company Gardens.              ground. We are replacing       ing sided and all windows

                                         The new Clubhouse at Pleasant View Gardens.
      regional highlights
and doors in place, The             we receive four days of                                                    STRATFORD
Clubhouse at Pleasant               free advertising, but the                                                  GREENS
View Gardens has finally            radio station came to the
taken form. We are well             party and donated ice,                                                        Stratford Greens had
on our way to completion            games and gifts. We also                                                   their first ever “Resident
this fall. We hope to see           found this a perfect time                                                  Barbecue by the Pool
all of you at our Grand             to set up an outside                                                       Side” on Saturday, August
Opening celebration.                leasing table and pass out                                                 20th. We provided live
(Details to follow)                 Resident Referral Flyers.                                                  music, volley ball, activi-
                                       We showed our residents                                                 ties and lots of good food.
LAKE GROVE                          what real teamwork is by                                                   We had a turn out of over
                                    having the entire staff                                                    one hundred and forty
   This summer season,              take part in the party                                                     people, some of whom
we have concentrated on             preparations. The                     Leasing Manager Dena Rossler         contributed ethnic foods
                                                                         with a resident at Stratford Greens
marketing and teamwork.             Maintenance Crew made                                                      and delicious desserts. The
                                                                             Barbecue by the Pool Side.
We believe we have                  and painted props and the                                                  Stratford staff did a great
achieved a new height in            Leasing Crew decorated               residents commented on                job at keeping the
marketing by inviting a             and promoted the entire              how hard they saw                     momentum going
local radio station to our          event. On the day of                 everyone working to make              throughout the day. We
Block Party. Not only did           the Block Party, many                everything come together.             hope to continue this

           The “gang” at Lake Grove. Bottom row left to right: Kate Reilly, Jessie Leach, Tammy Rice, Doris Attard, Judy Ciarletta.
                           Top row left to right: Alphonse Lamberto, James Vicent, Dean Smith, Angel Rodriguez.
                                 regional highlights                                                                    25

                                The pool was the place to be this summer at Southern Meadows.

trend at Stratford by        at the door, I was greeted          SOUTHERN                       party and there were
offering more great things   by Mrs. Louise F. who               MEADOWS                        games and gifts as well.
to our residents.            showed me pictures of                                              The caterers outdid
                                                                    The children at
   We recently received a    her grandchildren and                                              themselves with delicious
                                                                 Southern Meadows had a
call from a long term        proceeded to tell me that                                          food and refreshing
                                                                 memorable summer
resident asking us to send   Joe Mantell, our Assistant                                         drinks. Everyone enjoyed
                                                                 thanks to our new Pool
someone to her apartment     Maintenance Manager,                                               the games and door
                                                                 Monitors, Sandra Russo
to collect her rent, an      has been picking up her                                            prizes.
                                                                 and Samantha Russo.
unusual request from         rent on a monthly basis
                                                                 They hosted activities
this resident. When I        since she became ill
(Property Manager            several years back. She
                                                                 such as crafts by the
                                                                 pool and movies. We were
Gabriela Zavala) arrived     told me that Joe also
                             checks her garbage and
                                                                 fortunate to have              HOME PROPERTIES
         Joe Mantell         places it in the dumpster
                                                                 Samantha stay with us          OF NEWARK
                                                                 after the pool closed. She     By Annemarie Hobson,
                             when her son doesn’t
                                                                 decided to attend college      Regional Property Manager
                             visit. She said that “Joe
                                                                 close to home and will            I would like to give
                             was a great young man”
                                                                 stay on as our Activities      many thanks to Theresa
                             and helps other residents,
                                                                 Director.                      (Teri) Breeden for her
                             as well. Joe’s actions
                                                                    Our residents had a         team spirit and dedication
                             are not only commend-
                                                                 fun time at our Annual         to her job. Recent events
                             able; they exhibit his
                                                                 Pool Party. The sounds of      have left Teri essentially
                             compassion for Stratford’s
                                                                 DJ music livened up the        operating our community
                             residents and are a prime
                             example of a Home                                                  on her own.
                             Properties employee.
      regional highlights
                                                                                                    Region’s “surprise” baby
                                                                                                    shower for Regional Vice
                                                                                                    President Kerri Haltom
                                                                                                    and AMSI Training
                                                                                                    Specialist Janet
                                                                                                    Gallagher. The party was
                                                                                                    held in the beautiful
                                                                                                    Community Center and
                                                                                                    the theme was “Girls,
                                                                                                    Girls, Girls,” since both
                                                                                                    were expecting, what else,
                                                                                                       Gifts ranged from baby
                                                                                                    clothing to homemade
                                                                                                    quilts, blankets and a
                                                                                                    counted cross stitch wall
                                                                                                    hanging. Kerri and Janet
                                                                                                    were tickled “pink” and
                                                                                                    everyone enjoyed
                                                                                                       In fact, it was such a
                   Kerrie Haltom and Janet Gallagher at their surprise baby shower.
                                                                                                    fabulous surprise that
                                                                                                    Janet delivered Katy, who
                                                                                                    weighed in at 4 lbs., 10
   Left with a Property           great deal of thanks!!! It
                                                                        GOLF CLUB                   oz. on August 16, 2005.
Manager helping out in            is truly amazing to be                APARTMENTS                  Both are happy and
other areas of the Philly         able to work with people
                                                                          On Friday, August 12th,   healthy!
region, an Operations             who adapt and excel
Manager out on                    when challenged.                      Golf Club Apartments
maternity leave, and a                Thanks Guys and Gals!             hosted the Philadelphia     Upstate
new hire that lasted little
more than a month,Teri
                                                                                                    New York
                                               C-Real Day goodies at Idylwood Apartments.
has truly shined for our
community.                                                                                          IDYLWOOD
   She did this by never                                                                            APARTMENTS
complaining, showing up                                                                                On any Thursday
early, staying late, and                                                                            morning, you’ll notice a
seeing to it that any                                                                               line of residents outside
necessary tasks within                                                                              our Clubhouse door before
her realm are completed.                                                                            7:00 a.m. No, they are not
   It is with great pleas-                                                                          waiting anxiously to pay
ure that I announce Teri’s                                                                          their rent, put money on
promotion to Operations                                                                             their laundry card, or have
Manager at Home                                                                                     a problem they are waiting
Properties of Newark.                                                                               to resolve. It’s Bagel Day
   Truth be told, the                                                                               and C-Real Day at
entire staff deserves a                                                                             Idylwood, and all are
                                         regional highlights                                                                                 27

       The Idylwood Team, left to right - bottom row : Frank Lewczyk, John Miller, Kendra Brown, Craig Martinez, Johnny ‘K’, Patrick Duffy
                  Second row (left to right) Kristin Zlotek, Nick Rinko, Kevin Hine, Cindy Hine,Tanya Hopkins, Melissa Conover,
      Third Row - (left to right) Dave Schmelzinger, Tabitha Waag, John Flanagan, Ken Handyside, Dee Stevens, Gail Eagan, Laurie Capozzi ,
                                                   Back Row - left to right - Joe Miller, Ron Griebe.

anxious to grab to-go               Idylwood Clubhouse. Many               WESTMINSTER PLACE
treats and head off to work         non-working residents                  Splish, splash we were taking a swim at
or school.                          arrive later in the morning                 Westminister Place’s pool,
   C-Real Day at Idylwood           to meet both old and new               The weather was hot but the water was cool.
began in August as a                friends over coffee, cereal            Occupancy was low,
compliment to our (fifteen          and bagels.                            But we got the flow.
dozen) Bagel Day. The idea              An added benefit is the            The month of July went by,
was ‘borrowed’ from a               fact that these C-Real                 And in August our occupancy was quite high.
successful Cereal Bar in            containers are traveling to            Projects they were galore,
New York City. Residents            offices and schools all over           But the breezeways we could not ignore.
                                                                           They were cleaned and painted,
pick up Chinese food                Western New York. Owing
                                                                           And from the summer’s heat not one resident fainted.
containers; scoop out               to their design and the
                                                                           The pool party was a blast and lots of fun,
cereal from one of four             Idylwood label, they spark             Cotton candy, popcorn and pulled pork
plastic containers, grab a          curiosity, conversation and                 sandwiches that were well done.
carton of milk and rush             discussion about Idylwood.             We also have a new Maintenance Supervisor
back out to go to work or           Resident referrals are                      on our staff,
school.                             generated due to this                  Bob Cartino, who can really make you laugh.
   Hundreds of Idylwood             traveling advertisement.               This was quite a summer to remember,
residents are now enjoying          It’s a win-win situation!              We can’t wait ‘til September!
their Thursday mornings                 The Idylwood team                  Westminster Place,
due to the Bagels and C-            was treated to a luncheon              The apartment community where
Real served at the                                                              you’re proud to show your face!
      regional highlights

                                       A great time was had by all at Perinton Manor’s Summer Barbecue.

at Tony Romes Restaurant            Property Manager Joe                   PERINTON MANOR                 food, music and
by Regional Vice president          Miller posed for pictures                                             swimming. Scott Wilson,
Tim Florczak to celebrate           on the bleachers of the                  We had over one              Service Manager, took
their 1.07 NOI for the              community’s baseball                   hundred people for our         over the grill and rumor
second quarter of 2005.             field. Idylwood scored                 Summer Barbecue and            has it that it was the best
   After the lunch, staff           1.01 NOI for the first                 everyone had a great time!     Perinton Manor picnic
members and Regional                quarter of 2005.                       There were games, prizes,      ever!
                                                                                                             Our Gazebo Concert
                                                                                                          and Ice Cream Social was
      Left to right, Scott Doran, William Balderston, Steve Hart, and Scott Wilson from Perinton Manor.
                                                                                                          such a hit! Donations for
                                                                                                          the Ice Cream Sundaes
                                                                                                          went to Muscular
                                                                                                          Dystrophy and we made
                                                                                                          $150! It was such a
                                                                                                          beautiful night! We sang
                                                                                                          and stuffed ourselves
                                                                                                          with ice cream until we
                                                                                                          couldn’t move!
                                                                                                             We held our Second
                                                                                                          Annual Resident
                                                                                                          Appreciation Day on
                                                                                                          August 25th. At 7:30 am,
                                                                                                          we lined the drive to give
                                                                                                          coffee and donuts to
                                                                                                          passing residents. Just
                                                                                                          like last year, we all had a
                                      regional highlights                                                                                 29

                                   traditional Hawaiian lei
                                   (flower necklace.)
                                   Everyone loved having the
                                   nice pool to jump in
                                   because it sure did get hot
                                   that day! We’re already
                                   looking forward to the
                                   summer picnic of 2006!

                                      Newcastle Apartments’
                                                                               Residents enjoyed Perinton Manor’s Ice Cream Social.
                                   Annual Resident Picnic
                                   was held on July 22nd.
                                   This was a special picnic           by Gusippie’s.                        Newcastle staff members
                                   for our residents. It was              There was also a                   who had come to extend
                                   special because it not              surprise birthday cake for            their best wishes to Vera.
                                   only served to bring the            Vera, one of our residents               This picnic was very
                                   community together, but             who turned 90 years of                special to everyone after
Scott Wilson looked happy to man
                                   helped neighbors to                 age. Vera has been a                  the misfortune we had.
   the grill at Perinton Manor’s
        Summer Barbecue.           appreciate each other.              resident at Newcastle since           Our Rental Office and four
                                   Everyone enjoyed a                  1973, and was a Leasing               attached apartments were
great time and the resi-           beautiful summer day in             Consultant when Home                  engulfed in flames on June
dents were so surprised            the sun with games, raffle          Properties purchased                  21st at 3:30 a.m. With
and thankful. Hopefully            drawings, music provided            Newcastle Apartments in               the office no longer
they know how thankful             by Double T Productions,            1994. Residents were                  serviceable, we temporari-
WE are that they chose             and catered food prepared           delighted to see former               ly used the Maintenance
Perinton Manor as their
home.                                 The Annual Resident Picnic at Newcastle Apartments was special this year for a number of reasons.
                                         Here, Property Manager Debra DeMars gives Vera, a resident who turned 90, a birthday hug.
   We had our Resident
Summer Picnic on July
23, 2005 here at Spanish
Gardens Apartments. It
was a beautiful day and we
had a good turn out. We
served wonderful picnic
food and all our residents
brought either a dessert or
salad dish to pass. Our
theme was “Hawaiian,”
and it was a lot of fun to
see everyone dressing
the part. We welcomed
every person using the
      regional highlights
shop, where we could only      Tyson, Randy Reynolds,
get one phone line up and      Susan Frank, Jennifer
running. All our residents     Adams, the Maintenance
were lost and confused;        staff, and in particular,
they were worried about        Russ Prue, who was the
their files, accounts, where   first staff member to
to pay rent and who to call    arrive at the scene.
for service orders. Flyers
were sent out to let the       HARBORSIDE
residents know where we        MANOR
were and to provide a             Harborside Manor
Customer Contact Center        hosted its Annual Resident
phone number arranged          Picnic on July 30th. We
by Regional Marketing          held a Luau! We started
Specialist Patty Schlee.       new traditions with
Through Group Wise and         Karaoke and continued
the Customer Contact           old traditions with the
Center, we were able to        annual egg toss! Some of
perform customer service       our residents can sing
and leasing activities in a                                                 Harborside Manor’s cleaners extraordinaire:
                               and dance!                                    Sue Weaver, left and Marsha Weir, right.
timely manner.                    Oh my....we inadver-
   The Town of Greece          tently forgot to thank             last submission to Home                to Bill Niedzewecki,
Fire Chief was also invited    Sue Weaver and Marsha              Connections. Thank you!                Service Technician and
to the picnic to speak to      Weir, Cleaners                        We’d also like to                   Andrea Brown, Leasing
the residents about Fire       Extraordinaire in our              extend a warm welcome                  Consultant. It won’t be
Safety and Awareness,
which gave them an                                     The annual Resident Picnic at Harborside Manor.
opportunity to have their
concerns addressed. Our
residents were extremely
happy that the picnic was
not postponed and to feel
that the community was
back to normal.
   We would like to
thank everyone at Home
Properties who provided
help and support:
   Tim Florzack, Dennis
Pragel, Robert Blackburn,
Scott Hanko, Kim Cozzo,
Patty Schlee, Yulanda
Florence, Katie Coleman,
Jeff Wheeler, John Ridge,
everyone at the Customer
Contact Center, Edward
                                     regional highlights                                                                                  31

                              Cooling off at the Resident Pool Party at The Apartments at Wellington Trace.

                                Green. We had a great                                                         Resident Pool Party on
long before we bid a fond
farewell to our summer          summer. HOT! Just the
                                                                       Washington                             August 21st. We had all
crew, Christine, Erik,          way some of us like it?                                                       the fixings for a day
Dave, and Tyler—our             We are sad to see all
                                                                       THE APARTMENTS                         packed with fun, food
                                                                       AT WELLINGTON
Lifeguards, and Scott, our      our lifeguards and                                                            and prizes. Over one
Groundskeeper. See you          groundskeepers leave,                                                         hundred residents came
next year! Thank you for        because we know that                      The Apartments at                   to enjoy the pool, moon
all you did to make the         means winter is coming.                Wellington Trace hosted                bounce, strength striker
summer a success. We            Thanks to them the pool                its Second Annual                      and tons of food.
couldn’t do it without          ran smoothly and the
                                                                            A show of strength by a young resident at Wellington Trace.
each and everyone of you...     grounds looked beautiful.
what terrific team we make.     Just want to say a special
                                thanks to all the staff—
VILLAGE GREEN                   they are the best. We had
  Hi to all from Village        a great first quarter!

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     Annual Report Wins Awards
          ome Properties recently received
     H    two awards for its 2004 annual
     report. In the NAREIT 2004 Annual
                                                   institutional investors,” said Charis
                                                   Warshof, Vice President of Investor
                                                   Relations, who oversees the annual
     Report Contest, Home Properties won           report project. “Since approximately
                the bronze award for               80% of Home Properties’ stock is held
                 Management Discussion and         by institutions, it is critically important
                 Analysis (MD&A) in the mid-       that our annual report gives them the
                  cap size category. Judges        information they want in a format they
                   analyzed the effectiveness      find user-friendly,” Charis says.
                    with which management             The other award received was an
                    was able to present a clear    Honors award from the League of
                     and concise summary of        American Communications Professionals.
                      the company’s position in    Home Properties placed 234th out of
                       2004 through their          1,435 reports submitted by companies,
                       discussion of financial     many much larger than Home
                        performance, corporate     Properties. In the Real Estate/REIT
                        strategy and external      category, we ranked 5th out of 50
                         conditions. They evalu-   reports submitted.
           ated the letter to shareholders, the       Congratulations to all who worked
     MD&A, footnotes to financial data and         on the report, especially those in the
     the narrative discussion of the business.     Accounting Department who devote
       “It’s particularly gratifying to win the    many long hours to the financial
     NAREIT award because it is judged by          disclosure each year.

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