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									Celebrating 96 Years — Strong & Still Growing

        Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce
May 2009 Newsletter                                                        Terri Henderson, President

Farewell Terri                                                                  Noteworthy Items
Trenton Area Chamber of
Commerce President Terri                                                    • Terri’s Top Picks
Henderson has recently                                                          (Page 2 -3)
resigned to take a position
as Energy Services Director                                                 •    GHCAA News
with Green Hills Community                                                      (Page 5)
Action Agency in Trenton.
Mrs. Henderson is credited                                                  •   Missouri Day
with growing the chamber
and its program to bring                                                        (Page 7)
tangible value to members.
In 2005, the Member to
Member Discount program was implemented in which members receive
discount cards to be used at participating businesses. In addition,
Chamber Member Business Highlights in Republican Times and the
chamber newsletter have been written by Mrs. Henderson which focus
on goods and services offered by each business. The chamber website
has been re-designed to better market serve members and to attract
new residents and business recruits.
                                                                                   In This Issue
Under Mrs. Henderson’s leadership a Spring Fling Expo was held dur-
                                                                           Farewell Terri          1
ing which vendors have displayed merchandise and services to the
general public. Currently, a committee which is comprised of ambassa-
                                                                           Terri’s Top Picks -
dors and board members are working on a sports theme expo to re-                                   2
                                                                           Moore’s Farm Supply
place the Spring Fling Expo. In addition, a radio auction has been
held each fall that helps to market area businesses, as well as serving    Terri’s Top Picks -
as a fund raiser for the chamber. Chamber members, unlike year’s           NCMC Degrees
past, are not solicited for funds on a regular basis. Most contacts with
chamber members result in a tangible value to the members, as op-          CHOICES                 4
posed to simply asking for funds.
                                                                           Cochran Appointed       5
During Trenton’s Sesquicentennial, Henderson served as chairperson
for events. Over 50 activities were organized to pay tribute to Tren-
ton’s rich history. The chamber office served as Sesquicentennial head-    Henderson at GHCAA      6
quarters to market 150th merchandise and to organize the events.
Over 400 persons volunteered to help with the success of this event.       Missouri Day News       7
The $60,000 profit earned from the 150th celebration was utilized to
build the Sesquicentennial Park at historic 5 Points in downtown Tren-
ton, to fund a mural in downtown Trenton, to purchase display cases        Local Ads               8
for the Grundy County Museum, to help renovate the fair grandstand,
to help renovate the C.F. Russell Stadium, and to help fund the new        Kit Bond Presents
Grundy County Food Panty building.                                         Check to NCMC

                                                                           Blessed Beginnings      9

                                                  continued on page 4      Upcoming Events         10
                                                                                                         Page 2

            Trenton Chamber of Commerce - May 2009

Terri’s Top Picks - STIHL Leaf Blowers from Moore’s Farm Supply
Little did Donnie Moore realize way back in 1976
that he would have the hottest place to drink coffee
every morning, as well as being able to meet the
needs of farmers and homeowners in the northern
part of Missouri. Even though area farmers and cof-
fee drinkers like to sit around and catch up on the
latest news there, they also like to buy from Moore’s
Farm Supply due to the high level of customer service
and the quality products that are sold. STIHL products
are very popular items due to their reliability and

We recently purchased a STIHL leaf blower that is
easy for a woman to start and use. The blowers come
in three sizes which are measured in terms of air vol-
ume. I was able to clean my flower beds which were
laden with leaves left from last fall in minutes, as opposed to days. There is one model that is a back pack. In
addition, one may purchase a leaf blower with a vacuum bag or gutter attachment.

Area fire fighters or farmers burning CRP ground utilize STIHL leaf blowers to put out fires. The motors are 2
cycles which require a mixture of gas and oil, along with 1 spark plug. They are not heavy so using one for
longer jobs would not be tiring.

Another popular STIHL product is the shredder vacuum which is like a leaf blower with a bag. It will shred
leaves and small debris turning it into mulch or compost material.

STIHL saves homeowners from climbing ladders to trim trees with gas powered tree trimmers that reach up to
12 feet. There are many different hand held pruners and saws that can be used for tree and bush trimming.
Weed eating is easily done with either straight or curved shaft models. They come in both 2 and 4 stroke mod-
els, and are available with a feature called easy start. Consumers may also purchase brush blades that will cut
plants, shrubs, and trees up to about 2” in diameter.

With more citizens “going green” by producing their own garden vegetables and fruits, STIHL mini tillers make
working the ground and weeding an easy job. The tillers may be purchased with an easy start feature and are
light weight at 21 pounds.

Some households have a need for several tools such as: a saw, leaf blower, tree pruner, aerator, edger, etc.
Instead of purchasing several individual tools, STIHL makes a motor with all of the various attachments which
saves money and storage space. It is called the KOMBI system.

The STIHL products last for decades provided that they are maintained. In addition to the high quality, the im-
plements may be serviced locally at Moore’s Farm Supply. The store could actually have 2 mottos—“The Cof-
fee is Always On” and “Our Service and Products Are Second to None”. Drop by Moore’s Farm Supply on 17th
Street soon to pick up some great tools to keep your property looking neat and maintained; the coffee is on the
house. If you arrive early around 7:30 a.m. you just might get to hear area farmer, Jim Binney, tell a joke on
                                                                                                           Page 3

            Trenton Chamber of Commerce - May 2009

Terri’s Top Picks - Degrees from NCMC
Want to change your life forever? Consider seeking a degree at North Central Missouri College. With rampant
downsizing and lay-offs, now is the perfect time to start or continue your education. Literally a world of possi-
bilities is opened up once you have a degree from North Central Missouri College in hand.

I would strongly encourage high school seniors to continue their education directly after high school. However, I,
along with hundreds of other NCMC students chose to attend college as a non-traditional (older) student. I re-
call my first day on campus being scared to death as I headed into the classroom. By the time I reached the 3rd
floor of Geyer Hall (pre-elevator days), I was hyper-ventilating. My fears were short-lived due to first meeting
two students who were older than me. All of the staff and faculty members from the college were very helpful
and did not seem to notice that I was so “old”. I also received a lot of support from the late Lloyd Ketcham and
the late Mary Louise Hoffman, who encouraged me along the way.

While some argue that is it possible to find a good job without a degree, I maintain that the degree is what
sets one apart from other candidates when HR professionals must select the more qualified candidate. Potential
students may have all types of things that are considered barriers to attending college such as: children, lack of
funds, work schedules, etc. However, there are many resources available to help students overcome those barri-
ers so that they will be successful in college while obtaining a degree.

With April being Community College month, now is the perfect time to give North Central Missouri College a
call to inquire about summer classes or a schedule for next fall. One does not initially need to know what de-
gree they want. General education classes are needed in almost all degrees. Also, it is acceptable to change
your degree along the way. Regardless of one’s interests, there is a degree that is sure to fit any career or
academic goal. With articulation agreements with vocational technical schools and 4-year institutions, as well as
on-line classes, it is possible to get an associate degree and/or bachelor degree without ever leaving Trenton.

Following is a list of degrees (typically two
year) currently offered by North Central
Missouri College: Associate in Arts, Associ-
ate in Arts in Teaching, Associate in Gen-
eral Studies, Associate in Applied Science in
the following areas: Accounting, Agriculture
and Natural Resources, Equine Manage-
ment, Applied Technology, Automotive and
Machine Technology, Business Management,
Business Technology, Construction Technol-
ogy, Criminal Justice, e-Business Manage-
ment and Commerce, Early Childhood De-
velopment, Information Technology, Manu-
facturing Technology, EMT, Healthcare
Management, Medical Assistant, ADN,
Pharmacy Tech, Radiologic Tech, Surgical
Tech, Paraprofessional and Substitute
Teaching, Technical Teacher Education, and

                       continued on page 6
                                                                                                         Page 4

            Trenton Chamber of Commerce - May 2009

Farewell Terri (continued)
Two professional music CDs were produced with Henderson serving as producer. The first one entitled
“Welcome Home to Trenton”, was part of Trenton’s Sesquicentennial celebration and contains 5 songs that were
written by area composers. The second “My Gratitude to God”, by composer Marilyn Robbins, was a pilot pro-
ject to market the chamber services of professional CDs that would market chamber businesses music, services
solutions, or consumer information to market a respective business. Jennifer Farmer, graphic designer and web-
master, has provided the design work for these two projects.

Hundreds of marketing brochures and support materials have been done to inform consumers about Trenton
businesses and attractions. Henderson has represented Trenton at various tourism events throughout the state
during her tenure.

The latest member benefit designed by Mrs. Henderson is called Terri’s Top Pick. Each week the Republican
Times newspaper runs a feature on a member business. During the current tough economy, the chamber has fo-
cused on driving revenue to member business. Terri’s Top Pick has resulted in increased sales of the goods and
services that have been featured.

In asking Mrs. Henderson to reflect back on her years with the chamber, she was quoted as saying, “I feel that I
am leaving the chamber in a very good position. We have increased financial stability and have focused on
our members 100% of the time. I have the best board in Trenton; these competent and dedicated community
leaders will insure that the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce is here for years to come.”

CHOICES Gets Under Way
CHOICES is well underway as we start another month in 2009. CHOICES is an interactive decision-making
workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. In
two hour-long sessions, business and community volunteers take students through real-world exercises on aca-
demic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal setting. This presentation is given to all Grundy
County eighth graders.

CHOICES has been presented to both Galt and Laredo eighth graders as of the end of April. Many thanks
go to Bonita Price and Donna Figg for helping with
these two schools. We still have Spickard, Pleasant
View and Trenton schools to give presentations to the
first week of May. Our facilitators and helpers for
those schools are Rob Maloney, Jacob Black, Debbie
Carman, Sharon Barnett, Marlisa Klinginsmith, Kathy
Thrasher, Tina Capeder, Shawn McNabb, and Ray
Shirley. We sincerely appreciate those of you who
are helping us to reach these young people this year.
What a great opportunity to impact the lives of these
eighth graders! If you have any questions about the
program or would like to help in the future, please
contact Christy Farmer at the Chamber of Commerce
at (660) 359-4324.
                                                                                                         Page 5

            Trenton Chamber of Commerce - May 2009

Becky Cochran Named to National A.C.T. Governing Board Panel
                                                                              Trenton Area Chamber of Com-
                                                                              merce President Terri Hender-
                                                                              son, nominated retired science
                                                                              educator Becky Cochran, for the
                                                                              National assessment Governing
                                                                              Board (NAGB) science panel.
                                                                              Mrs. Cochran recently received
                                                                              notification that she was se-

                                                                              The panel is comprised of highly
                                                                              qualified science experts and is
                                                                              aimed at establishing achieve-
                                                                              ment level cutscores on the 2009
                                                                              National Assessment of Educa-
                                                                              tional Progress (NAEP) in science.
                                                                              The group provides a critical
                                                                              step in establishing the Nation’s
                                                                              Report Card in science.

NAGB requested science educators, science professionals, and the business community, including Mrs. Hender-
son, to nominate outstanding science teachers, non-teacher science educators, and members of the public who
use science training in the work to serve as panelists. From this pool of nominees, the candidates who were most
qualified were invited to participate in the science achievement levels-setting meeting.

Panelists will recommend science achievement levels following a series of tasks centered on making judgments
of how well students at the lower borderline of each achievement level (basic, proficient, and advanced) should
perform on the test. During the achievement levels-setting process, panelists will become very familiar with the
test items, how items are scored, and how students generally
perform on the test items.

Panelists will study descriptions that characterize each level of
achievement and develop a concept of what students at the
lower boundary, or borderline of each achievement level
should be capable of doing. They will then apply this concept
to the test items in order to establish a cutscore for each
achievement level, representing borderline performance. Each
panelist will make this judgment independently. Panelists will
then evaluate their recommended cutscores in light of addi-
tional information about the students, the test, and other pan-
elists’ recommended cutscores.

The panel will meet in San Antonio at the Westin Riverwalk
Hotel, October 7-11, 2009. Teri Fisher, of ACT Incorporated, is
the NAEP Project Manager. Those seeking further information
may visit ACT’s website at
                                                                                                           Page 6

            Trenton Chamber of Commerce - May 2009

Henderson Tapped As Energy Director for Local CAA
Green Hills Community Action Agency is proud to announce the hiring of Terri Henderson to serve as their En-
ergy Services Director. The position is a new one within the organization and was developed to capitalize on
the growing demand for energy conservation, energy efficiency and the development of “green” initia-
tives. Mrs. Henderson will be responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing programs related to
energy conservation and education. She will manage the operation of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
Program (LIHEAP) and coordinate with the agency’s Weatherization Department to identify potential customers,
enhance partnerships with area utilities and provide energy educational opportunities.

Mrs. Henderson will join the agency’s staff on May 1 and her office will be in the agency’s Central Office at
1506 Oklahoma Ave. in Trenton. Mrs. Henderson has an extensive background which includes managing major
accounts for the Xerox Corp., has worked in legal contract development, implementation and management;
wrote curriculum for management classes as a certified corporate trainer; and performed field underwriting
for homes and businesses. She graduated from Trenton High School, North Central Missouri College in Trenton
and Missouri Western State College in St. Joseph.

“We are ecstatic to have on our team someone with Terri’s experience, enthusiasm and creative thinking. All of
these traits will be needed as we initiate the Energy Services Department and strive to become leaders regard-
ing energy issues as they relate to our general community and families striving to become self-sufficient,” noted
GHCAA Executive Director Scott Long.

A former Trenton City Council Member, Mrs. Henderson is well-known for her civic involvement. She was the
chairperson of events for Trenton’s Sesquicentennial Celebration and served as Festival Director for the Missouri
Day Festival. She serves on the boards of the Trenton Rotary Club and the Grundy County Museum. Most re-
cently she has served as the President of the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Mrs. Henderson and her husband, David, have three adult daughters, Haley, Abby and Mady. Mrs. Henderson
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dockery and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vencill, all of Trenton.

Green Hills Community Action Agency works through partnerships to make self-sufficiency a reality for individu-
als and families by empowering them to achieve the knowledge, skills and motivations needed to build strong
families and communities.

NCMC Degrees (continued)
 There are also many Certificate programs that are typically completed in one year. They include: Accounting/
 Information Tech, Accounting Clerk, Accounting Professional, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Agriculture –
 Equine Management, Business Management, Business Tech, Criminal Justice, Information Tech, Marketing Man-
 agement, Medical Assisting, Medical Insurance and Billing, Medical Transcription, LPN, and Pharmacy

 There are many exciting plans on the horizon for students attending NCMC. The construction of the Allied
 Health building, the development of the agricultural Barton Campus, and plans for wind energy technology
 degrees offer area students cutting edge degrees that will help land that perfect career. Maybe you are not
 interested in seeking a degree; consider signing up for a class to keep your skills sharp or to simply get out of
 the house and around other people. Hundreds of students and faculty members stand ready to help you be-
 come successful. Call 660-359-3948 or check out the college website at:
                                                                                                       Page 7

           Trenton Chamber of Commerce - May 2009

Sign Up Now For Missouri Day 2009
Vendor spaces are filling fast for the 25th annual Missouri Day Festival, scheduled for October 17th and 18th,
2009! Attendance for the event is projected to hit record numbers for our anniversary, and we hope you’ll con-
sider joining the other great vendors at the North Central Missouri Fairgrounds this year!

An online application can be found on our website (
modays2009ap.php), and there is an option for online payment as well. Alternatively, you may also register
for a booth space at Missouri Day by calling the Chamber at 359-4324, or by dropping by the office. We’re
more than happy to help you find the right spot for your business. Booth space begins as low as $50, so what
are you waiting for? Make your business presence known this year at Missouri Day!

Opening ceremonies will be held on Thursday, October 15th. A dinner is planned that evening. In addition, we
will hold the annual parade and band day on Saturday, October 17th. The craft village and flea markets will
be open both Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th.We will have a huge band festival, great
food, musical entertainment throughout the weekend, baby show, coloring contest, and a host of other fun

Those interested in volunteering their time are also encouraged to contact the Chamber, as we’re always glad
for the extra help! Volunteers can help with set up, directing arriving vendors, clean up, and any number of
other activities!

                                                                           Food Store
                                                                            1801 E. 9th Street
                                                          * Catering for any size event
                                                          * Professionally made Meat/
                                                            Cheese and Relish trays
                                                          * 1 Hour Photo
                                                          * Fresh Decorated Cakes                        Auto*Home*Business*Health*Life
                                                          * Pharmacy                                           Competitive Rates
                                                                                                             Broad Policy Provisions
                                                             Your local grocer for 64 years              Fast Nationwide Claims Service
                                                          Open 5:00am to 12:00am                               Monthly Payments
                                                               7 days a week                                       Gary Hurst
                                                    Grundy County
                                                    Learning Center                                                  Green Hills
        Barnes Baker Motors                                                                                     Community Action Agency
                                                            GCLC                                                      1506 Oklahoma Ave.
       1406 Oklahoma Ave.                            2600 Princeton Road                                               Trenton, MO 64683
        1-800-727-8124                                                                                                   (660) 359-3907
         Chevrolet - Pontiac                         Trenton, MO 64683
     Oldsmobile - Cadillac - Buick                      660-359-6655
  See our sales staff for all your vehicle needs.                                                   Working through community partnerships to
                                                         Email:                 make self-sufficiency a reality for individuals
                                                      Call us for all of your mailing, assembly,     and families in Caldwell, Daviess, Grundy,
                                                                                                   Harrison, Linn, Livingston, Mercer, Putnam and
                                                        confidential shredding, packaging
EVERY business should                                ”Let us save you time and money!”
                                                                                                                  Sullivan counties.

   have a website!                                                                                  STRONG FAMILIES = STRONG COMMUNITIES

   Contact the Chamber of
Commerce for more informa-
tion on how we create a stun-
ning, professional website for
    you and your business.

Web Site & Graphic Design
E-Commerce & e-Marketing
                                                                                                       Put us to work for YOU!
Call for a full list of services!
                                                                                                     Advertise with Your Local
              359-4324                                                                                Chamber of Commerce!
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            Trenton Chamber of Commerce— May 2009

Kit Bond Presents Check to NCMC
Kit Bond presented Dr. Neil Nuttall, President of North Central Missouri           Chamber Board
College, with a check to help equip the new Allied Health building, which
is currently under construction on the NCMC campus.                               Leadership 2009
                                                                            Chad Boyd - Chairperson
                                                                            Tina Capeder – Chairperson Elect
                                                                            Wright Memorial Hospital
                                                                            Kathleen Clough – Past Chairperson
                                                                            Lockridge, Constant & Conrad
                                                                            Deanna Washburn – Treasurer
                                                                            Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri
                                                                            Elvin Noel
                                                                            Howards Department Store
                                                                            Steve Busch
                                                                            Hy-Vee Food Store
                                                                            Dr. James Gardner
                                                                            North Central Missouri College
                                                                            Ron Dougan
                                                                            Ron Dougan Agency/KC Life
Blessed Beginnings Daycare                                                  Tom Stanturf
                                                                            The People’s Co-op
A ribbon cutting was held to Blessed Beginnings Daycare & Preschool,        Dr. Neil Nuttall
they are now taking enrollment. You may contact them at 359-2305 or         North Central Missouri College
by stopping by 1109 Main Street in Trenton. They are open Monday -          Becky Albrecht
                                                                            Trenton R-IX Schools
Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.
                                                                            Kerry Sampson
                                                                            City of Trenton
                                                                            Rick Hull
                                                                            Grundy County Commission
                                                                            John Kennebeck
                                                                            K&W Popcorn
                                                                            Dr. Crystal Whitaker
                                                                            Terri Henderson
                                                                            Christy Farmer
                                                                            Executive Administrative Assistant
                                                                            Jennifer Farmer
                                                                            Graphic Design and Marketing
                                                                            Carol Westcott
                                                                            Customer Service Representative
                                                                    Phone (660) 359-4324    Facsimile (660) 359-4606
                                                                    617 Main Trenton, MO 64683
                                                                                AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                     Coming Up In May, 2009
May 1st - CHOICES Spickard School
May 2nd - Appliance, Scrap Metal, and Tire drop off, New Hope 9am - noon
May 4th & 7th - CHOICES Pleasant View R-6 School
May 5th & 6th - CHOICES Trenton School
May 8th - Truman Day, Chamber, License Bureau closed
May 18th - Ambassador Meeting, Location TBA
May 19th - Board Meeting, Chamber Office, 7am
May 23rd - Museum opens for the season
May 25th - Memorial Day, Chamber & License Bureau closed
May 25th - Memorial Day, Museum program, 11am - 11:30am VFW Flag Ceremony, 1:30pm - 4:30pm Veterans Pres-
entations at the Hoover Theater (top floor, Grundy County Library)

              The best place to get care,
              the best place to give care!
           660-359-5621 or 800-559-5621

                                                                          Clark Plumbing & Heating
                                                                              Residential & Commercial
                                                                                  New Construction
                                                                                  Remodel & Repair
                                                                          Water Heaters & Boilers Sewers
                                                                           & Drain Cleaning Video Inspec-
                                                                          tion, Backhoe Service, Certified-
                                                                            Backflow Testing & Installation

                                                                               2324 Princeton Road
                                                                                   Jeff Corbin

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