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									      The Mobile Bartending
         SECRET Report:

Why All Others Fail:
The following is a Special Report written by James Wedmore.
It details the one Secret Weapon all successful Bartender-
Business Owners MUST have if they want to thrive as a
Mobile Bartender.

After a few years of Bartending events every single week,
you get to the point where everything is nailed down to a
science. Although the people and stories are ALWAYS
different and the nights are ALWAYS exciting, like
clockwork I get hugs from my clients and praise from my
customers at the end of the night. “Oh James, you were
great, thank you so much!”

My success in my performance will ultimately result in a
larger tip (duh!).

But out of all of the “field tests” and other experiments I
have performed at events to help hone my skills, there is
above all, one SECRET that was so effective in increasing
my income and my referral-rate, that it deserved it’s own
“Special Report.”

I call this secret: “Client Comfort.”

What is Client Comfort?

Client Comfort is your ability to “comfort” and reassure
your client before and during her event.

Let’s take a quick look at why your host hired you in the
first place. A bartender impresses the guests and
alleviates a lot of stress. Most of your clients will be
female, and they will all be very, very susceptible to
stress-and trust me, planning a party is very stressful!

What I do for my clients is allow myself to become more
than just a Bartender. I can charge Premium Prices because
I provide more than a service of just pouring drinks. I
ease their worries and hold their hand through the entire
party-planning process.

And here is the best part, as I take on this role of
higher-responsibility, my workload is in no-way increased.
Instead, it is the illusion of being a party-planner that
they like. When my client knows that I am there for them,
it is very reassuring and their entire party-planning
experience is extremely more pleasant. 99% of the time, I
am given credit for this experience and they always show
their appreciation (more money!)

Become a Party-Planner:

So, how on Earth do you actually become more than just a
bartender without exerting any extra time or energy? Easy!
As you perform more and more events, you will simply become
a pro at party-planning. You will see parties that are
amazing where everyone is having a blast, and others that
are not so much fun.

Your value then becomes available in the knowledge and
experience you possess. In more detail, here are just some
of the many steps I take to assure my clients that their
party will run much more smoothly now that they have hired

       1. For starters, I tell them! Let your client know
          that you have been doing this forever and you are
            here to help every step of the way! (just 2-3
            events and you are a pro!)
       2.   Always, ALWAYS return all e-mails/phone calls in
            LESS than 24 hours!!
       3.   Provide your clients with a Shopping List so they
            know exactly where to purchase the liquor. Give
            recommendations as to where to purchase and
            encourage them to call if they have any questions
            about the list.
       4.   Give suggestions on what types of drinks (and
            food) to serve.
       5.   Have good references available for DJ’s,
            caterers, entertainers, etc.
       6.   Offer to pick up the ice for the client.
       7.   Call the day of the party to confirm that
            everything is going according to plan (they LOVE
       8.   Arrive 15-30 min earlier than scheduled. Get
            your bar set up quickly and spend the rest of
            your time offering to help set up for the party.

If you notice from the suggestions I listed above, you are
not spending that much more time and energy. All you are
doing is showing your client that you care and that her
party is just as important to you as it is to her.

The “average bartender” will take down the address and show
up to pour drinks. They will do what is expected. YOU on
the other hand, will go above and beyond what is required
to surprise and impress your clients. In return, you will
receive a tip that is both surprising and impressive.

A Final Note:

Notice how none of this has anything to do with your skill
or experience as a bartender. Anybody can pour a Gin &
Tonic. It takes someone truly unique to go above and
beyond the duty of “just a bartender” and deliver “Client

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