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					                         Sample Good Faith Estimate

                                                      Enter primary borrower and
Information provided on                               co-borrower(s) as space
sample GFE is intended for                            permits.
PBM instructional purposes

                                                      The current date and time
                                                      plus an additional 15
                                                      minutes. If locked, use the
                                                      lock expiration date.

                                                      Ten days from the date on
                                                      the GFE. Date of the GFE is
                                                      not counted. Excludes
Enter days 5 days or N/A if

                                                      The interest period that the
Enter loan amount on the                              GFE was based on. Locked
security instrument.                                  loans enter the actual lock

Enter the number of years.
                                                      Enter the initial rate
                                                      associated to the initial
Enter initial P&I and
mortgage insurance payment
(without tax and hazard ins.
monthly escrow amount).

Enter maximum payment, not
the fully indexed amortized

Enter monthly payment (P&I
& mortgage insurance only).
Must match payment amount
in summary section.

Indicate whether the loan
includes an escrow account.
                           Sample Good Faith Estimate
Check only one box. There
                                                 Enter 0 if no fees are charged   The total of all BROKER and
cannot be both a credit and a
                                                                                  LENDER fees.
charge in the same

Only check by Lender if no
charges or credits apply.

Credit from Lender (or YSP).

Discount Points paid to
                                                                                  Total of sections 1 and 2.

Enter the type of service, not
the name of the service
                                                                                  Required for all purchase
Enter charges for all title and                                                   transactions. Enter N/A for
settlement services (title and                                                    Refinances.

Enter the type of service, not
the name of the service
provider.                                                                          Enter the charge of the
                                                                                   transfer tax for transactions
                                                                                   that include a property
                                                                                   transfer. This estimate is
                                                                                   subject to ZERO tolerance
If no escrow account, enter
                                                                                   and cannot be later added or
"0" in fee column.
                                                                                   be increased absent a
                                                                                   Changed Circumstance.

                                                                                  Enter insurance premium
                                                                                  amount to be purchased at or
                                                                                  before settlement.
                          Sample Good Faith Estimate

                                                                                                                                             Columns 2 & 3 are optional.

Completion of this chart is

                   This information is for use by PBM Mortgage Brokers only and should not be distributed to or used by consumers or other third-parties.

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