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Review by sdfwerte


How we bring the Review
      systems together
Linking AHC and SAER
Year 1   Year 2   Year 3   Year 4   Year 5

                                             Year 6   Year 7   Year 8   Year 9   Year10

AHC      AHC      AHC      AHC      SAER     AHC      AHC      AHC      AHC      SAER
2007-2008       2008-2009       2009-2010          2010-11          2011-1012

Medicine        Modern          Geography          English          Civil
                Languages and                                       Engineering
Communication   Healthcare      Mathematics        Politics and     Earth and
Studies                                            International    Environment
Design          Biological      Fine Art, History Transport         Computing
                Sciences        of Art and        Studies
                                Cultural Studies
Music           LUBS            Education          Process          Sociology and
                                                   Environmental    Social Policy
                                                   and Materials
                Food Science    Dental Institute   Electronic and   Law
                Mechanical      History            Chemistry        Psychological
                Engineering                                         Sciences
                Physics and     Performance        Humanities       Medieval Studies
                Astronomy       and Cultural
Characteristics of earlier annual

   Documentation

   Subgroup emphasis: reports & replies

   Primarily ‘Closing the loop’

   ‘what the School had done’

   Quality Assurance
Present Annual review
   Maturing process of Annual Health Checks

   Introduced discussions with Schools on provision

   What the school is doing and will be doing

   Assurance of academic standards and quality

   How these aspects are monitored and reviewed

   Enhancement
   Module              Module         External examiners'   National             Programme
   survey              reviews        reports and School    Student              Experience
    data                                  responses         Survey                 Survey

                            reviews                           School                        Other
                                                              Action                     sources of
                                                               Plan                       feedback

  Other information, including:       Annual Health
     Exam Board minutes                                                        Previous year
                                         Check                                  AHC report
 Disability and equality issues
  Collaborative arrangements
External examiner appointments
  Report on strategic priorities                                         Report on
 Overview of teaching portfolio                                        PSRB activities
      Future risk analysis
 Enhancement needs/priorities
                                       Report to School,
                                        FLTC, Dean,
                                        SAER review,
                                        LTB summary
Minutes from SLTC Meetings                  After each SLTC.
New and Amended Modules and Amended         Submitted with the minutes
programmes                                  throughout the year. Approval
                                            deadline of 31 March 2009 for
                                            inclusion in the enrolment process
                                            for session 2009-10
IP proposal for UG new programmes 2010      Approval by November 2008
Full Approval new UG programmes 2010        Approval by October 2009
Full Approval new PG programmes 2009        Approval by December 2008
Internal Examiner Appointments              By Week 11 of Semester 1
Appointment of new External Examiners for   November 2008
Responses to External Examiner reports UG   14 November 2008
Responses to External Examiner reports PG   23 January 2009
Undergraduate Programme Reviews             November 2008
Postgraduate Programme Reviews              January 2009
Broader Focus

   Quality of the Student Experience

   Learning and Teaching Strategy

   notes significant milestones in learning and teaching activity
    throughout the previous year

   consideration of programmes (including admissions, progression
    and achievement data);

   an indication of identified risks for the immediate future
       Progress in addressing the University’s strategic

        research-led teaching

        refining assessment practice and improving academic

        use of technology to enhance learning and teaching
Reports from previous AHC
visits provide the SAER team -

   A picture of the School’s learning and
    teaching activity over a 4 year period
   Processes for quality management &
   Maintenance of academic standards
   Strategic developments
Annual Health               Annual Health                       Annual Health               Annual Health
Check Report                Check Report                        Check Report                Check Report
    YR1                         YR2                                 YR3                         YR4

                                       All reports feed into the Student
                                        Academic Experience Review

                                            Student Academic
                                            Experience Review

                The Student Academic Experience Review Report feeds into the Quinquennial

Student Academic Experience
Review (SAER)
   Combines two separate review activities
    Periodic Review & Review of Postgraduate
    Research Supervision
   Timetable of meetings over 2-days
   One Evaluation Document (separate
   Larger team – to include members with
    experience of research supervision
Additional Features of the
SAER process
   Combined review of learning and teaching and the
    review of postgraduate research supervision with some
    parallel meetings

   A single process that allows for more discussion on the
    links between research and teaching

   More in depth consideration of PG(r) issues

   A focus on quality assurance, strategy and the student
    academic experience (taught and research)
   One report covering-

   management of learning and teaching: strategy; methods of
    delivery; effectiveness of curriculum;
   maintenance of standards: code of practice on assessment; use
    of External Examiners;
   management of learning opportunities: monitoring; support and
    guidance; academic tutorials; personal tutorials;
   management of research degree supervision; research
    facilities; student support and guidance; supervision monitoring and
    assessment; quality and standards
   maintenance and enhancement of standards and quality
    for both L&T and Research
   Recommendations – good practice and areas for further

   After consideration of the documentation provided and
    discussions with the School in various meetings the team has
    confidence / limited confidence in the present and likely
    management of the quality of the learning opportunities and
    academic standards.

   Good Practice
   Areas for action by the School
   Areas for consideration by the School in order to enhance the
How does it link with ..?
   Review schedule arranged to complement the rolling
    timetable for Quinquennial Review

   SAER takes place one year ahead of a Quinquennial
    Review visit.

   The findings of the visit (the report) forms part of the
    documentation set for the Quinquennial Review

   Issues raised in the SAER are followed up as part of the
    Annual Health Check meeting the following year which
    eliminates the need for a Follow-up meeting

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