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					“a simple system for boosting
 affiliate sales and success”

Magic Squeeze
Page Secrets

 Jason Fladien

     What's the most valuable thing in internet marketing? It's not a good
product, though that can help. It's not a killer, profit sucking sales letter. It's
not a cool trick or technique that can get you a lot of traffic or increase your

     It's building a list that you have a good relationship with. Instead of
having to go out and find good traffic, you can do it at the click of a button.

     I have a simple system I use to build a list that can not only immediately
generate affiliate sales, but also will allow me to market more to the list on
the back end with other affiliate endorsements or even my own offers.

     In this report, I'll give you that step by step process.

Affiliate Landing Page Strategies
     You need a page that converts reasonably well, that is part of a sales
funnel, and that you can throw up and test quickly to determine whether a
niche or profitable or not.

     Why? Well, the hardest thing is to find the right niche and hit it with the
right offer. The traditional way is to spend a lot of agonizing hours doing
research and making sure your copy is “just right”.

     I hate that method. A better method is to go for the 80/20 rule of
landing pages. That is where you take what works most often, retrofit it very
quickly, throw it against the wall and see if it sticks. I like this method

     Its better to be fast than it is to be better. Want to know a shocking
secret? Most great marketers, when having to start over again, strike out
when it comes to picking the right niche and hitting it with the right offer.
Why? Because, it's largely speculative anyway. So forget trying to reason your
way to success. instead, fail your way to success.

    I'm usually right 3 out of 10 times. That's good enough for me! If I can
burn through 10 tests in one month, then guess what! I got three winners.
Repeat, repeat, repeat and you're building a nice little online passive income.

     So, rule one is picking the right niche and hitting it with the right offer.
The idea behind it is the more niches you try, the more you'll find winners.

     The second trick is making the math work. In this case, you need X
number of people to come to your page to get Y people who sign up, who end
up making you Z amount of dollars. Naturally, you want as big of percentage
of your traffic as possible signing up for your list.

     The more conversions you have, the more tricks you can use. First, you
can pay more for the traffic, which gives you competitive advantages.
Second, you can pay the same for the traffic, but earn more per person. In
other words, you can increase your bottom line without putting forth any
additional effort. NICE!

     So our goal is to develop a system that: Allows us to quickly locate a
niche, test an offer, design a landing page that has great conversion rates,
and start making affiliate commissions immediately! And not only do we want
to do all of that, we want to do it quick. I am not happy if I can't invade a
niche in less than 5 days.

     My unhappiness led me to develop such a system, and I'm going to share
it with you now.

Step One – Locate the Niche
    Here's our criteria for a good niche. First, it has to have good affiliate
products that we can promote. Just go to the common channels of affiliate
products and see what's out there. Check out clickbank, paydotcom,
commission junction and so on.

    To make it easier, let's just concentrate on information products That's
why I would start with clickbank.

     Ideally, we want to find a niche that has what I call “reasonable
competition”. Too little competition scares me, because it means that the
niche might not be easy to monetize, or that there is not enough people in
that niche to market to, or to create additional products for. Too much
competition means it's too hard to enter into the market and get attention.

     In other words don't go after “weight loss”, but at the same time don't
go after “weight loss for 86 year old Russian widows”. Here's my quick
formula – pick a super competitive niche, and then sub niche. A good sub
niche for weight loss would be “weight loss without exercise” or 'weight loss
with herbal supplements” or “weight loss without dieting” etc.

     Get it? Find a wide niche, and go one step up. Instead of “How to pick up
women” it might be “how to approach women”. Picking up women entails
approaching them, creating attraction and then getting them to go out with
you. Approaching them is just the first step. That is why it's a sub niche.

      If you're new to marketing or have never done this before, I'd start with
something that you're already reasonably knowledgeable in. Look at your
bookshelf. What topics are most common on your bookshelf? Now find
affiliate products in the same niche that only have “reasonable” competition.

     Don't try to make it perfect. I spend less than 3 hour on the niche. I'd
love to try to really teach you all the nuances of how to do this in a book, but
that'd be too hard. Real learning comes from experiencing, not from reading.
The more you do this, the more intuition you'll build up, and the better you'll
be at picking the niche.

Step 2 – the Offer
     Once you have the niche, your goal is to offer them something that
appears “irresistible”, and offer it to them for free. This is what you're going
to give them in exchange for them signing up for your list via your landing

      Here's my secret for brainstorming up an irresistible offer quickly.
Remember how we selected a niche that had some decent affiliate products
in it? Well, go back to those products. Keep in mind that these products are
successfully selling at a decent price (especially if they're $97 products).

     Think about it... if people are willing to pay $97 for this information – if
you gave similar portions of this information away from your website for
free... don't you think people would gobble it right up? Naturally, they would.

      So here's what you do – go to the sales page of these affiliate products.
Look at what they are offering. Read their bullet points. Find the five or six
hottest bullet points or the five or six most “irresistible” aspects of those
affiliate products.

     Guess what? Those are the 5 or 6 topics you'll create an information
report out of. Then, just do some quick research and collect the information
for those 5 or 6 topics. Once you have that information, you can either write
it out as a free report, or sketch out notes and simply record it as a free
audio recording.

     If you're really brave, you can try to locate 5 or 6 different experts who
can give information on those topics, call them up and then record them.
Bingo – instant product!

    Personally, I like to write my reports, because I can do this in a couple of
hours. For each topic, I'll do some quick research. Then I'll outline the
chapter like this:

    1. Why – why they should learn about this topic

    2. What – the concept, principles and the steps for using the information
       presented in this topic

    3. How – how to build skill in this topic or avoid sticking points when
       using the information about this topic

    4. What if – possible real world scenarios if what could happen if they
       used and mastered this information

      Then I just repeat this with each topic. AT the end of each topic, I
simply slide in an affiliate link for what I deem to be the most appropriate
affiliate product related to that offer.

    For example, one of my own products is how to create information
reports in 48 hours or less that you can sell for $47-$97. It uses the same
formula as above, but it really breaks down the process. If you want to know
more about this, just to go http://48hourreport.com

   Okay, the pitchman in me couldn't resist that excellent opportunity to
demonstrate firsthand how to do this.

     So here's what you have when you're finished – a good report loaded with
information that your niche finds interesting and wants to know about, and
also a bunch of affiliate links that you can make money from. Sweet!

Step 3 – Creating a Hot Landing Page
    You know what gets me going? When people stand around and argue
about a sales page. Don't they know that all arguments can be settled with a
simple test!

     I'd rather make money than argue, so I split test constantly. I want to
take the guess work out of it as much as possible.

     At the same time, I don't want to be one of those “cautious Kathys” who
are afraid to do anything. These are the people who send one kid to Sunday
school and keep one kid at home “just in case”. I want a very quick way to
test the most important elements in a systematic fashion so I can use as little
brain power as possible.

     So here's what I do – I write two headlines and create two different styles
of landing pages. That means I have four different landing pages total.

    Here's what I use for my headlines. The first headline has something to
do with “Secrets”. Examples:

    “Secrets Most Golfer Will Never Know About Putting...”

    “Five Simple Secrets to Negotiation Mastery...”

    “Six Sexy Secrets to Getting Women to Approach You...”

     The second headline has to do with the good old fashion “how to”.
Remember, they are seeking out valuable and relevant information. Let's take
the three examples outlined above and turn them into “how to” headlines:

    “How to Putt Better Your Very Next Time on the Course...”

    “How to Become A Master Negotiator In Five Simple Steps...”

    “How to Get Beautiful Women To Approach You...”

    Which headlines do you like better? Who cares! Remember, we're not
here to argue, we're hear to make money. We'll test them, and see which one
works better.

     So we have our headline. What do we do next? We test the landing page
style. There are two style I test. The first one is Headline, Bullet Points, Call
to Action. The Second is Headline, Reason Why, Bullet Points, Call to Action.

    So let's return back to the first headline, “Secrets Most Golfer Will Never
Know About Putting...”

It might look something like this:

                “Secrets Most Golfer Will Never
                    Know About Putting...”
     you're about to learn...

       How to improve your putting by at least 25% practicing only 10
        minutes a day

       The terrible danger of trying to mimic the “pros” when putting from
        25 feet out or longer

       How to safeguard your stance to prevent yourself from overshooting
        your putts

       A myth shattering trick on how to read the slope of any green you're

       The shameful piece of advice almost every putting instructional video
        gives you – and why it is wrong!

       How to get yourself into the “zone” to automatically improve your
        putting (a skill you can learn in 3 minutes that will instantly take
        strokes off your game)

       And more!

    To access this free information, simply fill in your name and a valid
email and click “free instant access now!"

    And then, of course, you'd put your auto responder form next. I just
made the bullets up off of the top of my head, in about two minutes using my
own personal bullet point swipe file.
     Naturally, you'd write your bullet points around the topics and
interesting stuff in your report.
      So that's your first landing page. Use both headlines and test it to see
which is better. For the second style of landing page, it'd work something like

                “Secrets Most Golfer Will Never
                    Know About Putting...”
     Dear Golfer,

     Frankly, I'm fed up with the crap that is being spread around the internet
by so-called golf pros and instructors. Most of it is wrong. Why do they
continually mislead us? Well, it's simple – they make a lot of money by selling
stuff to you over and over again.

      Think about it – if you buy one product of theirs on putting, and it
doesn't work, then they can say that it's your fault... perhaps you didn't use
the right “mindset”... and of course they'll show you the right mindset, but
it's going to cost you some more money.

     In other words, most are just flat out lying to you, when it comes down
to what to do and how to do it. So I'm getting my revenge right here on this
page. I've played golf for over 20 years, and had the fortune to learn from
insiders, exactly what to do and how to do it.

      And to prove it to you, I'm going to share with your this information...
for free! It's my way of sticking it to these charlatans. I've written a free
report about the real “secrets” of putting. In it, you'll discover...

       How to improve your putting by at least 25% by practicing only 10
        minutes a day

       The terrible danger of trying to mimic the “pros” when putting from
        25 feet out or longer

       How to safeguard your stance to prevent you overshooting your putts

       A myth shattering trick on how to read the slope of any green you're

       The shameful piece of advice almost every putting instructional video
        gives you – and why it is wrong!

       How to get yourself into the “zone” to automatically improve your
        putting (a skill you can learn in 3 minutes that will instantly take
        strokes off your game)

       And more!

    To access this free information, simply fill in your name and a valid
email and click “free instant access now!"

    Again, just off the top of my head. The only difference here is I gave a
“reason why” I'm giving you this free report.

     Here's what I know from experience – sometimes going straight into the
bullet points and leaving out the story is better, and sometimes including the
story is better. I have no idea why this is, nor do I care. I just test it in every
niche, and see the results.

    Testing it is simple. Send 100-200 visitors for the first landing page.
Repeat for the second, third and fourth pages. Then locate your winner.

     Once you have your winner, then I like to test it against itself four more
times. When you're done, you'll have a pretty good landing page that you
didn't have to put a lot of thought or effort into it.

     Of course, if after you test all four pages, and none perform to your
expectations, then just dump the niche and move onto something else.
Either you picked the wrong niche, made the wrong offer, wrote the copy too
poorly or a combination of all the above.

    Since it's so freaking cheap to test niches on the internet, I find it's
better to start over then to try to play detective.

Step 4: Work the Backed
     Once you have a winner, it's time to roll it out. First, get your auto
responders in place. I like to get 8-10 ready and queued up. since you know
you have a winner, spend some time to really give them “your best”.

     Ideally, you want to do three things with your auto responder – first you
want them to use the information you gave them in your report. The idea is
that you gave them good information, and you'll get a good relationship with
them if they actually use your information and get results from it.

     Second, you want to give them additional information, so you train them
to open up your messages in the future. And third, you want to offer them
more stuff to buy!

     You can mix the content so you do all three in each message. Or you can
devote single messages to each of these three things. Or you can alternate
between getting them to use the information you give and giving you more
information, with a “soft sell” at the button promoting an affiliate product.

    Of course, that's just the beginning. You can also poll your list and see
what they really want to learn, and then go out and find an expert that can
teach them. Then, naturally have that expert offer their course at the end,
which of course you'll collect a commission on.

    If you enjoyed this report, here are some other products I might you
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