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									          AUCTION SPONSORS
Kroeze Wolffis Funeral Home
Soft Touch Car Wash
Dick and Carol Dunning
Al and Ardes Baars
Oosting Burt and Associates
Rottier Auction Services
The Tubbergen Family
Fremont Insurance Company
Chris Suchner Insurance Agency / MEEMIC Ins. Co.
Ridgeview Industries
Grant, Fremont, & Newaygo Tire Wholesalers
Hansen Collision / Jason Brookhouse
Vogel Engineering
Deur Speet Motors
Cornerstone Radiator
Health Services Associates
Stoney Creek EasyPro
Michigan Produce Haulers
Huntington Bank
Gerber Federal Credit Union
Pine Medical Group
Mary Jane Wolffis
St. Bartholomew’s Church
                      AUCTION ITEMS
   1. PCHS Drama Tickets                      8. Gas Grill
Four Front Row Seats to the Spring          DUCANE three burner LP Gas Grill.
Drama Productions. Contact Robin                        Fremont Ace Hardware
Tyink to make arrangements.
                   PCHS Drama Club              9. Car Detailing Package
                                            Gift Certificate for a Gold auto detailing
    2. U of M Football Tickets              package.
Four tickets to a 2010 University of        Fremont Ford
Michigan Football Game. Date to be
determined by the donor between                 10. Photo Safari to South Africa
August 15 and Sept. 1, 2010.                        (X2)
     David M Byrne, Attorney At Law         Six day Photo Safari for two to South
   3. Griffins Tickets                                Kidder Safari Company Ltd.
Four tickets to a regular season Griffins
Game.                                           11. 60 Min. Sea Salt Scrub and
                  Grand Rapids Griffins             Total Body Massage
                                            Give yourself the gift of massage
   4. Shepler’s Mackinaw Island             designed to relieve tension and relax
       Ferry                                your muscles from head to toe.
Four VIP tickets to ride the Shepler’s         Hands on Healing Massage and Spa
Mackinaw Island Ferry.
     Shepler’s Mackinaw Island Ferry           12. Advertising Certificate
                                            Hi-Lites Shopper Advertising
   5. Gift Card                             Certificate.
Meijer Gift Card.                                               Hi-Lites Graphics
                                               13. Printing Services
   6. Gift Certificate (X2)                 Hi-Lites printing service certificate.
A Gift Certificate to the Log Carpenter.                           Hi-Lites Graphics
                           Log Carpenter
                                               14. Keepsake Photo Calendar
    7. Golf                                 Hi-Lites Keepsake Photo Calendar
Two complimentary 18 hole rounds of                             Hi-Lites Graphics
golf Monday through Thursday, without
car, at Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club.                15. Lube – Oil – Filter (X2)
                          Pilgrim’s Run     Gift Certificate for a lube-oil-filter up to
                                            5 quarts of oil, excludes diesels.
                                                                        Fremont Ford
    16. Gift Certificate                       23. SRM 24 Battery
Gift Certificate for merchandise at Eye    Interstate Deep Cycle Battery for Boats,
Care One.                                  Campers, Cabins, and 5th Wheels.
                           Eye Care One                Fremont Generator Service

   17. Tickets to West Michigan
       Symphony concert (X2)                  24. Purina Deer Blocks (X2)
Two tickets to a West Michigan                                  Fremont Co-op
Symphony concert. Subject to
availability. Concert information is          25. Purina Wild Bird Blocks (X2)
available at                                                    Fremont Co-op
              West Michigan Symphony          26. Suet (X4)
                                                                   Fremont Co-op
   18. Golf
Nine holes of golf at Western Greens in       27. Thistle Bird Seed (X4)
Marne, MI.                                                        Fremont Co-op
                       Western Greens
                                              28. Moped
   19. University of Michigan              2008 Blue Moped.
       Tickets                                                         Deur Speet
Four Tickets to a University of Michigan
Game at “The Big House” in the fall           29. Adirondack Chair (X2)
2010.                                      Hand made bright red
                     The White Agency      wooden Adirondack
   20. Beethoven’s Violin Concerto
Two tickets to the classical series
concert Beethovens Violin Concerto on                   Greg and Lori Van Boxel
February 5 or 6 at 8:00 p.m.
              Grand Rapids Symphony            30. One Week Stay in Florida
                                           One week use of a two bedroom condo
   21. Longaberger Pie Plate               in Kissimmee Florida.
Longaberger Woven                                       Greg and Lori Van Boxel
Traditions Pie Plate.
     Kroeze Wolffis/                          31. Tickets to the Chicago Cubs
         Ken Wolffis                       Four tickets to a Chicago Cubs baseball
   22. Longaberger Bowl                               Kevin and Colleen Traverse/
Large Bright Multi                                        Greg and Lori Van Boxel
Color Longaberger
Woven Traditions                              32. PCHS Boys’ Soccer Ball
Bowl.                                      PCHS Autographed 2009 Season Soccer
        Jane Wolffis                       Ball.
                                                               PCHS Athletics
   33. PCHS Girls’ Volleyball              43. Homemade Cookies
PCHS Autographed 2009 Season             Two dozen homemade cookies each
Volleyball.                              month for one year.
                    PCHS Athletics                       Max and Ann Luchies

   34. PCHS Family Sports Pass (X2)         44. Backpack Sprayer
                    PCHS Athletics       Echo MS-100 Backpack sprayer.
                                                          Pell’s Farm Service
   35. One Night Stay (X2)
One night stay Mon-Thurs. Hot Tub             45. Assorted Christmas Cookies
Room at the Shack Bed and Breakfast in   Fifteen dozen assorted Christmas
White Cloud.                             cookies and bars, ready for your freezer
           The Shack Bed & Breakfast     in disposable, freezer-safe containers.
                                         They will be delivered to your home the
   36. Eye Exam                          first week in December. Enough for
One Adult Eye Exam.                      several trays of cookies for all your
           Jeffrey B. Byland O.D.P.C.    holiday gatherings.
                                                                       Linda Bont
   37. Afghan
Crocheted Afghan – Blue Rose- School        46. Banket
Colors.                                  Twelve Packages of Banket (dutch
                  Bill & Delores Krise   almond pastry).
                                                               Marie Terpstra
   38. Quilted Purse (X2)
Handmade Quilted Purse.                     47. Lies, Lies, and More Lies
                 Bill & Delores Krise    This book is written by Dr. Norman
   39 Peanut Butter Fudge (X2)                               Dr. Norman DeJong
Approximately 2 lbs of homemade
Peanut Butter Fudge.                        48. Separation of Church and
                  Bill & Delores Krise          State
                                         This book is written by Dr. Norman
   40. Chocolate Fudge (X2)              DeJong.
Approximately 2 lbs of homemade                              Dr. Norman DeJong
Chocolate Fudge.
                  Bill & Delores Krise      49. God’s Wedding Band
                                         This book is written by Dr. Norman
   41. Alma College T-Shirt              DeJong.
                       Alma College
                                            50. Education in the Truth
   42. Museum of Science and Ind.        This book is written by Dr. Norman
Voucher good for four general            DeJong.
admission tickets to the Museum of                           Dr. Norman DeJong
Science and Industry in Chicago.
     Museum of Science and Industry
   51. Teaching For a Change                 59. Sporting Collectable
This book is written by Dr. Norman        Sporting Collectable of old original
DeJong.                                   Remington fire arms poster from the
                    Dr. Norman DeJong     1930’s.
                                                        Doug and Marleen Frens
    52. Sporting Collectable
Collection of old wooden fishing             60. Grand Rapids Children’s
bobbers including some very old hand              Museum
painted bobbers.                          Family Fun Pack of four admission
               Doug and Marleen Frens     passes good for one year.
                                              Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
   53. Leaf Blower
EarthWise cordless leaf blower.               61. Cookies
       Bruce and Donna Essebaggers        Two dozen cookies once per month for a
   54. The Sheridan House Bed &                                        Val Volz
        Breakfast                             62. Guitar Hero
One night stay –includes horsd’oeuveres   Guitar Hero Rock Band Beetles Edition
and breakfast. Excludes July and          for Nintendo WII.
August.                                                Greg and Lori Van Boxel
         Lou and Paula Meeuwenberg
                                             63. Auto Detail
    55. Cookies                           One Full Auto detail.
Three-four dozen cookies per month,                        Fremont Rapid Lube
different varieties.
                      Chris DeKuiper         64. Oil Change
                                          Auto Oil Change.
    56. Basket of Goodies “Mosaic”                         Fremont Rapid Lube
This basket will include a variety of
items all donated by the members of the        65. Yearbooks
PCHS Student Council.                     Collection of PCHS yearbooks since the
                        Student Council   first PCHS yearbook dating back to
    57. Gift Certificate (X2)                             PCHS Yearbook Staff
Gift certificate for Country Squire
Pharmacy.                                    66. Movie Basket
                  Jud Afman/Vic Luchies                               Class of 2011
              Country Squire Pharmacy
                                             67. Spa Basket
   58. Gift Card                                                      Class of 2010
Russ’ Restaurants gift card.
                                 Russ’       68. Firewood
                                          One rick of oak firewood.
                                                                          Bill Rose
   69. Sombrero Mexicano con                    79. 1997 Monte Carlo
       Sorpresas                             Low Miles 87,750 - V-6 (3.1 liter)
                      Class of 2012          Engine – Automatic
                                             Transmission –
   70. Doe Hunt                              Power Windows
One Doe Hunt at the Deer Tracks Ranch.       and Locks – Air
   Dave Tuxbury/Deer Tracks Ranch            Conditioning – Anti
                                             Lock Brakes – Good Tires – Aluminum
    71. Freshman Basket                      Wheels – AM/FM Stereo w/cassette –
This basket will be filled with hot cocoa,   Cruise Control – Dual Front Air Bags
coffee, tea, and much more.                  Previously owned by Henrietta
                            Class of 2013    VanMeekeren
    72. Maple Syrup                                   Deur Speet Motors & Friends
One Quart Maple Syrup.
                         Larry Brinkman          80. Auto Detail and Oil Change
                                             One Full Auto Detail and Full Service
    73. Will and General Power of            Oil Change
        Attorney Services                                     Fremont Rapid Lube
Simple wills, general power of attorney,
and durable health care power of                81. Hay or Sleigh Ride
attorney for husband and wife.               A Hay or Sleigh Ride for 10 people.
               Springstead Law Offices                      Ron and Brenda Nelson

   74. Texas Roadhouse                           82. Decorative Glazed Pumpkin
One Entrée at the Texas Roadhouse in         Decorative glazed pumpkin filled with
Muskegon                                     treats.
                      Texas Roadhouse                              Sharon Folkema

   75. Texas Roadhouse (X5)                      83. Square Snowman
Appetizer at the Texas Roadhouse in          Square snowman plate with scotharoos,
Muskegon.                                    cream cheese bars, and special K
                      Texas Roadhouse        cookies.
                                                                    Sharon Folkema
    76. Mary Kay Cosmetics (X4)
Gift certificates for Mary Kay                   84. Holland Grill
Cosmetics.                                   Portable Gas Grill– Stainless steel
                           Dee DeKryger      construction – Great for Tail Gate
   77. Hand Made Lap Quilt                                Reeman Farm Equipment
              Friend of Providence

   78. Shedd Aquarium                            85. Hat and Mitten Set
VIP Certificate to Shedd Aquarium in         Gift Certificate and Artesania Alpaca
Chicago, Illinois.                           Wool Hat and Mitten Set.
www.sheddaquarium.org                                                          Glik’s/
                       Shedd Aquarium                                Sandra Ryswick
   86. Christmas Wall Hanging                95. Gerald R. Ford Presidential
Hand Quilted Christmas Wall Hanging.              Museum
                      Friend of PCHS      Four tickets to the Gerald R. Ford
                                          Presidential Museum.
    87. Pair of TV Tables                  Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
Solid oak TV Tables.
                      Friend of PCHS          96. Picture Frame
                                          Woven Traditions cornflower blue 4 x6
                                          picture frame.
    88. Gift Container with Cookies                                Jane Wolffis
Gift Container with four dozen cookies.
                        Friend of PCHS        97. Picture Frame
                                          Woven Traditions Sage 4 x 6 picture
   89. McCoy Antique Pottery Dish         frame.
McCoy antique pottery dish filled with                              Jane Wolffis
sweet treats.
                      Friend of PCHS          98. Hand Knitted Blanket
                                          Hand knitted denim specked colored
   90. Soap Basket                        blanket with block design.
Basket filled with hand made scented                                 Jane Wolffis
                         Cheri Spoelma       99. Fishing Rod and Reel
                                          E.C. Rod/Reel Combo.
   91. Flag                                               Parsley’s Sport Shop
Flag with flagpole.
                      Norman DeJong           100. Pin
                                          Pin Hand Crafted by one of our PCHS
   92. 20 X 20 Tent Rental                students
One 20 X 20 Tent Rental Delivered, Set                              Amy Knuver
Up and Taken Down.
                      Got U Covered/          101. Earrings
                        Les VanDyke/      Hand Crafted Earrings made by one of
                          Scott Tyink     our PCHS students.
                                                                   Amy Knuver
  93. Pistons Tickets
Two tickets to a 2009-10 Pistons Game.        102.Tamales
                   NBA Detroit Pistons    Six dozen hot tamales and 6 dozen
                                          regular tamales.
   94. Kentucky Horse Park                           Corey and Santa Sokolowski
Family four Pack of tickets to Kentucky
Horse Park.                                  103. Hall Tree
                 Kentucky Horse Park      Hand Crafted Oak Hall
                                             Art and Arlene Tibbe
   104. Afghan Rack                             113. Deer Plot Seed
Hand Crafted Oak Afghan                     Brier Ridge brand deer plot seed. 10lbs
Rack.                                       of Horn Honey variety. Plants one acre.
    Art and Arlene Tibbe                                                Wilbur Ellis

  105. Pillow                                   114. Top Soil
Two Handmade Deer throw pillows.            10 yards of screened premium top soil.
              Art and Arlene Tibbe          Best delivered and spread in the Spring
                                            of 2010.
  106. Pillow                                     Rick’s Trucking and Excavating
Two Handmade Horse throw pillows.
              Art and Arlene Tibbe             115. Tools
                                            Premium wrench set, pliers set and
   107. White Afghan                        punch set.
    Art and Arlene Tibbe                               Reeman Farm Equipment

                                               116. Toy Gravity Wagon
                                                       Reeman Farm Equipment
   108. Curves
One Three Month Membership.                    117. Chain
                 Curves of Newaygo          High tensile 16’ tow chain.
                                                         Reeman Farm Equipment
    109. Pampered Chef Gift Basket
A basket containing a fabulous                 118. Fancy Pie Basket
assortment of products from the             Longaberger fancy pie
Pampered Chef. Save them for yourself       basket in warm brown.
or use as a head start in your Christmas                  Jane Wolffis
gift buying!
                            Kari Dunning        119. Black Lab Puppy
                                            Twelve week old black lab
   110. Spring Lawn Fertilizer              puppy-
Four 50lb bags of spring lawn fertilizer.   AKC Registerd -UKC available
                            Wilbur Ellis    Sire / Father OFA excellent hips,
                                            good elbows - National Chapion
   111. Home Grown Beef                     Blood Lines (hunt/field) -Father
25lbs of Home Grown Ground Beef.            is black - Dame/Mother – is
                     Dunning Farms          chocolate 7yrs old no hip/elbow.
                                            Blood line papers at auction.
    112. Deer Plot Seed                                         Kirk and Jen Visser
Brier Ridge brand deer plot seed. 10lbs
of Easy II Grow variety. Plants one            120. Wall Hanging and Pillow
acre.                                       Hand Made Wall Hanging and
                            Wilbur Ellis    Matching Pillow.
                                                             Donna Knuver
   121. Decorative Sheep                       129. Hats
Three hand crafted decorative sheep.        Team Stihl Hat, and Husqvarna Hat.
                        Donna Knuver         Steele/Husqvarna Dealer in Newaygo

                                                130. Bean Box
                                            Parents check this out!! What a
                                            wonderful gift for a child. Here we have
   122. Pub Table and Chairs                a Rubbermaid tub filled with beans,
                         Rick Zahrt/        complete with measuring cups and a
                   Terry’s Furniture        plastic table cloth. When your child
                                            can’t go out to play in the sand why not
   123. Gift Certificate for                play indoors? This bean box is just like
       Karnemaat Greenhouses                a sand box with out the mess.
             Karnemaat Greenhouses                                Donna VanderArk

   124. Coffee Table                           131. Gift Basket
Antiqued white window coffee table.                                    Tasty Cakery
                   Karnemaat Farms
                                               132. Gourmet Carmel Apples
    125. Frozen Meals                                            Tasty Cakery
A cooler filled with Cranberry Chicken,
Stuffed Shells, Chicken Cordon Bleu            133. Longaberger Pan
Lasagna, Farmers Casserole, Cheddar         Longaberger Vintage Vine 9x13 pan.
Meatloaf, and Crunchy Top Ham and                            Friend of Providence
Potato Casserole. Each pan is
homemade, frozen in disposable tins            134. Machine Quilted Throw
with cooking directions and each pan                       Friend of Providence
feeds 4-5 people.
       Ruth Wyn and Julie Karnemaat            135. Wrought Iron and Oak Shelf
                                                           Friend of Providence
     126. Gas Grill
Three Burner LP Gas Grill with 20lb            136. Three Collector Mother’s
filled Propane Tank.                               Day Plates
                  Crystal Flash Energy                           Cora Longstreet

   127. Drilling Set                            137. Cookie Baking Party
Black and Decker Drilling Set.              A Three hour cookie baking party. The
                  Haveman Hardware          guests will be able to bake, frost,
                                            decorate, taste, and take home their own
    128. Seasoned Salt                      cookies. The party will accommodate
Dianes’s Seasoned Salt – Use on all         up to six girls. With three instructors
meats, great on baked potatoes, great for   they will be kept very busy.
grilling as well as crock pot meals.             Gloria Miller, and Linda & Jenna
                     Haveman Hardware                                             Bont
138. Fishing Trip on Lake                148. Baby Blanket
     Michigan                            Handmade white baby blanket.
A fishing trip on Lake Michigan for                          Sally Bielema
                     Steve Ouwinga       149. Purse
                                         Handmade navy and green felted
139. Hand Made Baby Blanket              purse.
                       Val Volz                              Sally Bielema

140. Helmet                              150. Socks
Blue HGC Helmet size medium.             One pair of handmade blue and
          Dr. Berndt & Dr. Gage          green knitted socks.
                                                              Sally Bielema
141. Helmet
White HJC Helmet size small.             151. Bath Basket
           Dr. Berndt & Dr. Gage         A basket is filled with bath and
                                         beauty items.
142. 2009 ETON Scooter                                           Sally Bielema
2009 ETON Sport 50cc Scooter.
Taxes paid by Donor.                     152. Internet Launch Pad
            Dr. Berndt & Dr. Gage        Fisher Price Easy Link Internet
                                         Launch Pad. Automatically links
143. “An Apple A Day Keeps The           kids to favorite character websites
     Doctor Away” Basket                 for online fun and games.
A delightful basket filled with apple            @ Home Computer Services
jelly, apple cider, and apple pie.
                           Jane Visser   153. Game Manager
                                         APC SurgeArrest Game Manager
144. Bread                               Guaranteed Lightning and Surge
Jesse Pell’s famous homemade             Protection.
bread.                                          @ Home Computer Services
                         Jesse Pell
                                         154. Optical Mouse
145. Christmas Cookie Sampler            Card Reader/Writer Optical Mouse
                       Jesse Pell        reads compact flash and secure
                                         digital media cards.
146. Bonner’s CHRISTmas                          @ Home Computer Services
Gift Certificate to Bonner’s.            155. Moroccan Plate
  Bonner’s Christmas Wonderland                   Mark and Stacy Luckey

147. Scarf                               156. Ugandan Basket
Pale blue and white handmade scarf.               Mark and Stacy Luckey
                      Sally Bielema
157. Quilt                              165. Cork Board Trivet
Handmade quilt                          Two handcrafted cork board trivets.
                     Frank Morgan                               Jim Hertel

158. Pasta Set                          166. Apples
Dreams swirl and twirl around me.       Bags of Michigan Apples.
Oodles of noodles were never so                         Kooistra Orchards
much fun. Festively designed
stoneware includes one large serving    167. Pizza Party (X2)
bowl and four individual bowls.         A complete pizza party for up to 20
                        Bev Koning      individuals at Bellacino’s Pizza and
                                        Grinders in North Muskegon.
159. Carrying Bag W/ Goodies               Newaygo Insurance Agency, Inc.
Green carrying bag filled with
everything you need for an overnight    168. Snow Thrower
trip including hand lotion, soap, lip   Troy Bilt 26” Two Stage Snow
balm, chocolates, biscotti, coffee,     Thrower. Electric Start, All Wheel
and honey.                              Drive, Six Forward, Two Reverse,
                          Bev Koning    Headlights, Two Year Warranty.
                                             Pell’s Farm Service & Friends
160. Teeth Whitening
One take home whitening procedure       169. Massage
with a starter whitening kit.           One ½ hour massage.
                          Bev Koning       Amanda Bazzett / Body Kneads

161. Umbrella (X2)                      170. Babysitting
Green and white umbrella.               Are you in need of a break from the
                            Menards     kids? Are you planning a shopping
                                        day? Take advantage of this one day
162. Creation Museum                    babysitting package. Kayla and Yui
Two tickets to the Creation Museum.     will play games and do a craft or
                  Creation Museum       activity with your child or children.
                                        Lots of fun guaranteed.
163. Bavarian Inn (X2)                          Kayla Sherman & Yui Kong
Enjoy a family style chicken dinner
at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth.     171. Tanning Package
                        Bavarian Inn    One month unlimited tanning, eye
                                        goggles, one bottle of tanning lotion,
164. Silver Earrings & Necklace         and one bottle of moisturizing lotion.
“So Rachel” by Longaberger silver          Rogers Tropics/Ashley Alderink
Earrings with crystal tacks, complete
with a matching necklace.
                         Jane Wolffis
172. Fall Photo
This beautiful fall photo was taken    182. Coffee Cups
and donated by one of our own          Set of eight crystal coffee cups.
PCHS students.                                               Peg Burmeister
                      Kayla Sherman
173. Facial                            183. T-Shirt (X2)
One half hour facial.                  Ferris State Bulldog T-Shirt.
  Roger’s Tropics / Tanya Pearson
                                       184. T-Shirt
174. Honey                             Kuyper College T-Shirt and Pennant.
One quart of honey.                                      Kuyper College
               Harold & Win Kolk
                                       185. Afghan
175. Maple Syrup                       Blue, Green, and White Handmade
One quart of maple syrup.              afghan.
               Harold & Win Kolk
                                       186. Wall Scanner
176. Jam                               Multi-Scanner One Step 5-Function
Assorted jars of homemade              Wall Scanner
strawberry, blueberry and peach jam.                Rosenberg Hardware
                Harold & Win Kolk
                                       187. Miter Saw Laser Guide
177. Henrietta VanMeekeren’s           Irwin Miter Saw Laser Guide.
    Meringues                                        Rosenberg Hardware
Here is your chance to receive two
dozen of Henrietta’s famous            188. Multi-Tool (X2)
meringue cookie’s per month for one    Sheffield 17-in-1 Precision Multi-
year. Don’t miss out!!                 Tool.
           Henrietta VanMeekeren                      Rosenberg Hardware

178. Vest                              189. Screwdriver Set
Ladies size large white zip up the     Seven Piece Screwdriver set.
front vest.                                         Rosenberg Hardware
            Henrietta VanMeekeren
                                       190. Boss Audio System
179. Calvin Blanket                    In-Dash AM/FM CD Receiver with
Calvin sweatshirt blanket              Drop-Down, Bull Detachable Front
                      Calvin College   Panel.
                                                   Rosenberg Hardware
180. Watch
Ladies Cold Water Creek Watch.         191. Wireless Mic System
                   Peg Burmeister      Be heard without cumbersome cords.
                                       Includes lapel mic, clip on
181. Bracelet                          transmitter and receiver, built in
Ladies Cold Water Creek Bracelet.      noise reduction.
                   Peg Burmeister                     Rosenberg Hardware
192. Speaker System                    201. Fossil Plate
Altec Lansing speaker system for PC    Fossil Plate from the Atlas
and MP3 players.                       Mountains of Morocco.
              Rosenberg Hardware                   Mark and Stacy Luckey

193. Jisgsaw                           202. Solar Light Yard Ornament
Black & Decker 3.5 Amp Variable                        Barbara Thatcher
Speed Jigsaw.
              Rosenberg Hardware       203. Apple Pie (X2)
                                                       Barbara Thatcher
194. Maxi Rack Shelf Storage
This heavy duty, five shelf modular    204. Dinner Rolls
system will hold up to 1500 lbs. per   Two Dozen Homemade Dinner
shelf.                                 Rolls.
              Rosenberg Hardware                       Barbara Thatcher

195. Card Table and Chairs             205. Ace Hardware Collectible
Cosco 5-Piece Table & Chair Set.           Toy Truck
             Rosenberg Hardware                    Cronk Ace Hardware

196. Sweeper Vac                       206. 9x13 Baking Dish
Dirt Devil 7.2 Volt cordless           Longaberger Vintage Vine 9x13
rechargeable vacuum sucks up dirt      Baking Dish… Made of vitrified
and debris. Light and easy to          china, this lovely blue mist dish can
maneuver. Great for all hard floors.   be put in the freezer, oven, micro-
               Rosenberg Hardware      wave and dishwasher.
                                                                Jane Wolffis
197. Hand Vac
Shark Turbo Hand Vac.                  207. “Death by Chocolate” Cake
             Rosenberg Hardware                        Jonie Tubbergen

198. Coleman Cooler                    208. Silk Flower Arrangement
Coleman Steel Belted Cooler.                                 Mary Janes
             Rosenberg Hardware
                                       209. Necklace, Bracelet, and
199. Yankee Candle                         Earring Set.
Macintosh Spice 22oz Yankee            Green Aventurine and Sterling Silver
Candle.                                Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring Set.
              Haveman Pharmacy                              Judy TerHorst

200. Yankee Candle                     210. Portable Honda Generator
Cranberry Chutney 22oz Yankee                       Powers Motor Sports
              Haveman Pharmacy

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