Punishment; Prison

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					Punishment; Prison
• What is the definition of a crime?

• Why do people break the law?

• Give an example of a non-indictable

• Give an example of an indictable offence
• Chris Brown beat up
  singer Rhianna so that
  she looked like this:

He was punished with community
service and has to keep a distance of at least 100 yards
  from her for the next 5 years.

Do you think this punishment is appropriate? Why/why not?

Discuss in groups of two and write down an answer.
• You will be given a sheet of scenarios of
  different crimes. Decide in your groups of
  two what punishment they deserve. 5
• Make a mindmap in your groups showing
  why we punish criminals. 2 minutes.

              Why do we
        4 aims of punishment
1. Deterrent
-this means punishment is meant to stop offenders
      from committing any further crimes.
-it is hoped that fear of punishment will stop other
      individuals from committing crimes.

2. Protection
-locking people away to protect society and
    themselves from anti-social behaviour
3. Retribution
-This is based on the Old Testament idea of ‘an
     eye for an eye’
-If someone has done something wrong then they
     should be given a punishment that fits the

4. Reform.
-Prison should be used to try to change the
    criminal so that they no longer want to commit
• Look at the following scenarios in your
  groups of two.
• Is the person described being locked away
  as a deterrant, for protection, retribution,
  reform, or a mixture of both?
    Scenario 1
Aileen Wuornos was the first female
American serial killer who killed seven men
in Florida between 1989 and 1990, later
claiming they raped or attempted to rape
her while she was working as a prostitute.
She was convicted and sentenced to death
for six of the murders, and executed via
lethal injection on October 9, 2002.
              Scenario 2
Gerry from the Gorbels was put into a young
 offenders’ institution when he was 17 for
 GBH. While he was there he attended an
 anger management course and achieved
 some qualifications which helped him to
 start his own business when he got out of
 prison. He is now a respectable member
 of society and runs 3 businesses.
Scenario 3
   Paris Hilton was caught
   driving a car with no
   headlights when she
   was banned from
   driving in 2007 for drink
   driving and was
   sentenced to 45 days in
   prison. Some argued that
   not everyone spends this
   much time in prison for this
   and her sentence was too
                Scenario 4.
Amy Winehouse’s husband,
Blake Fielder-Civil, was
arrested for possession of
Class A drugs in 2007. He
was considered to be a danger
to himself and to Amy, who he
also got addicted to drugs.
Whilst in prison, he was
rehabilitated off the drugs and
Amy gradually improved also.
  Design your own Prison cell!
• Using a full page in your jotters, design
  your own prison.
• Consider what will be in your prison cell, if
  it is big/small, whether it has windows or
  not… It can be as nice or as nasty as you