Starters Fresh Salads _ Homemade by fjhuangjun


                    Mushrooms, mozzarella cheese sticks, pickle chips and fried green tomatoes
                           served with ranch and marinara. **Sorry, No Substitutes**

  Homemade Onion Rings                                                 HomeStyle Golden Brown Curly Cue Fries
  Famous hand cut and hand battered onion rings.                       Regular
  Best in Town!!!                                                      With Cheese
                                                                       Chili & Cheese
  Fried Mushrooms
  Fried to a Golden brown served with ranch or                         Pickle Chips
  horseradish sauce.
                                                                       Dill pickle chips battered and fried. Served
                                                                       with ranch dressing.
  Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
  Served with marinara sauce.                                          Fire Rings
                                                                       Jalapeno rings fried to a golden brown. Served
  Jalapeno Poppers                                                     with ranch dressing.
  Fried jalapenos stuffed with cheese, chicken and
  chipotle peppers. Served with ranch dressing.                        Fried Green Tomatoes
                                                                       Juicy green tomatoes lightly battered and fried.
  Quesadillas                                                          Served with ranch dressing.
  Grilled Flour tortilla with melted cheddar and
  monterey jack cheese.
  With grilled chicken.
    With grilled shrimp.

                      Fresh Salads & Homemade Soups
                Chicken Noodle Soup                                                  Mexican Vegetable Soup
            Always a favorite! Full of tender                            Chunky veggie soup made with only the freshest
                 Chicken and veggies.                                                     ingredients.

                   Texas Style Chili                                                      Soup of the Day
                Our Famous Spicy Chili!                                              Ask your server for today’s.

House Salad                                                        Dinner Salad
Crispy greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and                     Smaller version of the House salad, but just as good!

Chef Salad                                                         Chicken Tender Salad
Turkey, cheese and bacon on top of crispy lettuce                  Our famous chicken tenders topped off with bacon,
with fresh veggies.                                                cheese and fresh trimmings.

Santa Fe Salad
Juicy marinated or regular grilled chicken breast on               Chicken Caesar Salad
top of crispy lettuce and all the trimmings.                       Marinated or regular grilled chicken breast on a bed
                                                                   of romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing.

                                                Soup and Salad Combo
               Soup of the Day, Mexican Vegetable, or Chicken Noodle served with our House Salad.

        Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, 1000 Island, Oil and Vinegar, Italian, Chipotle Ranch and Lite Ranch.
                           Our Famous Chicken Wings
    Wings served just the way you like ‘em. Crisp on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, Never
                                  breaded…”What Spice Are You?”
               Mild                                Mild Garlic                          Spicy BBQ
               Medium                              Medium Garlic                        Hawaiian
               HOT                                 HOT Garlic                           Chipotle Ranch
              EXTRA HOT
              EXTRA HOT
              EXTRA HOT                            Extra Hot Garlic                     Lemon Pepper
                                                                                        Lemon Pepper
                                                                                        Lemon Pepper
                                                   Garlic Parmesan                      Chipotle Honey Mustard
                                         (Ask your server for a free sample.)
              Small (5 piece)                     Medium (10 Piece)                      Large (15 Piece)

         Small, Medium & Large piece served with your choice of celery or carrots & ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

                                      Boneless Chicken Wings
                         Same great taste without the bones, dipped in your choice of spice.
                       Served with ranch or bleu cheese. (Sorry, not available with Party Trays)

              Small (5 piece)                     Medium (10 Piece)                      Large (15 Piece)

                                                 Party Trays
                   25 Wings                50 Wings                 75 Wings           100 Wings

                      Party Trays served with your choice of either ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

                                             Baby Back Ribs
          Our signature honey sweet and spicy recipe, slow roasted…Fall off the Bone Delicious!

                 Half Rack                         F u l l R a ck                 Lunch Rack*

                              Includes Garlic Bread and your choice of Two Side Orders
*One half rack of our sweet and tender honey glazed ribs. Available Monday thru Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

                                       All Your Favorites
Wing & Rib Feast                                                     Wing & Rib Sampler
A pound and a half of ribs, sixteen buffalo                          Five wings any style and four sweet tender
wings, garlic bread, and choice of four side                         honey glazed ribs, garlic bread and choice of
orders. Enough for 2 or more!                                        two side orders.

Half Wing & Rib Feast                                                Wing & Tender Combo
Half rack of ribs, eight buffalo wings, garlic                       8 wings of your choice or flavor, three chicken
bread, and choice of two side orders.                                tenders, fries, and choice of two dressings.
                                       Steak & Chicken
Chicken Tenders
Best Tenders in Town!!! Large portion of freshly hand-breaded tenders served with curly fries and
your choice of honey mustard or cream gravy.

Steak Fingers
Generous portion of freshly hand-breaded steak served with curly fries and gravy.

Chicken Fried Steak
A Texas portion of freshly hand-breaded round steak served with a dinner salad, curly fries, cream
gravy and garlic toast.

Chicken Fried Chicken Platter
Freshly hand-breaded chicken breast served with a dinner salad, curly fries, cream gravy and garlic

Grilled Chicken Breast Plate
A Boneless skinless 8 oz. breast of chicken prepared regular or marinated in our medium garlic sauce,
served with sautéed vegetables, sliced tomatoes, and a dinner salad.

Super Chicken & Steak Combo Platter
Combination platter of 10 chicken tenders and 10 steak fingers served with fries and gravy.

                                            Fish & Shrimp
              Served with your choice of two side orders and either cocktail or tarter sauce.

Catfish Dinner Filets
A generous portion of farm raised catfish: Grilled, Blackened or Fried.

Gulf Shrimp
Fresh gulf shrimp your choice, Grilled, Blackened of Fried.

Shrimp & Fish Combo
A combination platter of gulf shrimp and catfish: Grilled, Blackened or Fried.

Shrimp Po’Boy
Grilled, Blackened or Fried Shrimp on a grilled sub bun. Served with your choice of side.

                                                Side Items
Bleu Cheese & Celery                             Macaroni Salad
                                                                                       Potato Salad
Corn on the Cob                                  Mashed Potatoes
                                                                                       Baked Beans
Cole Slaw                                        Sautéed Veggies
                        Half Pound Texas Size Burgers
The Original
Juicy thick ½ pound burger served with lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle.
Add your choice of American, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Provolone Cheese

Bacon Cheese Burger
Smoked hickory bacon on top of our delicious Original burger with your choice of American,
Swiss, or Provolone Cheese.

Mushroom Swiss Burger
Sweet grilled onions and sautéed mushrooms top this tasty burger.                                Add Grilled
Spicy BBQ Burger
A mouth-watering blend of wing and BBQ sauce topped off with American cheese.

Pico Burger
Fresh Pico de gallo, crispy bacon, swiss and provolone cheese top this juicy burger.

Buffalo Burger
Hot wing sauce and provolone cheese top this super lean buffalo meat burger.

Jalapeno Burger                                                                                       Add
Pickled jalapenos, bacon and pepper jack cheese top off this burger.                               Jalapenos
Chipotle Bleu Cheese Burger
Spicy chipotle ranch, bleu cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato & pickles.

                                          From the Grill
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Regular or Marinated 8 oz. grilled chicken breast served on a sub bun with lettuce and tomato.

Jerk Chicken Sandwich
Grilled jerk chicken topped off with pepper jack cheese, bacon and chipotle ranch dressing.
All served on a grilled sub bun.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Chicken lightly battered and fried to a golden brown, then dipped in our famous                    Add
wing sauce served on Texas toast.                                                                Cheese or
Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Mesquite smoked turkey breast topped with Swiss cheese served on a sub bun.

Philly Cheese Steak
Tender and Juicy! Philly steak grilled with onions, bell peppers and loaded
with melted cheese.

Tender Wrap
Our famous chicken tenders wrapped in a soft flour tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes,
cheddar jack cheese, hot wing sauce, and ranch dressing.
                                                                                                   Add Grilled
Grilled Chicken Wrap                                                                               Mushrooms
Our tender marinated chicken breast grilled with green bell peppers and onions wrapped in a
soft flour tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar jack cheese.

Philly Cheese Steak Wrap
Philly cheese steak wrapped in a soft tortilla with grilled onions, green bell peppers, and
melted cheese.

      All burgers and sandwiches served with HomeStyle Curly French Fries or your choice of one side order.
                       Add chili or cheese to curly fries or add chili and cheese to curly fries
                                    Just For Kids
                                  For children under 12 years young

                       Chicken Tenders                         Grilled Cheese

                       Hot Dog                                 Kid’s Burger

                       Buffalo Wings                           Grilled Chicken Tenders

                       Mac & Cheese                            Bite Size Corn Dogs

                       Served with HomeStyle curly fries, small drink and ice cream.

      Fried Ice Cream                                       Cheese Cake
      Our secret recipe guaranteed to cure                  Topped with Strawberry or Chocolate
      any sweet tooth!!! Serves two to three.               topping.

                                       Brownie Sundae Supreme
                Vanilla ice cream over a big moist chocolate brownie, topped with hot fudge
                 and chopped walnuts. Every chocolate lovers dream!!! Big enough for two!

      Three Layer Carrot Cake                                         Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop

  Thirst Quenchers                               Coffee                                       Milk
 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite,
  Dr. Pepper, Root Beer,                                                           Sorry, No Free Refills.
  Lemonade, & Iced Tea
  Includes Free Refills!

Ask your server to see our Bar Menu…Compllete wiith an extensiive
Ask your server to see our Bar Menu…Comp ete w th an extens ve
 sellectiion of Draft & Bottlled Beers,, Margariita’’s,, Mexiican Martiinii’’s,,
 se ect on of Draft & Bott ed Beers Margar ta s Mex can Mart n s
                       and our Siignature Driinks!!!!!!
                       and our S gnature Dr nks

                                 Happy Hour
                                  Happy Hour
                Monday thru Saturday
                Monday thru Saturday        2::00pm to 7::00pm
                                            2 00pm to 7 00pm
                            Allll Day on Sunday
                             A Day on Sunday

                               15% Gratuity added to parties of 8 or more.

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