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									Advance Directives
and End-of-Life Issues
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 your organization and community

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Advance Directives
and End-of-Life Decisions
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Discuss advance directives and end-of-life
 care decisions

Learn the different types of advance

Recognize advantages and disadvantages of
 advance directives

Identify resources that can help you complete
 your advance directives
Do you have a written plan stating what
health care treatments you would or
would not want if you could not speak
for yourself?
Why Bother?
Why You Need
Advance Directives
Your wishes will be known

Only used if you are unable to express your

This can happen to anyone – at any age

Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind –
 write down your wishes!
Interesting to note…
Most Americans – 88 percent – feel
  comfortable discussing issues relating to
  death and dying*

Yet only 42% have a living will*

*National Survey on Death, Dying, and Hospice Care in
  America, VITAS Innovative Healthcare, 2004
What are Advance Directives?
A written statement of your wishes,
 preferences and choices regarding
 end-of-life health care decisions

A tool to help you think through and
 communicate your choices
Advance Directives
Written instructions about future medical care

Only used:
   If you are seriously ill or injured, and
   Unable to speak for yourself

Should include:
   Living will
   Medical (health care) power of attorney
What is a Living Will?
A legal document with your wishes about
 medical treatment

You choose:
   What you do want
   What you don’t want
What is a Medical Power of
A legal form that states who you want to make
 decisions about medical care

The person is authorized to speak for you ONLY
 if you are unable to make your own medical

May also be called:
   "health care proxy or agent"
   “health care surrogate”
   "durable power of attorney for health care"
Advance Directives:
You are in charge of making your own decisions

Documents can be changed anytime

You DO NOT need an attorney

Documents can help you express your wishes

Individual forms are available to download for
 FREE at www.caringinfo.org
Advance Directives:
Advance Directives (AD) may not be
 available when needed

Not readily available in patient charts

Living wills:
   may not be specific enough
   may be overridden by a treating MD
   does not immediately translate into MD order
Medical Terms for End-of-Life
Care Decision Making
 Life-Sustaining Treatment

 Artificial Nutrition and Hydration (tube feeding)

 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

 Do-Not-Resuscitate Order (DNR)

 Palliative Care

 Hospice
Resources in Our Community
List your local resources here
www.caringinfo.org • 800.658.8898
FREE Resources Available
from Caring Connections
 State-specific advance directives

 Advance care planning Web resources

 Brochures to download or order:
      Advance Directives and End-of-Life Decisions
      Health Care Agents: Appointing One & Being One
      Conversations Before the Crisis
      You Have Filled Out Your Advance Directive… Now What?
      Ask Tough Questions
It’s About How You LIVE!
Learn about your options, choices and

Implement your advance directive plans

Voice your decisions

Engage others to complete their advance

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