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To find out more about the services outlined in this guide, then please get in touch with us.

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  This guide is intended as a general introduction to certain issues commonly arising on the establishment of a small business.   “Working together to support start-up and small business”
 You should obtain detailed accountancy and legal advice on your specific project before incurring any expense or entering into
                            any obligations. Streets and Sills & Betteridge will be happy to assist you.
Starting a new venture or running
a small business
For those deciding to start a new venture or already running
a small business the process can be lonely and challenging.
All too often it is unclear who to turn to for advice and
reassurance. Research has revealed that two thirds of owner
managers ranked their accountants as their number one
source of business advice.
At Streets we nurture our start-ups, advise and support existing
businesses and continue to add value to our more mature
clients that have grown to become major players.
Experience shows that it is important to address the
accounting and financial aspects of starting and running a
business. It is also crucial that - especially during the early
stages - the legal aspects of the business are addressed.
To help new businesses Streets and Sills & Betteridge have
joined forces to offer access to a comprehensive range of legal
guidance and support with accounting and financial expertise.
Sills & Betteridge has a dedicated team of lawyers to help
with start-up and the early stages of running and
growing businesses.

Our role in your success is to:
   Provide advice and support to allow you to get on with
   your business
   Help you to avoid the pitfalls
   Ensure that you keep on top of your business
   Be there when you need reassurance
Streets accounting and finance support
for Start-up and Small Business
Our dedicated team will provide advice and support
throughout all the stages of starting-up and developing
your business:
   Making plans
   Getting started
   Keeping on track

Making plans
Prior to starting your business we will work with you to
consider your business proposition:
   Providing guidance on approaching start-up
   Assessing the costs of running the business
   Providing advice on preparing your business plan or bank
   start-up pack
   Reviewing your business plan
   Providing advice on bank presentations
Getting started
As soon as you are ready to start your business we will help
you with:
   Guidance on funding sources
   Advice on your business structure
   Company formation
   Guidance on accounting and bookkeeping systems
   Setting success measures
   Sign posting to support services

Keeping on track
When your business is up and running we will keep you on
track with:
   A bookkeeping package
   Reviews or meetings to see how your business
   is developing
   Advice on cash flow management
   Annual reviews and forward planning sessions
   Sign posting to specialist advice and support
Services                                                      Taxation
Whether you are just starting out in business or a well-         Completion of personal, partnership and
established small business our specially developed range         corporate returns
of services will provide you with information and support.       Advice on tax efficient means of receiving income
                                                                 Preparation of company dividend paperwork
Bookkeeping                                                      Annual review of tax affairs to ensure potential
   Setting up appropriate and straightforward manual             tax savings are considered
   or computerised accounting systems                            Access to specialist taxation advisers
   Sourcing bookkeeping services
   The supply of accounting software                          VAT Registration
                                                                 Advice and assistance with VAT registration
Accounts preparation                                             Assistance with the completion
   Production of your annual or statutory accounts,              of VAT returns
   presented in a professional and easily understandable         Advice on VAT compliance
   format and supplied within pre-agreed timescales              Access to specialist advice
   Review and advice on your accounts, including
   explanation as to what the figures actually mean
                                                              Financial Planning
   Preparation of management accounts and review of
   the information                                            Through our financial services arm, Streets Financial
                                                              Consulting plc, advice is available on a broad range of
   Filing of accounts and annual returns                      personal financial matters including:
                                                                 Business protection
Payroll                                                          Pension planning
   Supply of payroll systems
   Advice on payroll processing including statutory returns
   Access to payroll services
On hand for support and advice, we give you…
   One point of contact
   Guidance on accounting information and what the
   numbers mean
   Regular reviews during the first twelve months
   Invitations to attend seminars, along with other
   start-up businesses
   Regular newsletters
   Updated information on our website
   Email help at:

…with no hidden costs
Your initial consultation will be free of charge
Prior to undertaking any work, we will discuss your individual
requirements for initial, on-going and annual accountancy
services and support. Based on this, we will provide you with
a guaranteed fixed fee quote.

Helping your cash flow
To ease your cash flow, annual costs can be spread over
twelve months and are payable by bank standing order.
Legal advice and support to suit your
needs with Sills & Betteridge
The legal aspects of starting and building a new business are
often overlooked. However, a little time spent in the early
stages could be vital in safeguarding your interests and
ensuring you reach your goals.
You will probably need to consider some or all of the following:
   How you are going to trade
   How you are going to collect payments
   from customers
   How you will control credit and collect debt
   What type of business premises you operate from
   When and how to employ staff
   Safeguarding intellectual property
   The Data Protection Act
   Banking and personal guarantees

How are you going to trade?
A common legal issue facing many businesses is the choice of
structure. We will advise on your trading entity and help you in
deciding which may be appropriate for you and whether you
need to be:
   A limited company
   A partnership
   A limited liability partnership
Depending on the chosen trading form we will advise on and
assist with:
   Company formation
   Shareholder agreements
   Partnership agreements
Collecting payment from your customers
‘terms of trading’
Having set up your business, you must ensure you get paid.
To help ensure you are paid and to make it more difficult for
a customer to delay paying or avoid paying altogether we will
assist in preparing terms of trading.

Credit Control and Debt Collection
We will also advise you on chasing customers for
outstanding monies.
If you still have difficulties recovering money from customers,
a solicitors' letter may result in payment being forthcoming.
Advice and assistance in pursuing a debt through the court is
also available.

As and when your business is ready either to buy property
or to lease it, we are on hand to provide legal advice.

Thinking of employing staff
Taking the decision to employ someone is often the most
difficult challenge faced by those in business. You need to
answer questions such as:
   Do you have the right person specification?
   Have you taken care of all the employment law
To help you through the employment maze we will advise you
on all the legal aspects, which start with recruitment and
continue even beyond termination of employment.
Intellectual property
You may think that you do not have any intellectual property
within your business. However, you need to think about:
   Business name. You may be able to register that name
   as a trademark and, when selecting it, you should ensure
   that you do not infringe the registered trademark
   of anyone else
   Corporate image. If someone else is creating your
   corporate image, you should ensure that the intellectual
   property contained within it belongs to you. If you do
   not, you may face difficulty, for example, in reproducing
   your logo etc. in the future
   Business website. If someone else is developing your
   website you should ensure that any intellectual property
   rights associated with it belong to you and that you
   can make any alterations to the website as and when
   you wish
Depending on the products and/or services which you are
offering for sale you may be able to protect those through
one of the following:
   Design right protection, whether registered
   or unregistered
   Plant breeders’ rights

Data Protection
If your business will be holding personal information on any
individual, including employees, it is likely you will need to be
registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.
Banking and Personal Guarantees
Many businesses will be receiving funding from a bank. We will
assist with advice on terms of bank loans and facilities and the
granting of security to the bank in the form of mortgages,
debentures or personal guarantees.
You may be called on to give a personal guarantee to suppliers
for money lent or goods supplied to your Company or Limited
Liability Partnership. You need to consider taking legal advice
on any guarantee that you give.

On hand for support and advice...
we give you
   One point of contact
   Invitations to attend seminars
   Regular newsletters
   Updated information on website
   On hand telephone advice
   Email help at:

To support the development of small businesses, for a fixed fee
you will receive a CD containing the documentation you need
to get started. If you do not have access to a computer hard
copies of the documentation can be provided.

Please contact Sarah Hooker at Sills & Betteridge for
further information.

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