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                    Start-up Information for Your Innovative Ideas!

Entrepreneur Magazine developed a series of Reference Guides for those interested in starting
a small business. The following Reference Guides are in the Business Reference section and
available for use in the library. Please feel free to ask for assistance!

General Resource Guides

   •   Guide to Starting Your Own Business: Your Complete Guide to Start-up Success |
       R 658.1141 Entrepreneur
   •   Creating a Successful Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Plan |
       R 658.4012 Henricks
   •   Financing Your Small Business: How to Raise the Money You Need | R 658.1592 Beroff
   •   Growing Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success | R 658.041 Henricks
   •   Successful Sales and Marketing: Smart Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line | R 658.8 Ferreri

Industry Specific Resource Guides

Industry guides offer in-depth detail on how to start different types of businesses including
market considerations, creating a business plan, advertising & marketing, accounting &
bookkeeping and many other valuable pieces of information. Industry guides for the following
subject areas are available:

                                         •   Automotive
                                              − Car Washes, etc…

                                         •   Commerce/ Business
                                              − Medical transcription & billing, import/ export,

                                         •   Computer/ Internet
                                              − eBay, Internet Entrepreneur, etc…

                                         •   Customized Services
                                              − Event planning, child care, personal training,

                                         •   Food
                                              − Restaurants, bars, etc...

                                         •   Maintenance
                                              − Lawn Care, Home Inspection, etc…

                                         •   Retail
                                              − Hair Salon, Coin-op Laundry, Clothing store,

                 Find Start-up Information for Your Innovative Ideas!
Entrepreneur Magazine also has developed the “Start Your Own…” start-up guide series. These
Resource Guides contain information on market & financial considerations, how to structure
your business, and many other topics. They are available for check-out.

   Bed & Breakfast | 647.94068 Adams
   Business Support Service | 001.068 Lynn
   Cleaning Service | 648.5 Lynn
   Clothing Store | 687.0068 Miller
   Coin-Operated Laundry | 648.1 Erickson
   Crafts Business | 680.68 Lynn
   Ebay | 658.87 Lynn
   Events Planning | 394.2068 Turner
   Freight Brokerage Business | 388.044 Lynn
   Gift Basket Service | 745.59 Lynn
   Herb and Herbal Products | 635.7 Adams
   Home Inspection Service | 643.12 Ginther

   Import/Export Business | 658.848 Adams
   Lawn Care Business | 635.9647 Sandlin
   Mail Order Business | 658.872 Adams
   Medical Claims Billing Service | 362.1068 Adams
   Personal Concierge Service | 647.94068 Addison
   Personal Training Business | 613.7068 Lynn
   Pet Sitting | 636.0887 Kimball
   Retail Business | 381.1 Kingaard
   Self-Publishing Business | 070.593 Adams
   Seminar Production Business | 374.137 Adams
   Specialty Travel & Tour Business | 338.4791 Adams
   Vending Business | 658.87 Gabriel
   Wedding Consultant Business | 392.5068 Sandlin

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                                            401 S. Capitol Avenue
                                            Lansing, MI 48933

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