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Professional Corded Headsets
Unprecedented comfort and clarity meets
sleek design for the contact center

                                    October 2008
EncorePro Launch

         EncorePro is our high end,
         best-ever corded offering                      “When your agents
                                                       deserve the very best.”
         Let your customers
         experience the latest and
         greatest corded headset
         for the contact center
         Target Contact Center
         with special introductory
            • Buy 15 EncorePro
            • Get SupraPlus Wireless
              for free

Plantronics, Inc.                      October, 2008                             2
EncorePro Professional Corded Headsets

   New Top-of-the-Line Corded Headsets for Contact Centers
             Luxurious style and ultra-comfort with elegant satin finish and
             featherweight design
             New sliding, low profile boom ensures precise noise-canceling
             microphone positioning for even clearer voice transmission
             Stellar call clarity with wideband for both transmit and receive audio,
             all without sacrificing Plantronics’ unmatched reliability

   Available now in U.S. and Canada
      Monaural version:
                    • $137.00 U.S. MSRP
             Binaural version:
                    • $160.00 U.S. MSRP

Plantronics, Inc.                         October, 2008                         3
 EncorePro Benefits and Features
   Customer Benefit                                           Product Feature
   Takes comfort to a new level . New materials               •   Premium, lightweight nylon composite used
   provide an ultra-lightweight design.                           throughout
                                                              •   Plush and fitting leatherette pads
   Superior voice clarity. Extendable noise-                  •   Discreetly designed, noise-canceling
   canceling microphone ensures precise                           microphone with new, unique sliding boom
   positioning and a precision fit so customers
   hear every word.
   Luxurious style. Appealing and subtle visual               •   Slim profile, unobtrusive boom
   profile.                                                   •   Elegant satin finish

   Clearer, more natural speech. Richer, more                 •   Wideband technology for both transmit and
   effective communication with better sound                      receive audio
   quality. Fewer errors, repeats and less listener
   Reliability. Best-in-class reliability reduces             •   Reinforced, lightweight headband provides
   costs, reduces downtime, easier to manage                      extra strength and top-of-the-line durability
   inventory.                                                 •   Reliability by design, Plantronics experience

     * Wideband audio benefits require softphone or wideband IP phone on wideband network.

Plantronics, Inc.                                    October, 2008                                                4
What Customers Are Saying

A recent informal Plantronics survey of agents who trialed
the EncorePro headset revealed that, compared to their
current headset:
         60% thought the fit and comfort was improved
         65% felt the transmit sound was better
         More than 70% believed the EncorePro is more stylish

Plantronics, Inc.                 October, 2008                 5
Plantronics Professional Corded headsets
                                   EncorePro                            SupraPlus Wideband                              Encore

  Key selling       –   Most comfortable with plush, large    –   The most popular professional          –Choice  of noise canceling microphone
  points                ear pads and the most lightweight         headset family                         or voice tube
                        design                                –   Choice of noise canceling microphone
                    –   Extendable noise-canceling boom for       or voice tube
                        the perfect fit and best sound
                    –   Subtle and slim profile

  Weight            43.5 g                                    57 g                                       51 g

  MSRP              $137, w/Noise Canceling microphone        $107 w/Noise Canceling microphone          $128 w/Noise Canceling microphone

  Intended          For contact centers and other phone-      For contact centers and other phone-       For contact centers and other phone-
  usage             intensive professionals who are           intensive professionals.                   intensive professionals.
                    focusing on improving customer service    Works with both traditional phones and     For traditional phones.
                    and agent satisfaction through clearer    standard IP phones.
                    conversations and featherweight
                    Works with both traditional phones and
                    standard IP phones.

  Technology        TIA 920, wideband transmit and receive    TIA 920, wideband transmit and receive     Optimized for narrowband phones

Plantronics, Inc.                                                 October, 2008                                                         6
Introductory Offer
       Buy 15 EncorePro for your agents, get a free SupraPlus Wireless
       (monaural) for the manager
           • PLT participating partner to fulfil free SPW
           • No limit
       Offer good on purchases between October 28 – January 31
           • Order must be on one invoice
       See details on Contact Center
       home page with details in PDF

Plantronics, Inc.                          October, 2008                 7
Professional Corded Headsets
        Most streamlined, sophisticated
        solution for phone dependent

        Combines luxurious style with
        featherweight comfort

        Extendable noise-canceling
        microphone ensures precise

        Superior sound with wideband
        VoIP communication*

 Take advantage of the EncorePro introductory offer
           Buy 15 EncorePro, get SupraPlus Wireless for free

* Wideband audio benefits require wideband phone .

Plantronics, Inc.                                    October, 2008   8
EncorePro Ordering Information

Contact your favorite reseller or visit

         Plantronics models       Description       US MSRP
         EncorePro                 Monaural          $137.00
         HW291N                 Noise-Canceling

         EncorePro                  Binaural         $160.00
         HW301N                 Noise-Canceling

         Connect with:
         Vista Series Audio Processor: VistaPlus AP15 or Vista M22*
                For optimum sound, every time when connecting to a desk phone
         DA Series USB Audio Processor: DA45*, DA55, or DA60
                For connecting to PCs/softphones for VoIP and Unified Communications
         A10 Direct Connect cable*
                For direct connect phones

         Accessories and Spares
              Foam ear cushion, $4.95 US MSRP
              Leatherette ear cushion, $9.95 US MSRP

                                                       * Supports both wideband IP and standard band TDM systems
Plantronics, Inc.                                     October, 2008                                                9

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