how to open a music store by harvey2


									                                            Music Store Bookkeeping
    • Make sure you save your spreadsheet as “ss profits your last name”

Part I-- Decisions
   1 . Before you begin locate your survey.

Part II-- Creating the Spreadsheet
   1.   Open an AppleWorks spreadsheet document.
   2.   In cell A1 type “Type of Music”
   3.   In cell B2 type “Total Sold”
   4.   Refer to your “survey” and enter your choices for each type of music in Column A. (ie. Rap, rock, etc.)
   5.   In Column B enter the number of votes each style received. (We are going to believe these are the number SOLD
        not just the votes.)

Part III -- The Formulas
 (you must enter these exactly as you see them below)
   1 . Beneath the last cell in which you entered data in Column A type Total Sold.
   2 . Beneath the last cell in which you entered data in Column B you will write the formula for the total number sold

        =sum(B2.. _______)

        You will type the address of the LAST cell you entered data in column B.

Part IV -- Graphing your monthly profits

   1.   Highlight the cells which contain data
   2.   Go to the OPTIONS MENU and Click MAKE CHART.
   3.   Click the bar graph.
   4.          ** You will NOT click on OK until later!
   5.   On the bottom of the window click in the boxes next to color, shadow and 3 dimensional.   **This should make a
        check mark in each of these boxes.
   6.   Click AXES on the left side of the window.
   7.   Click the circle next to “x axes” and type “Types of music”in the axes label box.
   8.   Click the circle next to “y axes” and type “Number of CDs sold” in the axes label box.
   9.   Click LABELS
  10.   Title your graph “How Many CDs Sold By Category” in the title box.
  11.   Click GENERAL
  12.   On the right side find SERIES IN and Click ROWS.
  13.   Click OK from the bottom right of the window.
  14.   Now resize your graph so that you can read the information.
Part V -- Presenting your budget
   1.   Click your Total sold graph. (Make sure your handles appear)
   2.   Go to the EDIT MENU and Click copy.
   3.   Go to the FILE MENU and Click new.
   4.   Choose word processing, click OK
   5.   Go to the FILE MENU and Click Page Setup.
   6.   Under orientation Click the button on the right. Click OK (This will change the orientation to landscape view)
   7.   Go to the WINDOW MENU and Click show tools
   8.   Click your arrow tool
   9.   Go to the EDIT MENU and Click PASTE
  10.   Go to the FORMAT MENU and Click insert footer.
  11.   Enter your name, date, class period and color.
  12.   You may need to resize your graph.

Make sure you save your word processing document as “charts and your last name.”
Part II.
   1.   Open a new spreadsheet document.
   2.   Starting in cell A2 enter the categories of music in column A.
   3.   In cell B1 type “Jan”
   4.   Highlight B1 through M1
   5.   From the CALCULATE menu, click FILL SPECIAL
   6.   Select month, starting Jan, increment 1 month, abbreviate
   7.   Click Okay
   8.   In row #1 start in cell B1 and enter the months (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.) You should end in cell M1.
   9.   In cell N1 type “Total Sold” this will represent the total sold for each specific music
  10.   In cell O1 type “Average/Month” this will represent the average number of each music sold each month.
  11.   In cell P1 type “% of sales” this will represent what percentage specific music categories were of your total sales.
  12.   In column M, in the cell underneath your last music type “Total”
  13.   Now you can make up your data for each music. Enter how many of each were sold for every month, every music. (Make
        up your numbers!!)
  14.   Highlight columns B through M. If you hold down shift you can select more than one at a time.
  15.   Go to the Format Menu-- column width-- make it 30 pt.
  16.   Turn on your brain, get out a pencil.
  17.   You are now going to write formulas for the total sold by music, total sold by store, the average/month and % of sales
        each music represented. This is HARD!! Think about how you would calculate the information by hand and we will help
        you write the formula! All formulas start with an equals sign.

                   Total Sold by Music ___________________________________
                   Total Sold by Store ___________________________________
                   The average/month ___________________________________
                   % of Sales each music represented ________________________
  1.    Highlight column O -- go to the Format menu - select number
  2.    Select Fixed and make the precision 0.
  3.    Highlight column P -- go to the Format menu - select number
  4.    Select Percent-- your final spreadsheet should look similar to what is below.
  5.    Have your spreadsheet reviewed by a teacher and ask for the directions on how to make a pie graph.
  6.    If you have time personalize your spreadsheet formatting. (ie: fill cell color, font, size, etc.)

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