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									  Finance & Business
E-Business Key Initiative

       Update - October 2004

             Rich Pearce
     Director, Business and Finance
    for Auxiliary & Business Services
             E-Business Key Initiative

The E-Business Key Initiative Team’s overall purpose and
   goal is to identify E-Business opportunities, evaluate
required resources, weigh costs against benefits and risks,
 and then prioritize identified opportunities. E-Business
 opportunities pursued by Finance and Business include
  those that are compatible with University E-Commerce
           Finance & Business
         E-Business Key Initiative

i Key Initiative Team formed in 2001
i Team members represent areas across Finance &
  Business and AIS
i Developed Team Goals, Vision Statement, and
  Guiding Principles
i Key Performance Measures
                  Finance & Business
                E-Business Key Initiative
Rich Pearce, Director, Business & Finance for Auxiliary & Business Services
Francie Brown (Staff Support), Staff Assistant to Rich Pearce
Jan Barnoff, Director, System Analysis & Programming for the Controller's Office
Jim Dunlop, Director, Procurement Services
Jan Grasser, Financial Officer for the College of Arts & Architecture
Mike Hartman, Manager, System Analysis & Programming for Human Resources
Edie Hertzog, Associate Director, Information Resources
Debbie Meder, Assistant Controller, Controller's Office
Ron Rash, Sr. Director, Administrative Information Services
Susan Sampsell, Financial Officer for Finance & Business
Mike Sherlock, Assistant Director, IT-Application Development, Auxiliary & Business
Jim Smith, Manager, Applications Support for Office of Physical Plant
Joel Weidner, Associate Director, Information Systems Operations for Auxiliary &
   Business Services
                VISION STATEMENT

i   E-Business will be a secure, flexible and integrated
    approach combining the systems and processes that run
    core business operations with the simplicity and reach
    made possible by Internet technology.
i   E-Business is the process of using Web technology to help
    the University streamline processes, improve productivity,
    increase efficiencies and enable organizations to easily
    communicate with partners, vendors and customers,
    connect back-end data systems and transact commerce in a
    secure manner.
              “GUIDING PRINCIPLES”
i   Achieve seamless, cross-unit, and intercampus E-
i   University services must equal or exceed the best on-line
    sites to meet constituents’ expectations
i   The Penn State Web site must become a one-stop, self-
    service resource
i   Where possible, paper transactions should be migrated to
    an electronic, paperless environment
i   University E-Commerce activities must provide high-
    quality customer service and adhere to all University
    security and privacy standards and policies
             Key Performance Measures

i   Identify standards in measuring, quantifying, and
    comparing the benefits gained in implementing new E-
    Business applications

i   Identify industry benchmarks for comparison
    - Customer acquisition or retention
    - Increased revenues, reduced costs
    - Productivity
    - Improved customer satisfaction
                  E-Business Key Initiative

                  2002 - 2005 ACCOMPLISHMENTS:
   Finance & Business has had great success in the development of E-
Business initiatives (many of which were collaborative efforts with other
  PSU Departments) that impact students, faculty, and staff. The Key
 Initiative Team would like to highlight and celebrate the achievements
   of our Finance & Business Units with the following summary of E-
         Business initiatives from the 2002 – 2005 Strategic Plan:
              E-Business Key Initiative
            Summary of Activity 2002 –2005
 Student Services
                                      Business and
                                     Related Services

Employee Services
                 E-Business Initiatives
                   Student Services

i   eLion Bursar Payments and Billing Statements
i   eLion On-Line Exit Interview
i   Perkins and University Loans E-Signature
i   Student Fitness Passes
i   Student Parking Registration
i   On-line Housing Contract Process
i   Bandwidth Consumption
i   University ID Card
        Student Services
On Line Housing Contract Process
   Student Services
Bandwidth Consumption
 Student Services
Penn State id+ Card

        Program officially began in
              June of 1998

        Cards in circulation:
        • 100,000 cards

        • Re-carding event Fall 2004 –
          SSN Conversion
    Student Services
ID Card - Online Services
                     E-Business Initiatives
                      Employee Services

i   (ESSIC) Web Employee Self Service Information Center
i   (EVMS) Employee Vacancy Management System
i   HRDC Registration
i   Health Matters and On-line Registration
i   Worker’s Compensation First Report of Injury
i   Occupational Medicine
i   University ID Card
i   Faculty/Staff Fitness Passes
       Employee Services
(ESSIC) Web Employee Self Service
        Information Center
   Business and Related Services
University Budget Office
Office of Physical Plant
General Stores Office Supplies
Travel Services - Online Booking
Procurement Card Tutorial, Test, and On-line Statement
Vehicle Reservation
Lost and Found Repository
E-Mail Web Invoices
Surplus and Salvage
   Business and Related Services

Hospitality Services Reservations
Tickets for Bryce Jordan Center Events
Fleet Services Vehicle Reservations
Print Portal for Multi-media Print Center
i   Strategic Change
i   Negotiated Contract Pricing - Aggregate and leverage
    University Wide Volume
i   Improve Operating Efficiencies - reduce cycle time and
    automate A/P process
i   Online Vendor Catalogs with Negotiated Pricing
i   “Managed” Self Service
i   Capture Contract “leakage”
i   Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment
i   Hazardous Materials Management
i   Review ROI Model
 Business and Related Services
Budget Office - Fact Book, Budget, Photo Image Database, Enterprise
     Information System, Pa High School Graduate Projections
Business and Related Services
       General Stores
Business and Related Services
      Purchasing Card
Business and Related Services
     Hospitality Services
Business and Related Services
     Bryce Jordan Center
          FOR THE 2005 - 2008 PLANNING PERIOD:

i Identification of New E-Business Opportunities
i E-Procurement
i Web Portal and E-Business Directory of Services
i Key Performance Indicators and Activity Reports
i Direct Billing Re-Engineering, Pre-Authorization, and E-Mail
i Expense Management System

Questions, Comments, and Suggestions?
         Contact: Rich Pearce
           (814) 865-3061

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