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									                            CUB SCOUT PACK 855
                               CAMP DOWNS
                           PARENT/SON CAMPOUT
               Pack 855 will be holding our annual camping weekend as follows:

       DATES:          Friday, May 1, 2009, Starting at 6:00 pm
                       Saturday, May 2, 2009, All day
                       Sunday, May 3, 2009, Ending at 10:00 am

       LOCATION: Camp Downs Memorial Park in Pasadena (see map & directions on page 4)

       COST:           $20 per Scout, $20 per parent

A program of activities is attached. All Scouts and Parents will bunk in tents, which they are
required to bring. Dens will stay together for camp chores and activities. Each parent is required
to accompany his or her son on the campout. Cub families are encouraged to come to the
campfire on Saturday evening. Each Den will present a skit and song for everybody’s

The campout starts with a brown bag meal – Bring your own dinner or eat prior to arrival at the
camp. Meals for Saturday and Sunday will be cooked in the Tanglewood Pavilion that we have
rented. Cubs will have the opportunity to raise the flag, play sports, receive skill instructions,
earn recognition for skills they have learned, and enjoy the outdoors with the Pack.

The Pack campout is the highlight of the year’s activities. It permits the Cub Scouts to enjoy a
scouting experience. Each Den or group will be responsible for participating in assigned
activities. Parents and Dens will be working to make the activities fun and challenging. Boy
Scouts will be present to provide guidance and demonstrate scouting skills.

                      WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO?
       •   Mark your calendar for the weekend of May 1-3, 2009!
       •   Complete the attached registration form and the Parent Volunteer Checklist and
           return it with your dues to your Den Leader at the April 21, 2008 Pack Meeting.
       •   Indicate to your Den leader how you can help with the success of the campout with
           ideas, suggestions, projects, and of course volunteering with camp activities is always
           helpful. See the PARENT VOLUNTEER CHECKLIST form.
       •   Prepare for the campout. Prepare skits and songs.
       •   Most of all, GET THE SCOUTING SPIRIT GOING!!
                             CUB SCOUT PACK 855
                                CAMP DOWNS
           Please complete this registration form and return it with your dues to your
               Den’s Camp Downs representative no later than April 21, 2008.

CUB SCOUT NAME ____________________________ DEN _________

PARENT NAME ____________________________PHONE ___________
       (Print Clearly - Only enter the name of the parent who will attend the camp with their Son)

ADDRESS ___________________________________________________

EMAIL: ______________________________________________________

I recognize that Camp Downs is a family activity organized by Pack 855 to permit its members
an educational outdoor experience. The camp is run by parents who volunteer. I agree to abide
by the rules and policies established by the Cub Scout Master jointly with the Camp Downs
organizational committee as well as the Downs Memorial Park rules & regulations.

  SIGNATURE ________________________________DATE___________
                      CUB SCOUT PACK 855
                         CAMP DOWNS
                 Please complete this form and return it with your registration.

NAME _____________________________________DATE ___________
       (Print Clearly - Only enter the name of the parent who will attend the camp with their Son)

SKILL SESSIONS:                               CAMP DUTIES:
_____FISHING                                  _____CAMP INSPECTION/CLEAN-UP

_____FIRST AID                                _____COOKING (SAT. BREAKFAST)

_____ARCHERY                                  _____COOKING (SAT. LUNCH)

_____KNOTS & LASHING                          _____COOKING (SAT. DINNER)

_____COOKING                                  _____ SAT. CAMPFIRE S’MORES

_____ RAINY DAY ACTIVITIES                    _____COOKING (SUN. BREAKFAST)

_____CATAPULT COMPETITION                     _____SPORTS


This camping experience is presented by the parents; therefore volunteers are necessary for every
activity. Those who do not volunteer will be assigned an activity where needed.

                                      Thank you for your participation,

                                      The Camp Downs organizational committee

Let us know how we can make this experience more exciting for the scouts.
Other ideas or suggestions:
                  CUB SCOUT PACK 855
                     CAMP DOWNS
               FRIDAY                                     SUNDAY
TIME       ACTIVITY                         TIME       ACTIVITY
5:00 pm    At home- Verify Checklist        7:30 am    Reveille
6:00 pm    Depart                                      (Bears-KP Duty)
6:30 pm    Arrival, Check-in at flagpole,   7:55 am    Flag raising
           announcements                    8:00 am    BREAKFAST
 7:00 pm   Brown bag Dinner                 9:00 am    Pack, clean-up, inspection
 7:30 pm   Raise and lower the Flag         9:30 am    Depart Camp Downs
 8:00 pm   Campfire (Den Songs)
 9:30 pm   Lights out
10:00 pm   Parents Meeting (Mandatory)
                                              Cub Scout Handbook
                                              Cub Scout uniform for Saturday night
             SATURDAY                         dinner/campfire
TIME       ACTIVITY                           Fishing Pole & tackle box
 7:30 am   Reveille                           Change of clothes
           (Webelos I-KP Duty)                Shorts & T-shirt for sports
 7:55 am Flag raising                         Spring Jacket or Sweatshirt
 8:00 am   BREAKFAST                          3-4 pairs of socks – More if rainy!
 9:00 am   Sports outside                     Rain boots and raincoat
10:00 am   Skill instruction                  Hat or cap (also used to sleep in if cold)
10:40 am   Rotation                           P.J.’s or sweat suit to sleep in
10:50 am   Skill instruction                  Tent
11:30 am   Wash up / Free time                Sleeping bag or two blankets
           (Tigers-KP Duty)                   Pillow & pillowcase
                                              Duffel bag to carry everything
12:00 noon LUNCH
                                              Water container for hikes and sports
 1:00 pm Skill instruction                    Toiletry Bag containing:
 1:40 pm Rotation                                 Soap (in plastic bag)
 1:50 pm Skill instruction                        Toothbrush & Toothpaste
 2:20 pm Rotation                                 Band-Aids
 2:30 pm Skill instruction                        Towel and wash cloth
 3:10 pm Catapult Competition                     Toilet paper
 5:00 pm Campfire Preparation                     Mosquito repellent
 5:30 pm (Wolves-KP Duty)
 6:00 pm DINNER (Scouts Only)              NO RADIOS, TAPE or CD PLAYERS
 7:30 pm Family Campfire, Brothers,       NO HANDHELD ELECTRONIC GAMES
           Sisters & Grandparents join in PARENTS (in addition to above)
 9:00 pm Prepare for bed                       Personal Coffee cup
 9:30 pm Lights out                            Campfire stories and songs
10:00 pm Parents Meeting                       Flashlight or Lantern
                                               Water jug / Bottled Water
                                               Extra pair of shoes or boots
                                               NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED
              CUB SCOUT PACK 855
                 CAMP DOWNS
              Total distance from Severna Park: approximately 10 miles
             Driving time from Severna Park: approximately 20 minutes

1. From Benfield Elementary, head north on Lynwood Dr                    0.5 mi
2. Turn right at Kinder Rd                                               0.5 mi
3. Continue on W Earleigh Heights Rd/Earleigh Heights Connector          1.7 mi
   Continue to follow W Earleigh Heights Rd
4. Continue on Magothy Bridge Rd                                         1.8 mi
5. Turn right at Woods Rd                                                0.6 mi
6. Turn left to stay on Woods Rd                                         0.9 mi
7. Turn right at MD-177/Mountain Rd                                      3.1 mi
8. Slight left at MD-177/Pinehurst Rd                                    0.4 mi
   Continue to follow Pinehurst Rd

                   John Riggin, mobile: 443-454-0489

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