Cub Scout Pack 282 by fjzhangweiqun


									                    Cub Scout
                    Pack 282
                Christ United Methodist Church
                     Neptune Beach, Florida
                North Florida Council – Boy Scouts of America

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Pack 282. Our Pack has an exciting year
planned for you and your son. Your son will learn to do his
best while learning, playing and advancing through the Cub
Scout program and ranks.

The parents and leaders of Pack 282 meet once a month to plan and promote safe
activities, which can be enjoyed not only by the Scout but all the members of the Cub
Scout’s family.

This handbook provides an overview of our program. If you have
any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call on one of the
leaders or your son’s Den Leader.

                                                                         Revised 2008

Table of Contents
 A Brief History of Our Pack            2   The Uniform                            6
 Purpose of Cub Scouting                2   Cub Scout Colors                       6
 The Cub Scout Motto                    2   Advancements and Electives             6
 The Cub Scout Promise                  2   Beltloops and Pins                     6
 Law of the Pack                        2   Fundraising                            7
 Pack Structure                         3   Your Son’s Account                     7
 Pack Calendar                          4   Types of Fundraisers                   7
 Pack Activities                        4   Re-charter                             7
 Character Development                  4   Parent Responsibilities                7
 Cub Scout Camping Rules                5   The Parent’s Role Within The Pack      8
 Outdoor Code                           5   Official Placement of Insignia         9
 7 Principles of Leave No Trace         5

Parent Handbook                    Page 1                     Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
A Brief History of Our Pack
                                                                                            Cub Scouts must
In the spring of 2000, Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) had an active Boy              memorize the
Scout Troop, but their Cub Scout charter had been inactive for several years. Looking       Cub Scout
for an active and successful Pack, eight families took on the challenge of starting a new   Motto, Promise,
Pack to be chartered at CUMC. Although these boys were only Tigers, these parents           and Law of the
saw the value of Cub Scouting and made a commitment to build this Pack. The                 Pack
leadership team roles were divided amongst this small group. Funds were raised, books
were read, meetings were held and activities were planned.                                  The Cub Scout
At the first Round Up, over 40 new Scouts signed up. And then, the new and                      Motto
inexperienced leadership group faced the challenge of implementing a program for            Do Your Best
such a large group. But the collective enthusiasm grew as new Scouts and leaders
joined the group. The Pack prospered, becoming one of the more active Packs in               The Cub Scout
Shawnee District. Over the past several years, Pack 282 has had many                             Promise
accomplishments:                                                                            I promise to do
     Provided over 32 trained leaders to the Scouting community.                           my best, to do
     Became active in many of the District events, including Scout Blast, Scouting         my duty to God
        for food and the annual summertime Cub Scout Day Camp.                              and my Country,
                                                                                            to help other
     Participated in the Beaches opening Parade.
                                                                                            people and to
     Purchased a Pack trailer and camping supplies.                                        obey the Law of
     Obtained a Pinewood Derby track and electronic timer.                                 the Pack.
     Earned the Summertime Pack award for three consecutive years.
                                                                                            Law of the Pack
Purposes of Cub Scouting                                                                    A Cub Scout
                                                                                            follows Akela,
The Boys Scouts of America began Cub Scouting as a program for younger boys over            The Cub Scout
75 years ago. In a society where boys are often taught that winning is everything, Cub      helps the Pack
Scouting teaches them to do their best and be helpful to others as expressed in the Cub     go, the Pack
Scout Promise, Motto, and Law of the Pack. The purpose of Cub Scouting is to help           helps the Cub
parents and community organizations help boys by:                                           Scout grow, The
     Helping boys develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship.                        Cub Scout gives
     Encouraging good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and                good will.
     Positively influencing character development and encouraging spiritual growth.
     Improving understanding within the family.
     Fostering a sense of personal achievement by helping boys develop new
        interests and skills.
     Providing fun and exciting new things to do.
     Strengthening the ability to get along with and respect others.
     Showing how to be helpful and do one’s best.
     Prepare Cub Scouts to become Boy Scouts.

Parent Handbook                     Page 2                     Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
Pack Structure                                                                         Boys in 1st grade to
Cub Scout Packs have a structure, and understanding how this structure works will      5th grade work
help prevent confusion and give the parents somewhere to go for assistance.            toward a specific
                                                                                       rank each year in
The boys are divided into groups based on grade (see side bar). Once placed into the
                                                                                       Cub Scouts:
appropriate grade group they are then divided into Dens. These Dens are also part of
the Pack.
Groups of no more than 10 boys (in
some cases there are exceptions) meet
together as a den. Den meeting times
and days vary by Den according to the
schedules of the leaders and Scouts.                                                    First grade boys
Den meetings are for the Scout and                                                      are Tiger Cubs
Parent. Parents of Tigers MUST
attend all den meetings with their
Scout. If a younger sibling must
attend, remember to bring something
for them to do, should the activity not
be age appropriate. A Den leader and an Assistant Den Leader lead the Den
meetings. A Boy Scout, known as a Den Chief, may also assist the Den Leader with       Second grade boys
the Den activities. There may be times when the Den Leader may ask a parent to plan      are Wolf Cubs
and execute a Den meeting. Having a parent take a Den meeting gives the Den
Leader time to review any advancements and answer any questions from other
parents. We ask that any parents that are able to assist the Den Leader do so
cheerfully and willingly. Dues may be collected at the Den meetings to purchase
supplies needed for projects in the Den. The amount of Den dues will vary from Den
to Den depending on the amount of supplies to be purchased for activities.
Pack                                                                                    Third grade boys
The Pack consists of the Dens and their families. Pack 282 meets once a month,           are Bear Cubs.
usually the last Wednesday of each month. The Pack is part of the Shawnee District
in the North Florida Council. The Pack serves as a parent organization to the Dens
and provides program support. The Cubmaster leads the Pack meetings. We
encourage all family members to attend the Pack meetings. Pack meetings are a time
for the Scouts to show off projects done during the month. This is also the time to
when the Scouts are recognized for achievements, advancements, belt loops and pins.
                                                                                        Fourth and Fifth
Pack Committee
                                                                                         grade boys are
The Pack Committee consists of leaders from each Den and other adults who have
                                                                                       Webelos and work
volunteered to help manage the Pack and its programs. All members of the Pack              toward Cub
committee must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. We encourage all          Scouting’s highest
parents to volunteer to serve on the committee or in other Pack activities. The Pack     rank, Arrow of
Committee leaders meet the first Friday of each month (exceptions may be holidays)            Light.
at CUMC at 6:30 p.m. The District Roundtable meeting is the first Thursday of each
month (exceptions may be holidays) at Landmark Middle School at 7:00 p.m. All
leaders and parents are encouraged to attend leadership meeting or the District
Roundtable meeting.
Parent Handbook                    Page 3                    Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
Pack Calendar
The Pack leadership plans a yearly calendar so that Scouts and families can plan their
schedule to attend as many events as possible. We realize that schedules do not
allow every Scout to attend every event; however, we encourage him to be as active        Development
as he and his parents are able to. The parents must contact the den leader if the
Scout is going to miss more than one Den or Pack meeting. Two or more                     Character can be
registered leaders and parent volunteers will lead pack outings and events. We            defined as the
encourage all parents to attend all events to ensure the safety of their son. Check the   collection of core
Pack website for all the up to date calendar information:                values possessed
Pack Activities                                                                           by an individual
Pack 282 participates in community                                                        that leads to moral
activities, friendly competitions, and family                                             commitment and
outings. During the participation of all                                                  action. Core
activities outside the Den and Pack                                                       values are the
meetings, a parent/adult partner must be                                                  basis of good
present. On all camping trips a parent                                                    character
MUST be present during the entire time.                                                   development. In
Since Cub Scouting promotes family fun,                                                   helping boys
we encourage siblings to participate in                                                   develop character,
camping trips and activities.                                                             Cub Scouting
Blue & Gold Banquet                                                                       promotes the
Pack 282 celebrates, along with Cub Scout                                                 following 12 core
Packs across the United States, the birth of                                              values.
the Scouting Organization by hosting a Blue
& Gold Banquet. The Blue & Gold                                                            Cub Scouting’s
Banquet also marks the graduation of 2 nd                                                  12 Core Values
year Webelos into Boy Scouts. For this
banquet, the Cub Scouts bake a cake with                                                    Citizenship
their adult partner to bring for the evening’s                                              Compassion
dessert. These cakes will also be judged and                                                Cooperation
then auctioned off with all the proceeds                                                      Courage
going to the Pack. Each Scout that brings a                                                     Faith
cake will leave with a ribbon of                                                          Health & Fitness
participation.                                                                                Honesty
Council and District Activities                                                            Perseverance
The North Florida Council and the Shawnee                                                 Positive Attitude
district schedules several events throughout the year. Pack 282 encourages                Resourcefulness
attendance to these wonderful events. These events include district Pinewood Derby,           Respect
Cuboree, and Summer Day Camp.                                                              Responsibility
Summertime Activities
During the summer, Pack 282 meets once a month with fun activities the whole                 Character is
family can enjoy. In the past these activities have included Rain Gutter Regatta,             “values in
Space Derby, Movie Night, Scouting in the Outfield, Marbles Tournament, Stranger               action”
Danger, Basic First Aid and family bowling.

Parent Handbook                     Page 4                     Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
Cub Scout Camping Rules
Camping as a Cub Scout is an exciting adventure. This is a
time for the Cub Scout and family to spend time away from
distractions and appreciate the world God has created. The Cub Scout will learn
proper methods and safety procedures for hikes, cookouts, and conservation
projects. A boy’s outdoor experience in Cub Scouting determines to a large degree
how much he will enjoy his later experience in the troop.                                Outdoor Code

Leave No Trace                                                                          As an American, I
All Cub Scouts and family are expected to follow the “Leave No Trace” rule.             will do my best to
Respecting nature, land and wildlife is a first priority. Never deface or disturb the    Be clean in my
plants, trees and wildlife. Take all trash with you and leave what you find. Take       outdoor manners,
only photos and leave only footprints.                                                      Be careful
                                                                                             with fire,
Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco                                                             Be considerate in
The BSA prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at             the outdoors,
encampments or activities involving the participation of youth members. All                   And be
Scouting functions, meetings, camp outs and activities should be conducted in a           conservation-
smoke-free environment with smoking areas located away from all participants.                minded.

Standards for Privacy on Trips or Outings                                                7 Principles of
No youth will stay in a tent with an adult other than his or her parent or guardian.    Leave No Trace
Male and female adults require separate tents unless married.
                                                                                        * Plan ahead &
The Buddy System                                                                        prepare
No youth may explore or go off on their own. All youths must use the Buddy
System (2 or more together)                                                             * Travel & camp
                                                                                        on durable
Safety                                                                                  surfaces
No guns, firearms, or fireworks allowed on campouts.                                    * Dispose of
No boy can bring a pocketknife to Cub Scout functions including, campouts, unless       waste properly
they have earned their “whittling chip”. For safety, please bring no sheath knives.     * Leave what you
A small pocketknife (3 ½ inch or less) is very functional.                              find
Never leave a lighted stove or lantern unattended. Only flashlights and electric
lanterns are permitted in tents.                                                        * Minimize
Only ONE campfire per Pack campout unless camping in individual campsites. One          campfire impacts
adult must always be near and attending to the campfire to ensure the safety of the     * Respect wildlife
Scouts and those camping.                                                               * Be considerate
                                                                                        of other visitors.

Parent Handbook                      Page 5                    Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
The Uniform
The uniform is an important part of Cub Scouting. It gives the feeling of being part
of a group. The uniform also serves as a way to display the awards that the Scout
has earned. The uniform is to be worn to all Den and Pack meetings and other
“formal” events where “Class A” uniforms are required. Boys and family members
may also purchase a Pack 282 T-shirt. These can be worn camping and to other
Pack functions. The uniform can be purchased at the Army/Navy Outdoor shop at
Regency, the Scout Shop at the North Florida Council Building on Edgewood Ave.,             Cub Scout
or Blackcreek Outfitters on Gate Parkway.                                                    Colors
*Note: Lack of a uniform will not in any way keep any boy from participating
in Pack Activities. The Pack has a limited amount of previously worn uniforms             The Cub Scouting
available.                                                                                colors are blue and
All uniforms for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear must have the following: Official Cub              gold. They have
Scout dark blue shirt with the Council patch, Pack and Den number, and World              special meaning,
Scouting emblem sewn on (see page 8 on where to sew the patches on the uniform).          which will help
Official Cub Scout navy blue shorts/pants or other navy blue short/pants, and official    boys see beyond
navy blue web belt with Cub Scout metal buckle. Additional items are:                     the fun of Cub
Tiger – Orange & blue neckerchief with the official Cub Scout gold slide or a             Scouting to its
handmade slide can be worn; official Cub Scout Tiger baseball style hat; Official         ultimate goals.
orange and blue socks; Official Tiger handbook (required at all Den meetings.)            The blue stands
Wolf – Yellow & blue neckerchief with the official Cub Scout gold slide or a              for truth and
handmade slide can be worn; official Cub Scout Wolf baseball style hat; Official          spiritually,
blue and gold socks; Official Wolf handbook (required at all Den meetings.)               steadfast loyalty,
Bear – Light blue & blue neckerchief with the official Cub Scout gold slide or a          and the sky above.
handmade slide can be worn; official Cub Scout Bear baseball style hat; Official          The gold stands
blue and gold socks; Official Bear handbook (required at all Den meetings.)               for warm sunlight,
Webelos – As your son prepares to enter the Boys Scouts, his uniform changes              good cheer, and
during the Webelos years. In our Pack, the 1 st year Webelos generally wear the blue      happiness.
shirt from their previous years in Cub Scouting and then switch to the tan shirt for
the 2 nd year. The Scout, parent and Den leader together can decide at any time to
switch to the tan uniform shirt. All Webelos uniforms have the official Webelos
                                                                                           Beltloops &
plaid neckerchief with the official Webelos gold metal slide, official Webelos                 Pins
baseball style hat, official green and red socks, and official Scout navy blue web belt
with metal Webelos belt buckle. All Webelos are required to have the Webelos         The purpose of
handbook at all Den meetings.                                                        beltloops and pins
                                                                                     is to encourage all
                                                                                     Scouts to try new
Advancements and Electives                                                           activities and learn
Advancements are received upon completion of the requirements in the handbook.
                                                                                     new skills. These
Some requirements are things the Scout must do at home with an adult’s help, or
                                                                                     activities are not
with the family and others are done in Den or Pack meetings. Electives are not for
                                                                                     meant to be
the advancement of the Scout but are ways for the Scout to earn extra beads or arrow
                                                                                     competitive but to
points and learn new skills and knowledge. Elective beads or arrow points will be
                                                                                     encourage the
received after advancement had been earned.
                                                                                     Scout to “do your
*Note: All ranks must earn the Bobcat before advancing in their current rank.
Parent Handbook                     Page 6                   Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
Fundraising and Your Son’s Account                                                        Types of
Fundraising                                                                              Fundraisers
In the past the Pack has participated in a number of fundraisers. Our Pack is a
non-profit community organization and all proceeds from our fundraisers go                    Popcorn
directly to the pack to be used for awards and advancements. Each fundraiser                  Scout Blast
gives the Scout the chance to sell to family, neighbors and friends. Each year we              coupons
have an Annual Car Wash-A-Thon. We take pledges on the number of cars we                      Candy
can wash for the day along with the donations receive at the actual car wash. This            Calendars
is our most successful fundraiser we have done in the past.                                   Cake Bake
Your Son’s Account                                                                            Pie coupon
When a boy registers or reregisters with the Pack, the Pack treasurer will set up an
individual Scout account. A portions of each scouts proceeds goes to his Scout         The top 3 sellers that
account. This money can be used to purchase Scouting items, pay for camping            participate in all
trips, or other Scout activities including uniforms. A receipt is required for         fundraisers from
reimbursement of purchases of Scouting items. A signed release form is required        Sept – April will
to have the funds used for camping trips or other Scouting activities. Should a        receive a Cub Scout
Scout decided to drop out of the Pack, any money left in his account is forfeited to   Camp Scholarship
the Pack. If the Scout transfers to another Pack or bridge to a Boy Scout Troop,       valued at $65 to be
his money will transfer to the new Pack or Troop.                                      used on any summer
                                                                                       Cub Scout Camp.
Parent Responsibilities
When a boy and parent make a choice to join Pack 282, there are some                       Recharter
requirements that the parent or adult family member must agree to in supporting
their son in Scouts:                                                                   Each year the Pack has
     See that he has the proper uniform and handbook.                                 to recharter any Scout
     Participate with him in attending Den and monthly Pack meetings. Parent          who wishes to
        attendance at Pack meetings and Den meetings is required. Pack meetings        continue in Cub
        are for awarding the Scouts for the accomplishments over the month. The        Scouts. The money
        Den meetings are a time for the Den leader to give instruction on what         for this can taken from
        accomplishments are coming up and working on some requirements.                the Scout’s account. If
                                                                                       there is not enough
     Parents are responsible to inform the Den Leader if the Scout is unable to
                                                                                       money in the account,
        attend meetings. If after four meetings and no contact the Scout will be       then the parent/Scout
        dropped from the program and all money in account will be forfeited to the     must pay this to the
        Pack.                                                                          Pack. Any Scout who
     Return information forms and volunteer when needed.                              has not paid for
     Support his Den leader as a resource person or substitute when asked.            recharter by December
     When attending Pack meetings or other functions, please keep control over        will not be recharter
        siblings and Scouts. The Den leaders will supervise the Scouts but your        and will have to
        help is required. We do not want accidents or injuries to occur.               reregister to continue
     The parents must complete the reading of the Youth Protection Manual at          in Cub Scouting.
        the front of each Cub Scout Handbook.

Parent Handbook                     Page 7                    Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
The Parent’s Role With-in The Pack
Cub Scouting encourages closeness to family. The program will give you opportunities to take part in
activities with your son that you normally couldn’t do. It provides a positive way for parent and son to
grow closer together and encourages quality time spent together. In this way, Cub Scouting is a program
for the entire family, and your involvement is vital to the program’s success. The following are specific
things you can do to help your son in Cub Scouts.
     Work with your Scout on projects. Scouts often start projects at den meetings and finish them
         at home with the help of a parent. Because the purpose of the projects is to teach a boy new skills,
         a project will challenge a Scout to do tasks that he hasn’t currently mastered. In Cub Scouting,
         boys are expected do their best to complete the project, but we encourage parents or siblings to
         help him with tasks he’s unable to complete on his own.
     Help your Scout along the advancement trail. The advancement plan is designed for parents to
         use to create a learning environment in their home. With the Cub Scout handbooks as a resource,
         parents and boys work together to do the achievements required for home and family for each
         badge. While Cub Scouts will learn skills and begin on work on projects in the weekly den
         meetings, the parent remains at the center of the advancement program. As each task is done or
         each skill is demonstrated, the parent signs the Cub Scout’s handbook to record its completion.
         And when the Scout has completed all the requirements to earn an award, the award is presented at
         the next monthly Pack meeting with the parent at his side.
     Participate in monthly Pack meetings. The weekly den meetings are for Cub Scouts and their
         adult leader. The Pack meeting is for the entire family of the Cub Scout. At Pack meetings,
         parents see their son in action with their friends and meet other parents. This is also the time that
         Scouts are awarded any completed advancements or beltloops. Having their parents, siblings and
         other adult family members at the Pack meeting to see them receive their award is critical to
         underscore the importance of the lessons your son has learned.
     Attend parent-leader meetings. Parent-leader meetings are held at various times of the year and
         provide opportunities for you to discuss your son’s participation and expectations of den and Pack
         meetings. Such meetings can help your Scout get the most from his Cub Scouting experience.
         Parent-leader meetings give you the chance to communicate with Pack leader, to share knowledge
         and gain the awareness needed to work as a team to help your son succeed.
     Provide support for your Scout’s den and Pack. It’s important to remember that the adult
         leaders of your son’s den and Pack are volunteers who give their own time to provide a quality
         program for the Scouts. While they have been carefully selected and trained for their roles, there
         are always times when they could use help from parents in the Pack. Pack events such as the
         pinewood derby workshop, pinewood derby race, blue and gold banquets, and camping trips all
         require a lot of volunteers to make them run like clockwork. The Pack leaders as well as your
         son’s den leader welcome any help you can give. By pitching in as needed, you show your don
         the importance of helping others. So be on the lookout for opportunities for you to help the den,
         the Pack, and its leaders.

Parent Handbook                      Page 8                    Cub Scout Pack 282  Neptune Beach, FL
Official Placement of Insignia

 Cub Scout or          Webelos Scout         Cub Scout
 Webelos Scout         Right Sleeve          & Webelos
 Right Sleeve                                Left Sleeve

                                                                 Webelos Scout      Webelos Scout
                                                                   Left Pocket        Left Pocket
                                                                 (Tan Uniform)      (Blue Uniform)
                 The basic rule of the uniform is neatness.

                 Right Sleeve: Wear U.S. flag, den numeral as shown. Webelos Scouts may wear den
                 emblem (patrol patch) instead of den numeral. Webelos Scouts wear the Webelos
                 colors immediately below and touching the U.S. flag if no den numeral or emblem is
                 worn. If den numeral or emblem is worn, wear colors below and touching the
                 numeral or emblem. Wear activity badges on the colors.
 Cub Scout       Left Sleeve: Wear Council patch and Pack numeral as shown. Denner cord or
 Left Pocket     assistant Denner cord is worn over the left shoulder.
                 Left Pocket: Cub Scouts wear badge of rank as shown: Tiger Cub (bottom), Bobcat
                 (top), Wolf (left), and Bear (Right). Gold Arrow Points are worn beneath the pocket
                 and below the badge for which they were earned. Silver Arrow Points are worn
                 below the Gold Arrow Points in double rows. Arrow of Light Award is worn
                 centered below pocket. Wear service stars centered 3/8 inch above pocket seam.
                 Gold background disks are worn with service stars for Cub Scouting service,
                 including Tiger Cub service. The World Crest is worn centered between the left
                 shoulder seam and the top of the left pocket.
                 Right Pocket: Progress Toward Ranks (with thong and beads) for Cub Scouts or
                 Compass Points emblem for Webelos Scouts is fastened to button under flap of right
                 pocket and flap rebuttoned. The National Summertime Award is pinned centered on
 Cub Scout
                 the right pocket flap. The Recruiter Strip is worn below the right pocket.
Right Pocket

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