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									                             The 1st International Conference on
                             CIVIL ENGINEERING
                    - TOWARDS A BETTER ENVIRONMENT
                                              Coimbra, Portugal

                                         14 – 16 June 2009

                                      University of Coimbra
                                    Polo II - Pinhal de Marrocos
                                    3030-290 Coimbra, Portugal

                                          Conference Chairperson
                                         Professor Isabel Pinto
                                     University of Coimbra, Portugal

Civil Engineering is very often blamed as one of the greatest responsible for environmental degradation.
At the same time, Civil Engineering should promote the development of the society, by improving dignity
and comfort of the people. Can development be implemented taking care of the environment

This is the motto for the conference: how can Civil Engineering be environmentally friendly while still
doing its job ? what is it doing nowadays for achieving that goal?

                                     The City of Coimbra in Portugal
Rich in tradition, the old University town of Coimbra, principal town of its own district and the see of a
bishop, lies halfway between Lisbon and Oporto in the hilly country of Beira Litoral. It is built on the right
bank of the Rio Mondego, here skirting the chalk hills of the Serra de Lorvao.
The 18,000 or so Coimbra University students are very much a feature of life in the town. Bareheaded,
they wear a long black robe (batina) under a black cape (capa), with facings of different colors for the
various faculties. On the occasion of the Queima das Fitas, the examination celebrations held in the
middle of May, these facings are ceremonially burned as part of a giant spectacle.

With its fine old buildings, many of them dating from the time of Manuel I, and many other art treasures,
Coimbra is an ideal location for the Conference.

Footnote: Following the Conference,                                                     CI-Premier Pte Ltd
on 17-19 June 2009 at the same venue                                              150 Orchard Road #07-14
The 4th International Conference on                                                          Orchard Plaza
THE CONCRETE FUTURE                                                                      Singapore 238841
- We will welcome your participation                                       Email:
too.                                                                             Web:
CONFERENCE COMMITTEE                                                         REGISTRATION FORM (CE09)
Chairperson:                                                       Name (pl print): _____________________________________
Isabel Pinto, University of Coimbra, Portugal
                                                                   Affiliation: _________________________________________
Ana Bastos, Paulo Coelho, Fernando Branco                          Address:___________________________________________
(University of Coimbra, Portugal)
Prof Sergio Lopes, University of Coimbra,Portugal
Prof Carlos Quintal, University of Merida, Mexico                  Tel: ____________________ Fax: ______________________
Prof Jorge de Brito, IST, Portugal
Prof Lorreta Li, University of British Columbia, Canada            E-Mail: ___________________________________________
Prof Conceição Cunha, University of Coimbra, Portugal
ProfEm Seng Lip Lee, National University of Singapore                               (or clip your business/name card here)
Dr C C Chang, Yale University, USA
Mr C R Alimchandani, STUP Consultants, India                                        REGISTRATION FEES
ProfEm G M Sabnis, Howard University, USA
Prof F Mola, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Mr M Khrapko, CBE Consultancy Ltd, New Zealand                     • Pre-Conference Cocktails -14 Jun 2009 = 40 euros
Prof O Wallevik, Reykjavik University, Iceland                     • Conference Dinner (guests) -15 Jun 2009 = 60 euros
Dr Rana Al-Fares, Kuwait University, Kuwait
                                                                   • Reg. Fees - on 16-17 Jun 2009           = 500 euros
Conference Director:                                                 (incl. lunch & refreshments, proceedings)
Er John S Y Tan, CI-Premier Pte Ltd, Singapore
                                                                   • Special Student Reg. Fee                                = 300 euros
Secretary:                                                           (without conference dinner)
Ms Peggy L P Teo, CONLOG, Singapore

Themes (others may also be included):                              All payment is to be made to ‘CI-PREMIER PTE LTD’.
-  Air quality
-  Education                                                                        MODES OF PAYMENT
-  Energy savings
-  Fluvial and coastal protection
-  Reuse and recycling in construction                             1. Telegraphic Transfer
-  Risk management                                                    (The payer is responsible for all bank charges incurred)
-  Soil and water protection                                          Account Name: CI-Premier Pte Ltd
-  Territorial and Urban planning
-  special theme topics                                               Bank Name and Address
                                                                      Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd
SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS EARLY                                           (Jalan Sultan Br), 200 Jalan Sultan #01-05,
                                                                      Textile Centre, Singapore 199018.
You are cordially invited to submit an abstract in one A4 page,
within the theme of the conference as appended to:                     Bank/Branch Codes/Account No. (Swift Address)
                                                                       7339-515-024354-001 (OCBC-SGSG)
The Conference Director (CE09)
                                                                      Please send us a copy of your bank transfer order.
150 Orchard Road #07-14, Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841                                                   2. Credit Cards (VISA & MASTERCARD only) are acceptable.
Tel: +65 67332922 Fax: +65 62353530                                   Please give details and authorisation for charge by email or
E-mail:                                       fax. Alternatively you may remit directly by internet.

IMPORTANT DATES                                                    Cancellation Policy: (only acceptable in writing to the Secretariat)
                                                                   One week before date of conference: full refund less 25%
Abstracts (300-500 words) are invited to be send by email to the   overhead / administration charges; no refund thereafter,
Secretariat before           01 Feb 2009                           however, a set of the conference documentation will be sent to
Notification of acceptance   01 March 2009                         you, or alternatively you may send a replacement (please advise
Full Text) to be received by 30 April 2009                         name) at no extra cost.

                                                                   The organiser reserves the right to change the venue and/
14 Jun 09 – in Conference HQ Hotel                                 or programme or cancel the conference if deemed
– (1600-1830) early registration                                   necessary. In the event of a cancellation, all fees paid will
– (1830-1930) welcome reception                                    be refunded.
15 Jun 09 – in University of Coimbra
– (0900-1930) opening session
   OWICS LECTURE by Dr C T Tam, Singapore                          We invite you to continue your participation in London
   Keynote and special papers with refreshments and lunch          and attend the FIB and The Concrete Society
– (1930-2230) Conference Dinner-Venue to be advised                conference on “CONCRETE: 21st century superhero
                                                                   -Building a sustainable future”, 22-24 June 2009 at the
16 Jun 09 – in University of Coimbra
– (0900-1730) Technical paper presentations with                   Business Design Centre, London UK.
 refreshments and lunch and award presentations.                   For details: Web:

                                 You are also invited to participate in the
             4th   International Conference on THE CONCRETE FUTURE, 17-19 June 2009
                                   at University of Coimbra, Portugal

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