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									HSBC Premier Reward Programme Terms & Conditions
1. Hereby Premier Reward Programme Terms & Conditions are issued pursuant to point 8 part
   B of Business Terms and Conditions for Premier Customers. The Premier Reward
   Programme is organized by HSBC Bank Polska S.A., with its seat at Pl. Piłsudskiego 2, 00-
   073 Warsaw, registered in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XII Commercial
   Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000030437, share capital
   (fully paid in) in the amount of PLN 248 207 000.00, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 526-
   02-11-469 (hereinafter “HSBC”).
2. The Premier Reward Programme (hereinafter the “Programme”) is directed only to the
   holders of HSBC Premier Credit Card (hereinafter the “Participants”) issued by HSBC.
   Membership is automatic, and the Participants do not have to register.
3. The Participants earn 1 Premier Reward Point for each 1 Polish zloty (including VAT) of
   eligible spending for goods or services purchased with HSBC Premier Credit Card, which are
   not returned or refunded.
4. The following items are not considered eligible spending: interest, late payment charges or
   any other charges resulting from Credit Card agreement; cash advances including foreign
   money and any balances from other credit or charge cards which are transferred to the
   Participant’s card.
5. A balance of the Premier Reward Points earned and Points redeemed will appear on each
   monthly HSBC Premier Credit Card statement. The Participant may also obtain the most
   current information on the amount of Points held by calling their local HSBC Premier branch
   or contacting their Relationship Manager.
6. Premier Reward Points are valid for up to 36 months from the time they are first shown on
   the Participant’s credit card statement. After that time, they will expire automatically.
7. Points may be redeemed for vouchers or donated to charity. One Premier Reward Point is
   worth 1/200 Polish zloty.
8. Points may be donated to Partner charity organisations only. For more information, please
   visit website.
9. The minimum number of Premier Reward Points that may be donated is 1000. Points may
   only be donated as multiples of this number.
10. HSBC will transfer the donations to the charity organisation in bulk, once a quarter.
11. The vouchers are provided by HSBC Premier Reward Programme Partner Suppliers. The
    Participant may redeem the vouchers for Partner Supplier services. Voucher value may also
    be deducted from the price of the service. For more information on vouchers redemption,
    please contact the Supplier.
12. The minimum number of Premier Reward Points that may be redeemed for vouchers is
    10,000. Points may only be redeemed for vouchers as multiples of this number.
13. To donate Points to charity, or to redeem Points for vouchers, the Participants should call
    their local HSBC Premier branch or contact their Relationship Manager. For the relevant
    telephone numbers, please visit the HSBC Premier website.
14. Premier Reward Points may not be transferred to another person.
15. If the Participant’s Premier account is closed or credit card agreement is terminated, all
    collected Points will be automatically cancelled.
16. Participants’ personal data will be processed for the purpose of Programme
    accomplishment. Personal data will be transferred to the Supplier after the Participant’s
    declaration to redeem Points for vouchers. In the remaining matters, for personal data
    processing the provisions of Part 5 of General HSBC Premier Agreement shall apply.
17. The Participant may resign from participation in the Programme at any time. To do so, the
    Participant shall inform HSBC Bank Polska S.A.
18. HSBC reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Participant’s membership in the
    Programme and to deduct any Points earned by the Participant, if he is in breach of present
    Regulations, or has not observed credit card agreement or any other agreement with HSBC.
19. HSBC may vary these Terms & Conditions, suspend or terminate the Programme at its
    discretion. Information on the Terms and Conditions changes, suspension or termination of
    the Programme will be published on the website.

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