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					  Chinese Language Summer School
  Chinese Language Summer School
                                             in a Top-ranking University in China
                                              in a Top-ranking University in China
           Meet friends from more than 50 countries
           Open to high school students, college students and mature students
           Programmes last from 1-week to 1 full school term (3 months)
           Choices between Putonghua (Standard Chinese/ Mandarin) and
           Cantonese programmes

                         香港中文大學 新雅中國語文研習所
                         New Asia—Yale-in-China Chinese Language Center
                         Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2609 6727                                                  Fax: (852) 2603 5004
Email:                                                Home page:
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Founded in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward looking comprehensive
research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring
together China and the West. CUHK teachers and students hail from all corners of the world. The Chinese
University’s stunning 1.34 km² campus overlooking the scenic Tolo Harbour is the largest and greenest in
Hong Kong. Located north of Shatin town, it just takes one to get to downtown Shatin within 5 minutes, or to
Kowloon and Hong Kong Island sightseeing spots within 30-40 minutes by public transportation, and to the
China Guangdong border at Lowu station within 20 minutes.

      •   World ranking top 100 universities. (Times Education Supplement)
      •   Top 10 universities in Asia (Asia Week)
      •   The best among the universities in Hong Kong (HK Economic Journal)

Quick Facts (Dec. 2007)
   Year of establishment:        1963
   Campus area:                  1,340,000 square meter (134 hectares)
   Faculties/ Schools:           8 (Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Science,
                                 Social Science and Law)
   No. of students:              13,949 (Undergraduates: 10,632. Postgraduate: 3317)
   Places of origin of students:
   (CUHK International Summer School): Asia: 50.5% (mainly from Singapore, Japan, Korea and China),
   North America: 29%, Europe: 11.1%, South America: 4.6%, Australasia: 4.4%, Middle East &Africa: 0.4 %
   6135 student hostel places, 7 libraries, 25,000 computer network ports,1 swimming pool (50m), 2 sports
   fields (with running tracks and soccer pitch), 13 tennis courts, 8 squash courts, 3 indoor gymnasiums, 5
   games rooms, 1 water sports center, 4 fitness rooms, 6 outdoor playgrounds, 1 basketball practice court, 1
   archery practical range.
   Total no. of full-time staff:      6,155
   Income source:
   57% government subvention, 20% tuition and programme fees, 11% interest & investment income, 4%
   donations and benefactions, 8% other income.

Chinese Language Center
Founded in 1963 under the joint auspices of New Asia College and the Yale-China Association, the Chinese
Language Center (CLC) became part of the Chinese University in 1974 and has been responsible for the
teaching of Chinese language education (Putonghua and Cantonese) to University students. The same team of
professionals is also responsible for teaching programmes designed for Chinese learners of all walks of life.
Courses are offered in two different series namely (i) for non-native speakers and (ii) for native speakers of
Chinese. All the series have different levels to meet the needs and aptitude of students.

Unique Features
•The only university unit in Hong Kong offering award-bearing Chinese programmes to both native and non-
 native speakers.
•Well-qualified instructors from the University.
•Oral proficiency oriented.
•Wide spectrum of language activities and student support.

Quick Facts (September 2008):
      Founders: New Asia College and Yale-China Association
      Year of establishment: 1963
      No. of staff: 50
      No. of students:
            University grant students: close to 3000 enrolments per year
            Regular programmes: 200 per school term
            Evening programmes: 180 per school term
            Summer programmes: 230 per year
      Places of origin of students
             (Regular Chinese language programmes): Korea: 27%, Japan: 19%, other Asian countries: 14%,
             European countries (majority from UK, Germany and France): 16%, North America: 13%,
             Central and South America: 4%, Middle East: 3%, Australasia: 3%, Africa: 1%

Hong Kong
Hong Kong (HK), a region on China's south-east coast, came under british control in the 19th century. In
1997 Britain handed over HK to China, which classifies it as a “Special Administrative Region” (SAR).
Under HK's constitutional document, the Basic Law, the existing economic, legal and social systems will be
maintained for 50 years. The SAR enjoys a high degree of autonomy except in defense and foreign affairs.

HK has made its economic reputation as a financial centre. In recent years its economy has become more
integrated with that of the mainland.

One of the most striking characteristics of HK is the interweaving of seeming contradictions and the interplay
of the exotic and the technically advanced. Because of these dazzling contrasts, HK offers visitors something
unique -- the chance to experience a vibrant Chinese city without sacrificing the comforts of home.

“There are as many skyscrapers here as you're likely to see anywhere, but they're built with bamboo
scaffolding. Historic trams rumble through Central, while below ground is one of the most efficient subways
in the world, complete with the world's first "contactless" tickets, cards that can be waved over a scanner
without even taking them out of your purse or wallet. The city has what are arguably some of the best and
most sophisticated restaurants in the world, but it also has “dai pai dong”, street-side food stalls. Hong Kong
is home to one of the world's largest shopping malls, but there are also lively street markets virtually

Quick facts (2008)
      Location: South-eastern coast of China
      Area: 1,104 sq. km.
      Population: 7 million Ethnicity: Chinese 95%, other nationalities: 5%
      Language: Cantonese (Putonghua/ Mandarin and English are widely spoken)
      Religion: Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity.
      Time zone: GMT +8 hour
      Temperatures: temperatures in June to August are between 28 to 33 °C.
      Tropical storm (typhoon) and rainfall can be expected.
      Currency: Hong Kong Dollars (HK$). Credit cards are widely accepted.
      Approximate exchange rate: 1USD=HK$7.80. €1=HK$11.

Hong Kong events during summer:
     HKSAR establishment anniversary
           To celebrate the return of HK’s sovereignty to China, the HKSAR government and renowned
           businesses sponsor firework show, parade and variety show of all kind on the anniversary day.
     HK Book Fair
           The biggest book fair in Asia Pacific region with more than 400 exhibitors and 600,000 visitors.
           Huge collection of Chinese and English books, audio-visual products and souvenirs will be sold
           at attractive discount in the fair.
     HK Computers and Communications Festivals
           500 display booths dazzled more than 500,000 visitors with computer software & hardware,
           computer peripherals & accessories , video camera, digital camera, PDA, MP3, mobile phone,
           telecommunication products, computer games, computer &communications publications, web
           services,     IT training etc.
     HK Shopping Festival
           HK is widely known as the shopping paradise. During summer, many shopping malls and
           department stores in town will tempt you with special offers and activities that you can’t afford
           to miss, lighting up the summer season with the most amazing shopping experience and surprise.

Summer Curriculum
CUHK-CLC offers full fledged quality Putonghua (Mandarin or
Standard Chinese) and Cantonese programmes with plenty of time
exploring the unique features of Hong Kong as a vibrant international
city. Exciting activities and budget on-campus accommodation will be
provided as well. Programmes are open to anyone from age 15 or up,
with special features designed for the needs of current undergraduates.

Target/ month/ schedule                          June                          July                       August
     Mature students/                     S1: 4 to 5 weeks                     S2:                  S3a: 2 weeks
   high school students                                                   4 to 5 weeks               S3b: 1 week
                                                                                                 PRINCH: 1 to 2 weeks
Current undergraduates/                 S1: 4 to 5 weeks                      ISS*:                     ISS-CLP*:
     postgraduates                  (admission through CLC)               4 to 5 weeks                   3 weeks

      For all students                            Summer Regular Term: approximately 10 weeks

Admission through the Office of Summer
Programmes (OSP):

International Summer School (ISS):
4 to 5 weeks programme in July with weekly activities.
More than 20 electives on business, humanities and
Chinese languages. Hot subjects like Putonghua
(Standard Chinese), Asian business, Chinese culture
and society, and Chinese medicine are also available.
International Summer School Chinese Language
Programme (ISS-CLP):
3-week Putonghua programme in August. Advanced
level students are required to join a total immersion
programme in a China city during the last week.

Admission through Chinese Language
Center (CLC):

Regular Summer term:
an intensive programme held daily from early June to
mid August for around 10 weeks. Students can pursue
further study towards Certificate, Diploma or Advanced
Diploma levels in Fall term and Spring term.

S1, S2, S3, PRINCH:
intensive short programmes which target to those who
cannot commit a full summer regular term. For
description of PRINCH, please refer to page 7.

For course description and exact schedule for every year, please visit
Credit transfer is possible for current university students. Student should nevertheless consult your corresponding college first.

Activities – pick your own favorites.

Student Orientation
With campus tour, authentic Chinese dim-sum lunch, inspiring
talks and briefing to Putonghua beginners who do not have any
knowledge in Chinese characters.
                                                                 Shatin mini-tour
                                                                 Shatin is the closest downtown to
                                                                 CUHK and was the venue for
                                                                 Beijing Olympic Equestrian event. It
                                                                 is the mostly populated town in Hong
                                                                 Kong with the most diverse lifestyle
                                                                 from low to high end. Know your
                                                                 way to the HK Cultural Museum.
                                                                 Try cycling sometime from Shatin to
                                                                 the breath-taking view of Tolo
Talks and seminars                                               Harbour and Plover Cove
Smart living in Hong Kong, HK Education System, Myths            overlooking the majestic Pat Sin
about Chinese Language Learning, Introduction to Chinese         Range.
Proficiency Exams, Do’s and Don’ts in China, Employment in

                                                                Summer Fruit Sensation & Local
                                                                Market Guided Tour
                                                                Summer is a time for juicy tropical fruits
                                                                and vegetables. Some can only be found
                                                                in South East Asia and China. All these
                                                                are available at good price in Hong Kong.
                                                                Guided by CLC office Staff, this tour
Local excursion                                                 brings students to a local market located
Big Buddha, Tai O Fish village, Ngong Ping cable car, breezy    close to a Station and try some South-
cruise on the Victoria Harbour, Victoria Peak and Madame        east Asian indigenous fruit at good price.
Tussaud wax gallery were some selected spots in previous

Pragmatic Internship in China (PRINCH)
  This is a credit-bearing programme of CLC which works with host schools in China for a total language
  immersion programme that allows students to practice what they have learned in class through a variety of
  activities in the target culture. This is an approach recognized by professionals and highly recommended as
  a most effective means to cultivate pragmatic competence of language learners. Daily format includes three
  parts, (1) Lesson or pre-trip activities with teachers at host school, (2) Theme-based trip (visit or sight-
  seeing) in small groups led by local teachers and/or in-house studies, and (3) Post-trip tasks with teachers at
  host school (Q&A, discussion, presentation, etc).
                                                                                   Short tour to other China
                                                                                   Students organize on their
                                                                                   own or sometimes by the
                                                                                   Center to Shenzhen,
                                                                                   Guangzhou and Macau. All
                                                                                   these cities are just 30
                                                                                   minutes to 1.5 hour away
                                                                                   from HK by public

                                                                                          Student trainee programmes,
                                                                                          Spring Party, CUHK Speech
                                                                                          Contest, Language Tables,
                                                                                          informal interest groups and

   Note: CLC reserves the right to decide how many activities and which activity to be held in the season.

Student Residence and Facilities

                                                                                                             Swimming pool


International House outlook and interior

Admission Requirement

1.     Current local and overseas undergraduates and postgraduates who wish to apply for July and August intensive
       programmes should forward application to the Office of Summer Programmes (OSP), where you can receive
       concession on student facilities and get transcript directly issued by CUHK. More information at:

2.     For other status and programmes, application can be forwarded to the Chinese Language Center (CLC). The
       following admission requirement is applicable to CLC direct applicants.
          •    Applicants should be, upon enrolment, 15 years old or above. Written consent from parents or guardians is
               required for applicants below 18. Accommodation is only provided to applicants whose age is 18 or above.
          •    Those who apply for award-bearing programme should at least attained minimum Hong Kong secondary
               five or equivalent educational level upon admission.
          •    It is desirable for applicants to possess functional ability in English to ease learning and living in Hong
               Kong. However, it is NOT an entry pre-requisite. The Center has other language support such as Japanese
               and Korean.
          •    Non-Hong Kong resident or non-working visa holder is required by law to apply for student visa in all study
               programmes. The Center can sponsor student visa to those in need provided that applicants has enrolled into
               a full-time study (at least 12 sessions/ week) with the Center.
          •    Non-beginners who are applying for non-beginner courses have to fulfill the placement requirement, which
               is usually conducted online at

Application procedures (CLC direct applicants only)

•      Applications can be made any time in a year. For those who are not having HKID or valid working visa, application
       should be forwarded to the Center preferably two months prior to the beginning of the intended programme to
       provide sufficient time for student visa processing.
•      Immigration requirement: students who come to study in HK MUST BE either a resident of Hong Kong, working
       visa and/ or student visa holder. Holder of tourist visa and/or visa exemption status is not allowed to study in any
       institution in Hong Kong. So, you must be clear about your visa status and apply for visa prior to your study.
       Otherwise, both you and the center will be liable for violating the immigration law. Under HKSAR immigration
       policy, holders of student visas should not take employment, paid or unpaid. Thus, students who intend to work must
       obtain a work visa with the sponsorship of their employer and then make arrangements for studying at the Center.
       Applicants without a legitimate immigration status for study purpose will not be allowed to attend a class even if
       they are already in the school and have paid the fee.
•      Tourists who enter into Hong Kong with visa exemption status or tourist visa and want to apply for a CLC course
       MUST change status from tourist to student in person with the immigration office and this process normally takes
       one month. To avoid frustration and possible delay in visa processing, students are advised to forward application to
       CLC as early as possible.
•      For those who are eligible for student visa sponsorship, there is no need for you to visit China embassy in your home

Documents needed for all programmes
1.  Application form;
2.  Completed student visa application forms - ID(E)936 A, E, K and L (overseas students only);
3.  Proof of financial standing (overseas students only);
4.  Copies of current or previous school documents; (compulsory to award-bearing programmes and some cases in student visa

Extra documents needed for regular programmes
1.    Signed student regulations;
2.    School deposit (refundable)
3.    All fees (tuition fee, application fee, deposit, visa, activity etc.) can be settled by international money order or cheque made payable
      to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong”. Credit card is acceptable for most payment except for student accommodation.
4.    All documents are available for download at CLC website:

    Asia— Yale- in-
New Asia—Yale-in-China Chinese Language Center
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                                       New erritories,
Fong Shu Chuen Building, CUHK, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2609 6727                                                                                              Fax: (852) 2603 5004
Email:                                                                                            Home page:

Disclaimer: the information provided in this publication was correct at the time of printing in October 2008. The Chinese Language Center reserves the right to alter
any of the information should the need arise.