THE MILKY WAY by rt3463df


									THE MILKY WAY

 DAY 1: Intro Info
              The Milky Way
• Over 100billion stars
• One of tens of billions of galaxies in the
  observable universe
                Size and Shape
• Clouds of interstellar medium (dust and gas) fill
  the galactic disk and prevent our ability to see
  through it.
  – This long fooled astronomers to think we lived near
    the centre of our galaxy
• In the 1920s, Harlow Shapley found that the
  Globular clusters orbit a point tens of thousands
  of light years from our Sun.
  – This point is the centre of our galaxy, not our Sun!!
             Size and Shape
• Radio and infrared technologies allow us to
  see through the interstellar dust.
• Our Sun lies about 28 000 light-years from
  the centre
                Size and Shape
• Flat disk of stars with a
  bright central bulge
• Spiral arms
• Dimmer rounder Halo
  surrounding everything
• A few hundred Globular
  Clusters of stars orbit the
  galaxy’s centre
• In 2005, the Spitzer Space
  Telescope collected
  evidence that the Milky
  Way is a Barred Spiral

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