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					A Few Things To Remember For A Camping Trip
Whenever our family goes camping, there are a few essentials that we find necessary in order to enjoy the trip. While some of these could go without
saying, the following may make your next camping trip more enjoyable.

Do not forget your tent. Even RV campers often find that a tent makes a great storage locker for extra gear. Often the kids will enjoy sleeping out in a
tent giving mom and dad more room in the RV. Cabin style tents provide more headroom for campers that do dome style tents.

We also take lots of plastic tarps. One goes under the tent to prevent water from seeping back though the floor. A small tarp makes our front porch for
taking shoes on and off when entering or leaving the tent.

A second tarp comes in handy in case of a rainstorm. The less water that reaches the tent, the less likely it is to develop a leak.

During cooler weather tarps make great windbreaks for the picnic table. We use a canopy and tie the tarps to the support poles on three sides to make
a very warm enclosure during early spring camping.

There are times that we pay a little extra to get a campsite with electrical hookups. We can travel much lighter without our camp stove. Anything we
cook can be done on a hot plate, in an electric skillet or in a coffee percolator. On more than one occasion we have added an electric fan for the warm
nights or to drown out the noises outside that tend to keep the kids awake. Noisy neighbors do not bother us when we have our fan.

A good attitude is the most important thing we take camping with us. As long as the adults have a good attitude, the kids will have fun. Begin the trip
with a bad attitude and you will get it back all weekend long.

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