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					                    Jeffers Petroglyphs Question Sheet

1. What is a petroglyph?

2. Into what type of rock are the petroglyphs carved?

3. What animal was honored and hunted by Native Americans for thousands of
   years in this area? Name three things that can be gotten from Buffalo or

4. What object to archeaologists use to date the petroglyphs? How was this
   object used by Native Americans?

5. How old may some of the oldest carvings be?

6. The Buffalo, the Prairie and _________________ depended upon each other
   for survival. Explain how this triangle of dependence worked.

7. Name at least three prairie plants that were found during your visit.

8. What is a Native Prairie? What is a Recreated Prairie?
9. Matching:

      bluestem                   dart-throwing stick
      Sioux Quartzite            meat
      Native Prairie                     grass
      Bison                      rock
      Atlatl                     unplowed prairie land
      petro                      striations
      glyphs                     carvings
      glacier marks              hard, red rock

10. How were the ripple marks in the rocks formed?

11. What is the weapon called that is carved into the rock? Why was it
important both as a tool and as a symbol of power?

12. What animal is seen the most in the petroglyphs? Why was this animal
important to the Dakota and other Native Americans?

13. Why do you think that Native Americans carved symbols in the rocks? Can
you think of things you do that are similar today?
                            Jeffers Petroglyphs Puzzles
Words may be found backwards, forwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

P   O   R   C   U   P   I    N   E   G   R   A    S    S   U   R   E
C   A   T   R   F   S   U    O   Q   R   X   O    P    I   L   E   W
B   Z   X   C   I   B   H    S   I   R   M   N    B    O   C   T   R
U   Q   E   W   R   S   D    I   I   O   U   D    P    U   M   N   B
F   A   I   U   E   T   N    B   E   C   W   R    V    X   C   X   L
F   P   T   O   I   U   E    Y   T   K   R   I    E    Q   W   S   U
A   I   Y   L   O   K   H    L   K   C   M   B    V    U   F   R   E
L   T   R   E   A   W   C    S   A   A   Y    R    U   A   I   A   S
O   N   N   T   R   T   I    E   S   R   A   E    Z    R   C   E   T
R   P   O   I   U   Y   L    R   E   V   K   D    N    T   R   P   E
U   P   O   I   U   Y   T    R   E   I   N   N    B    Z   V   Y   M
B   S   T   R   I   A   T    I   O   N   S   U    U    I   Y   L   Y
M   A   N   J   O   I   Y    O   U   G   R   H    I    T   E   K   S
P   O   R   C   K   K   L    O   T   E   S   T    I    E   N   C   C
I   T   A   L   L   G   R    A   S   S   O   I    O    Y   T   I   E
M   N   B   L   E   R   R    I   U   Q   S   D    N    U   O   R   G
I   E   T   I   P   S   I    N   E   E   N   J    U    I   R   P   E

1. The type of prairie found at Jeffers Petroglyphs       Word Bank
2. The dart-throwing stick used long ago                  FIRE
3. Name of the cactus growing here                        TALLGRASS
4. Meaning of the word “petroglyph”                 GOPHER
5. The plants growing on the surface of the rock          ROCK CARVING
6. What the glaciers left on the rock                     THUNDERBIRD
7. The Dakota name for Prairie Turnip               BLUESTEM
8. The animal most pictured in the petroglyphs      BUFFALO RUB
9. Another name for needlegrass                           PRICKLY PEAR
10. The kind of rock found at Jeffers Petroglyphs         STRIATIONS
11. A tall grass growing here                             PORCUPINE
12. A place where buffalo rub off their winter hair       TIPSINEE
13. A Messenger Spirit                              ATLATL
14. This animal has 13 stripes and lives here             LICHEN
15. What is used to remove the dead plants on the prairie BUFFALO
                                                    SIOUX QUARTZITE
   Clues to Puzzle 1
                  ACROSS                                      DOWN
2. used with an arrow for hunting               1. tiny yellow prairie flower
4. killing animals for food                     3. fighting
7. early spring ------ flower is well- known   5. A long chain of hills
8. fall- blooming prairie flower               6. Native American
9. wild ----- add much color to a              7. Common members of the
     virgin prairie                                   vegetable family
11. glyphs                                       10. Bulb of a plant having a
14. rock art                                          strong smell & taste
16. plants of the buttercup family              12. Climbing herbs of the pea
     having white cup-shaped flowers                   family
17. spear- throwing device used by                13. Long, crawling reptile
     early peoples                               14. Found wild on prairies but
18. a bright color                                    also a common garden
20. bison                                              vegetable
21. famous or important in history              15. A path
23. Indian name for American eagle               18. A stone
26. area of land covered with grass                19. Slow - moving animal
28. having undergone structural change            22. Indian spiritual leader
30. slow - moving ice mass                         24. Solid rock beneath the
31. prairie plants depend on the                25. A sedimentary rock
     prairie ---------                         27. Poison --- may be found on
33. plant found in the hot, dry locations            unplowed land
36. tent - shaped home of Indians               28. Very small plants
37. animals that fly                            29. An herb of the mint family
38. mint-family plant whose leaves are           32. Hunting weapon
     used for seasoning                          34. Representation of an
idea or
39. prairie ------ was a common food of             object
    Indians                                     35. North American buffalo
41. ----- daisy is a pretty June - flowering    39. Large perennial plant
    prairie plant                               40. A bird’s home
42. very small plants which grow on rocks
43. one of a number of striae
44. part of the plant which produces
     1              2                           3

     4                            5                      6


     8              9



             12                         13      14

     15      16




                         PUZZLE 2
          ACROSS                                     DOWN

1. Small wild fruit tree              2. Grass - covered area of land
2. Large perennial plant              3.. Indentation left by walking
4.  Native American                   5. To imprint or form with use
9.  Name of rock at the                   of implement
    Jeffers Petroglyphs site          6. First word in name of this site
10. Plant found in hot, dry           7. Fall - blooming prairie flower
    locations                         8. Prairie plants depend on the
11. All things surrounding you            prairie ---------
12. Rock Art                          13. An algae growth on rocks
15. Slow - moving animal              14. Common members of the
16. Well known wild flower                vegetable family
17. Capture by using weapon
18. Very small plants
19. A bird’s home

Word Bank

Indian              wildplum                 rose            tree       plants
quartzite           redrock                         lichen       ecosystem gentian
cacti               petroglyphs              Jeffers             carving         track
environment         turtle                   hunt          track        prairie
moss                nest
                                         1             2


         4                                                           5

             6                 7                 8



    11            12

                               13                               14

                  15                                   16

                                     PUZZLE 3
                 ACROSS                                       DOWN

3. Indian name for the American Eagle            1. Wild animal of Minnesota
4. Solid rock beneath the soil                   2. Algae growing on rocks
6. Spear - throwing device                        3. Slow - moving animal
8. Crawling animal                              5. Before written history
10. Plant found in hot dry locations            7. Animal imprints
11. Name of rock found at this ridge            9. Hunting weapon
13. Unplowed topsoil                            12. A long chain of hills
14. Very small plants
15. Slow - moving ice mass
16. Native Americans

Word Bank

tracks                 thunderbird       deer              bedrock       lichen
turtle                 atlatl            prehistoric       glacier       ridge
snake                  cactus            spear             redrock                sod
moss                   Indian
                                Word Map
Put the letter on the line that best fits the statement.

                                              4      3

         1 2         5
  Prairie 6                                       Native Americans

A. Native Americans burned the grasses to renew the prairie.
B. Bison preferred young, tender grass, which grew after a prairie burn
C. Native Americans relied upon the Bison for food, shelter and clothing
D. The prairie needed the bison to eat the vegetation so that new, young
   plants would grow and to carry seeds on their coats to other areas.
E. Bison herds were kept from growing too large by Native American hunting.
F. Native Americans relied upon the prairie for other foods such as berries,
   vegetables, spices and medicines.

Circle the things you think could be made from a buffalo:

Pemmican                 Cooking Paunch           Sinew
clay pot                 sinew                    bone tools
meat                     horn                     blanket
moccasins                shirt                    pants
decorations              tanning materials        tools
hoe   hammer   sled runners

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