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Phil Beal
Portfolio Marketing and Communications

• Keeping you informed

• Responsive

• Things that matter

• Easy to do business with

Overview on Documentation
• We have directly collaborated with Industry on improvements to the
  WLR3 site on the portal and our CP documentation has been produced
  in collaboration with CPs and Industry

• Our WLR “Real Deal" brochure extolling the benefits of WLR3 has a
  forward written by the Chair of FCS and includes real input for live CPs

• As for product definitions, we have produced the WLR3 documentation
  to be user friendly and have applied a new content management
  process for easy navigation

• We have live CPs and TPIs using our documentation to really drive
  their business

What we are doing
• Our marketing strategy continues with major overhaul of documentation
  + open comms – launch of Drumbeat

• We have allocated funding against portal and collateral improvements,
  this is making good progress with NGA, Ethernet and WLR3 where
  customer friendly and CP initiated collateral are in place or being

• New brochure-ware across all product lines

• New templates - upfront

• Copy writer expertise

• Introduce a corporate look and feel

• How you can help

Major improvements over the last year or so – recent developments include
•   New advanced search engine
    –   Much easier to locate relevant information quickly

•   RSS news feeds
    –   Enhanced – now more pages across the site
    –   ‘Opt-in’ to receive alerts
    –   Easy to set up –click on the RSS link in the top right of most pages on the website and follow the instructions

•   Customer focused redesign
    –   A major product area re-design programme kicked off at the end of 2007
    –   Improved usability and key information more accessible
    –   WLR3 now complete
    –   Ethernet and LLU being rolled out
    –   New homepage designed to improve navigation at the site’s main entry point

•   Opting in
    –   Customers can now use a single online form to tell us which communication vehicles they want to
    –   Pricing notifications, Round-up and Exchange

•   What’s next?
    –   Continue to be enhanced and monitored
    –   A number of key customer experience improvements to the transactional parts of the site over the next few months

•   Have we got it right?
    –   Please let us know – feedback form at the bottom right of every web page

And More
•   LLU
    –   First phase of new LLU web pages

•   New Collateral
    –   New approach to product collateral
    –   User friendly

•   New LLU Brochure
    –   Online friendly

•   External Information Points (EIP)
    –   Much clearer view for EMP releases – 9 stages to launch

•   Drumbeat
    – Is it working for you?

  Thank You
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