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The importance of work


									Real work for real pay:
The importance of work

           Vivienne C Riches PhD
     Centre for Developmental Disability Studies,
          PO Box 6, Ryde, 1680, Australia
Why is work so important?
  People work to earn money $$$
  Work gives a time structure
    days, weeks, years
    training for work, work life, retirement
    work time and holiday time
  Work gives a sense of purpose and value
    Work may be useful or important
    being self supporting contributes to society
Work .    ..
 provides status
 provides a role, a sense of identity
 improves self esteem and self
 gives a sense of achievement eg. from
  using skills, completing jobs, or working
  with others as part of a team
Work provides opportunities

   to get out of the house
   to integrate and socialise with people
    who do not have disabilities
   to maybe make friends with some
   to feel accepted and valued

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