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					Ten Reasons to Plan Your Estate
Mark C. Doyle, Esq.

Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle
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Where We Have Been...

Estate Tax Law Changes, Gift Tax Law Changes,
 IRA Distribution Rules Changes, Life Insurance

              Greater Need to Plan

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What Areas of your Estate Plan Concern You the Most?

  ♦What have you done to make sure your family and
    business are taken care of?
    – Do you have an estate plan?
    – Have you reviewed your life insurance?

  ♦Do these provisions still reflect your needs and
    preferences, particularly in light of:
    – Your values and goals?
    – The current estate tax and retirement planning rules and

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Ten Reasons to Plan Your Estate
…That have nothing to do with
estate taxes
1. What If You Become Incompetent?

♦Without a plan                 ♦With a plan
—   The courts pick the         —   You pick the successor
    successor manager of your       manager of your affairs

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2.Who Raises Your Children?

♦Without a plan               ♦With a plan

—   A judge decides without   —   You nominate the guardian
                                  of your choice
    the benefit of your

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3. How Does Your Family Inherit Your Assets?

♦Without a plan                  ♦With a plan
—   Your family members          —   Your family members
    receive your assets              enjoy the benefits of the
    without the benefit of           plan you set up for
    your direction or trust          responsible management
    protection                       of your assets

—   Your state’s intestacy       —   You write your plan. You
    statute effectively writes       decide who gets your
    your will:                       assets, as well as when
     – Assets pass                   and how they get them.
       according to state
       laws of descent and

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4. You Have a “Blended”- Multiple Marriage - Family

♦Without a Plan                    ♦With a Plan
—   Your priorities are not even   —   Your priorities prevail:
    considered:                         – You decide what goes to
     – Children from different            your current spouse and
       marriages may not be               to children from different
       treated according to your          marriages

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5. You Have a Special Needs Child

♦Without a Plan                     ♦With a Plan
—   MediCal* and SSI benefits       —   Medicaid* and SSI benefits
    are at risk:                        can be preserved
     – Your child may be                 – A Supplemental Needs
       disqualified from                   Trust can hold assets so
       receiving MediCAL and               that the child can qualify
       SSI benefits and forced to          for Medicaid and SSI
       use your assets for basic           benefits
       care                              – Your assets remain
                                           available for other non-
                                           covered expenses

     *MediCAL in California

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 6. You Want Your Money to Stay in Your Family

♦Without a Plan                  ♦With a Plan

—   Your child’s spouse may      —   Your child can receive
    benefit from your assets         absolute asset protection
     – If your child passes           – A trust can ensure that
       away prematurely, your           your assets stay in your
       daughter/son-in-law and          family, e.g., pass to
       a new spouse may                 grandchildren
       receive your assets

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7. Can Your Spouse and Children Survive Financially?

♦Without a Plan                     ♦With a Plan
—   They may need to                —   They can enjoy financial
    downscale their lifestyle           security
     – Without the income                – With the income
       replacement provided by             replacement provided by
       Life Insurance, your                Life Insurance, your
       family may not have the             family can be protected
       funds to maintain their             from having to downscale
       current standard of living          their standard of living

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 8. You Have an IRA
♦Without a Plan                    ♦With a Plan
—   Your beneficiary designation   —   You choose the optimal
    form may not effectively           beneficiary based on advice
    reflect your current wishes        and counsel of your
—   Your beneficiary may               Financial Advisor, Attorney
    experience burdensome              and CPA
    income tax consequences        —   Your beneficiary may be
    because of large required          able to minimize the income
    distributions within a short       tax bite by “stretching” out
    time frame                         distributions over time and
—   You and your beneficiary           enjoying the benefits of tax-
    may not gain the                   deferred compounding
    advantages created by new      —   You and your beneficiary
    IRA distribution rules.            can take maximum
                                       advantage of new
                                       distribution rules.
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9. You Own a Business

♦Without a Plan                 ♦With a Plan

—   There is no succession      —   You choose the succession
    planning; no successor is       plan and the successor

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10. The Estate Administration Process May Be Cumbersome
and Expensive

♦Without a Plan                 ♦With a Plan

—   Depending upon your state   —   Your assets may avoid
    of residence, your estate       probate entirely
    may be subject to delays
    and fees.                   —   Saving expense

—   Your assets become a
                                —   Maintaining privacy
    matter of public record.

—   Attorneys get % of gross

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Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle Has Solutions

♦The Wealth Management Services “Team”
   Your Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle Attorney
    – First Meeting: no cost, no obligation
    –   Basic Estate Plan done on a fixed-fee basis
         – Powers of Attorney
         – Wills
         – Revocable Living Trust
         – Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
   Your CPA
   Your Financial Advisor
   Life Insurance Consultant

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Biggest Obstacle: Procrastination

♦“I am not afraid to die, I just don’t want
  to be there when it happens.”
                         - Woody Allen

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Your Next Steps
♦Call Mark Doyle to discuss:
   – Your assets and liabilities
   – Your needs and goals

♦Work with Team to Implement Plan
   – Approximately 2-3 meeting process
   – 1-2 month process

   – Downey
   – Long Beach
   – Irvine

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Contact Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle
to Arrange for a Confidential
No-Obligation Consultation to Assess
Your Estate Planning Needs

                   Mark C. Doyle, Esq.
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