The Great War Ends - PowerPoint by rt3463df


									 The Great War Ends
November 11th, 1100 hours, 1918
In Russia…
Tsar Nicholas is overthrown by the
  Bolshevik (communists) led by
          Vladimir Lenin
Lenin promises his people “bread &
  peace “, signing the Treaty of
   Brest-Litovsk with Germany
the US enters the war in 1917
Germany’s only hope was to launch a
     massive offensive strike!

During these last 100 days of WWI,
Canadians were on the front lines of
      battle against Germany
Canadians, once again, were given
 the task of leading the charge at
    sites like Mons and Amiens
…including the Germans’ main line of
 defense – The Hindenburg Line
 The Allies won back France and
Belgium, and the fighting stopped
 when they reached the German
 President Woodrow Wilson (USA)
provided “14 Points” of negotiation
    which became the basis for
       Germany’s surrender
His 14 points included:

-The abolition of secret treaties

-The freedom of the seas

-Free trade


-Adjustment of colonial claims.

And, a number of specific points that dealt
with giving certain countries sovereignty and
establishment of new borders
 The Great War officially ended at
1100 hours on November 11th, 1918

        “Armistice Day”

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