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									ASSH Overview and
Scrutiny Panel 30th July
Transforming Social Care – The Change
By 2025, a quarter of the entire                     And expectations of public services
adult population will be over 65                     will rise

                                                                “There are now 17 million
 25%                                                             baby boomers marching
                                                                towards retirement with a
                                                                high set of demands and
 15%                                                              a clear expectation of
                                                                    what they want in
 10%                                                                  retirement…”
       2004         2014          2024                             (Age Concern 2004)
         Projected % of England's adult
          population aged 65 and over

                           We are living longer.
                           But are we living healthier lives?
   Reform Strategy for the long-term funding for
    people in need of care and support (October
    HM Treasury announced a Green Paper “which will identify the
    scale of the challenge, key issues and options for reform.” Target
    date Spring 2008. Later changed in February 2008 when it was
    announced that there would be a public engagement process
    leading to the Green Paper.

   CSCI – Review of Eligibility Criteria (April 2008)
    “We are to make recommendations on how the system could be
    changed to meet the Government’s vision of more personalised
    Social Care Services.”
    Consultation runs from April to 9th May 2008 to report to Minister
    15th September 2008.

   The Case for Change – Why England needs a
    new care and support system.
    Department of Health leading Consultation Process May –
    November 2008.
Eligibility Criteria:-
 Fair Access to Care Services (FACS)
  4 levels:   Critical

 For 2007/08 73% of local authorities to
  refuse care to everyone whose needs
  were not considered to be “substantial”
  2006/07     62%

  2005/06     54%
 “Putting People First” a shared vision and
  commitment to the transformation of Adult
  Social Care – December 2007
  Concordat, 6 Government Departments, LGA, ADASS, NHS,
  Independent Sector Providers, CSCI.
  “Every locality should seek to have a single community based
  support system … binding together Local Government,
  Primary Care, Public Health, Social Care and the wider issues
  of housing, employment, benefits, advice and

 Transforming Social Care
  Local Authority Circular 17th January 2008.
  “A challenging agenda, which cannot be delivered by Social
  Care alone.”
Transformation Programme
•   Establishes a collaborative
    approach between central and
    local government, the sector’s
    professional leadership, providers
    and the regulator

•   Sets out shared aims and values
    to guide transformation of adult
    social care

    Followed in June 2008 by:-

    Dementia Strategy

    Carers Strategy
“Putting People First”
   Improving information and advice
   Early intervention and prevention
   Personalisation of services
   Universal Services
    -     Housing, Adult Education, Employment
   Strategic Needs Assessment
    -     Leading to strategic vision – Commissioning Strategies
   User/Carer Empowerment
    -     Developing user led organisations, engagement with

Social Care Reform Grant for North Somerset
          2008/09             £309k
          2009/10             £731k
          2010/11             £911k
Components of the
Transformation Process – to be in
place by March 2011
   Integrated approach to working with the NHS and wider
    local government partners, strategic shift towards
    preventative model of care.
   Commissioning strategy to stimulate development of high
    quality services.
   Universal, joined up information and advice service. i.e.
    irrespective of eligibility for public funding.
   A simple, straight forward personal budget system – most
    people eligible for support “should have a personal
   Family members and carers to be involved as care
    partners/training for carers.
   Advocacy and other systems to support people in
    exercising choice and control.
    Progress in North Somerset
    -     PoPP Project – leading development of preventative
          services and clarifying unmet needs.
    -     Transforming Social Care Project Board
    -     Implementation Plan by End July 2008
    -     Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and report on Older
          People almost complete.

    Commitments for ring fenced grant
•       Project Manager          -   For appointment September
                                     2008. Consultant started July
•       Adult Care Planning      -   6 month secondment June 2008.
        Manager                      Self funders, Risk assessment,
•       Self Directed Support    -   X2
        Project Worker
•       Accountancy Lead         -   Appointed
•       Brokerage Manager        -   Appointed
•       IT Infrastructure        -   Capital to be determined

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