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					 The Crucible
by Arthur Miller
 Project Web Quest
     English III

    The webquest will be your first six week’s project. The
   assignment contains three separate assignments and will
   comprise a MAJOR part of your first six week’s average.

 You will have some class time in the library, but you will be
required to complete all the requirements on your own time.

You will submit all parts in a folder on Tuesday, September 22nd. If
you are in my Monday/Wednesday class, you will submit all parts in a
folder on Monday, September 21st.
• The web quest as a whole will utilize multiple skills on your part.
• Part 1 requires you to research online for a modern example of
  someone who has been falsely accused or claims to be falsely
  accused. Once you have researched 5 sites, you will write a news
  article detailing your modern example. (TEST GRADE)
• The 2nd part will be a dialectical journal that you create from 10
  quotes of your choosing. You will analyze the quotes in a template
  form. (Test Grade)
• The 3rd stage is the creation of a symbols collage. You must choose
  5 symbols and connect them to The Crucible with a caption. (Daily
• As with any written assignment in English III, you will be required
  to use proper English and correct grammar and punctuation
• All written work must be typed. If you do not have a computer at
  home, you need to utilize the class time provided, as well as to make
  arrangements to work in the library or my room during tutorials or
  after school.
             Library Days
• I have requested use of the computer lab for
  two class periods.
• Our assigned days are Wednesday,
  September 16th and Thursday, September
          Part One Directions
• You will be researching a modern day PERSON
  who has been “falsely” accused. Think of someone
  who has been in the news since 1970. Watch this
  Falsely Accused PPT before you do your research.
  You will need to think of your own idea for an
  accused person!
• It can be someone that you believe was falsely
  accused or someone who believes THEY have been
  falsely accused regardless of what society thinks.
• Research their story online when you think of a
• You must include a Works Cited with at least 5
  sites that you used to research your person! If you
  do not remember how to do a Works Cited,
  research it HERE.
                   Part One
• When you have completed your research, you will
  write a news article about your person.
• You should include a title, a picture (image) of
  your person, and then your FOUR PARAGRAPH
  written article describing your person, their
  accusation and finally if a resolution has been
  found or not.
• Finally, comment if you believe the person is/was
  innocent or not!
• You need to write the article yourself. DO NOT
  attempt to copy an article from online and submit
  it as your own work.
           Part One Format
• Title with byline
• Picture of the accused
• Paragraph 1 – Intro - Description of the
  person and the accusation.
• Paragraph 2 –Tell the beliefs of both sides-
  who thinks it’s real and who believes it’s a
  false accusation.
• Paragraph 3 – Resolution – how did the
  situation end? (jail, fine, release, etc.)
• Paragraph 4 – Closing and your opinion. Do
  you believe your person was justly or falsely
  accused and why?
         Part Two Directions
• For this Stage, you will be completing a
  dialectical journal analyzing quotes from The
• You will pick 10 quotes from the Crucible
  Quotes Page.
• You will then complete the journal using the
  Dialectic Journal template that I have created
  for you. Your answers must be TYPED into
  the template and then printed.
• Continued on next slide!
          Part Two Directions
• You must include the quote and the page number
  in addition to your response.
• You will then answer the detailed commentary
  response for each quote.
• Questions that must be answered are:
  – Who is speaking? Who is being spoken to?
  – What are the circumstances?
  – Why is the quote important? What does it mean in
    relation to the play?
• Once all 10 quotes have been analyzed, you will
  print out the journal.
        Part Three- Directions
• You will create a Symbol Collage of 5 items that
  you feel characterize The Crucible. You can use
  pictures that represent themes of the play or
  actual characters themselves.
• You can use clip art, images found online, hand
  drawn art, or pictures clipped from a magazine.
• You must represent 5 DIFFERENT ideas (you
  can’t use 5 images of witches, etc.)
• You cannot use any image from the movie or
  book promotion. (cover of book, movie poster,
  movie character pictures, etc.)
        Part Three- Directions
• You will TYPE a 2 sentence CAPTION for each
  symbol explaining why you picked it and how it
  relates to the play or the character. USE FULL
• Once you have found your symbols and typed your
  captions, you will place them in a collage on a
  regular sheet of paper. It must fit in your
• Be creative in your layout and design! It must be
  neat and easy to follow. Part of your grade will be
  based on your creativity!
• Put a title on your collage.
• You’re finished!!!
        Grading Rubric – Web Quest
• Modern News Article– TEST Grade
  –   Works Consulted – 25
  –   Title? 5 points
  –   Picture included? 10 points
  –   All 4 paragraphs according to format description? 60 pts (15 each)
• Dialectical journal – TEST Grade
  –   Did you type your response using the journal template? – 5 points
  –   Did you include the quote and the page number? – 20 pts
  –   Did you use complete sentences? – 5 points
  –   Did you answer all the questions for each quote? - 70 points (7 per quote)
       • Did you correctly identify the speaker? – 2 points each
       • Did you identify who is being spoken to? -1 point each
       • Did you describe the circumstances of the quote? - 1 point each
       • Did you tell the significance/importance of the quote? - 3 points each
• Symbol Collage – Daily Grade
  – Did you have a title? – 5 points
  – Creativity – 10 points
  – Did you have 5 symbols that were relevant to the play? – 50 pts (10 each)
  – Did you have a TYPED, 2 sentence caption for each that accurately
    connected that image to the play? – 30 points (6 pts each)
  – Did you use full sentences? – 5 points