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									  END OF LIFE CARE

       Joyce Wilcock
Associate Director of Nursing
 Cheshire and Merseyside
 Strategic Health Authority
The care of all dying patients should be raised to the level of the best –
Cancer Plan 2001

Announcement of £12 million over 3 years to help support
implementation of GSF, LCP & PPC – December 2003

Building on the Best: End of Life Care Initiative – 2004
    Committed the DoH to take forward training programmes so all
    adult patients at the end of life will have access to high quality
    specialist palliative care to enable them to live, and die, in the place
    of their choice
Letter to SHA Chief Executives – 1 July 2004
    Identified inequalities
    -50% of all patients wish to spend their final days at home yet less
    than 20% able to do so
    -95% of all referrals to specialist palliative care teams are for cancer

    Set out action to be taken to access allocation of funding

-   Receive 2nd highest amount each year
    allocated on a population weighted basis

2004-2005        - £112,000   - part year
2005-2006        - £195,000   - full year
2006-2007        ?            - full year
2007-2008        ?            - part year
1.   Appointment of SHA wide End of Life Care Education/Project Lead.
     - to carry overall responsibility for co-ordination, implementation
     and ongoing evaluation of comprehensive action plan

2.   Appointment of an SHA wide Gold Standard Framework Project

3.   Provision of backfill arrangements within existing hospital
     palliative care teams, working in close collaboration with
     Community Teams to ensure continuation of the roll-out
     programme and sustainability of LCP.

4.   Education contingency to support events, resources and tools for
     implementation of overall plan.

5.   Provision of appropriate administrative support to the End of Life
     Care Project Team.
Task group set up September 2004
Action plan to DoH November 2004  allocation for 2004-2005
Task group became Steering Group November 2004.
- Membership reviewed and expanded to include all stakeholder
- Patient reps involved from the start
Development of project lead roles.
Recruitment to project lead roles ongoing
- Education/programme Lead appointed (p/t secondment)
- Deputy Programme Lead advertised (p/t secondment)
- GSF Project Lead advertised
- Administrator post advertised
Scoping current use of LCP and GSF
Action plan to DoH to access full year funding 2005-2006 submitted.

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